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Original Godzilla Man-In-Suit Actor Haruo Nakajima Dies at 88

Original Godzilla Man-In-Suit Actor Haruo Nakajima Dies at 88
Fans of monster movies, and cinema in general, have to say goodbye to an absolute legend today. Haruo Nakajima, the actor who portrayed Godzilla in the suit in the original 1954 classic, has passed away at the age of 88. The exact cause of the actor's death has not yet been revealed.

As reported by Bloody Disgusting, Haruo Nakajima died at the age of 88 but leaves behind an absolutely tremendous and unforgettable legacy. Long before CGI could create just about anything one can dream up on screen, monsters were portrayed by actors in elaborate suits and the humans inside those suits had to bring them to life. Haruo Nakajima was tasked with bringing Godzilla to life for the first time in 1954 and thus created the most famous movie monster of all time. Even though he spent all of his time on screen in a costume, it is a performance that will never be forgotten.
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King Kong vs. Godzilla - Round Two: Speculating On How It Could Work

  • Cinelinx
It was recently announced that the long hoped-for remake of the 1962 Kaiju classic King Kong v. Godzilla is in the works. But how could such a film work today, considering subsequent changes in the characters and the jaded skepticism of modern audiences? Let’s take a look and see how this clash of Kaijus could work today. Keep in mind this is all just guess work and speculation.

People love “verses” films. Whether it’s Alien vs. Predator or Jason vs. Freddy or the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans love to see two famous characters thrust together in one film to fight for supremacy. When you talk about Kaiju “verses” films, the ultimate monster battle of all time came in 1962 when the reigning king of giant beasts took on the original creature king. Toho Pictures’ hottest property, the mighty Godzilla, locked up with the ape that
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Round-Up: New Godzilla Figures, June Acquisition Details, Gunsuits #2 Preview Pages

Medicom Toy Corporation will release two vinyl figures of the "King of the Monsters" in October. Also in this round-up: acquisition details on Image Entertainment's June and a look at preview pages from Gunsuits #2.

Godzilla Figures: These Godzilla action figures are part of the Godzilla Vinyl Wars line, which is a collaborative effort between Medicom Toy Corporation and Japanese Sofubi manufacturers.

According to, the new figures are due to be released in late October:

"The bright green 1967 Sofubi is modeled after the kaiju depicted in Son of Godzilla, a film which helped bring Godzilla to younger audiences. The Gmk Sofubi is a modern take on the character, styled after Godzilla's grittier, spikier appearance in the 2001 film Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack.

• Godzilla Vinyl Wars Godzilla 1967 Sofubi (Item Code: JUN152393, Srp: $70)

• Godzilla Vinyl Wars Gmk Godzilla Sofubi (Item Code: JUN152394, Srp: $60)"

Image courtesy of Figures.
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60 Years of Godzilla: A History and Critique of the Greatest Monster Movie Series in Cinema

**Massive spoilers for every Godzilla movie, with the exception of the 2014 reboot, and Mothra follow**

August 6th and 9th, 1945 forever changed the course of history. When the first nuclear bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, World War II ended, but a new fear was born that dominated the thoughts of all men, women, and children for decades to come. The Cold War, atomic bomb testing, a cartoon turtle telling children to “duck and cover”, and this new technology that had the actual potential to literally end the world changed the perception of what was scary. Art reflects life, so cinema began to capitalize on these fears. Gone were the days of creepy castles, cobwebs, bats, vampires, werewolves, and the other iconic images that ruled genre cinema in film’s earliest decades. Science fiction was larger than ever and giant ants, giant octopi, terror from beyond the stars, and
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Monster Movie Mondays – King Kong Escapes (1967)

Monster Movie Mondays looks at King Kong Escapes

Director: Ishiro Honda

Release date: 1967

Also released as: King Kong, Frankenstein’s Son (Germany)

Appearing kaiju: King Kong, Mechani-Kong, Gorosaurus

In the early 1960s, Toho struck a deal with American producer John Beck (who was representing Willis O’Brian) to make a movie based on the King Kong character which would end up being 1962’s King Kong vs. Godzilla. The film was one of the most successful entries in the Godzilla franchise and is a beloved movie by fans of the King of the Monsters. Toho were keen to produce another Kong movie while they still had the rights and the character was set to star in Ebirah, Horror of the Deep only to be replaced with Godzilla as the movie rolled into production. He would return to screens though in the 1967 movie, King Kong Escapes.

King Kong Escapes brought together the
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Top Ten Strangest Movie Monsters

There are monsters out there. Scary, big ones. And they’ll haunt our dreams and crawl on our bodies for eternity. Nothing will ever make us comfortable knowing they exist, even in fiction. Then, there are some that are just Goddamn ridiculous. Here are ten of such monsters.

The Fiend Without a Face (1958)

Though ultimately, they’re just crawling brains and spinal columns, the most interesting aspect of the fiends is their invisibility for the majority of the runtime as they slowly gain their terrifying form.

The Creeping Terror (1964)

A giant, moving rug. Due to the extremely low-budget, this largely-narrated alien invasion tale amounts to little more than a big, badly dilapidated wool rug laying on top of its victims.

Prophecy (1979)

John Frankenheimer’s nature-gone-wrong turns into more of a nature-film-gone-wrong and features a bizarre, giant fetus-like bear terrorizing a mountainside.

Murders in Rue Morgue (1932)

Robert Florey’s Universal picture
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10 Things We Don’t Want to See in the New Godzilla Film

  • Cinelinx
There are high expectations for the Godzilla reboot. Skeptics fear that this could become another farce like the 1998 version. Hell, even the original Toho series eventually degenerated into self-parody. There's hope for the new film as well, generated by the footage we've seen so far, and we feel that if Gareth Edwards and WB can steer clear of these ten horrible ideas from Godzilla's past, the film will be just fine.

Godzilla Running Away: One of the worst aspects of the lamentable 1998 version of Godzilla was that our reptilian star acted more like a scared animal than a destructive, savage force of nature. Zilla (as the American Godzilla is often called to differentiate him from the iconic Japanese Godzilla) spends most of the film running away from the military, rather than taking a stand. What kind of a kaiju retreats from soldiers? Not the Godzilla we know and love.
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Thn’s Godzilla Countdown #12: Godzilla Vs. Gigan (1972)

On 16th May 2014, Toho’s greatest monster will return to the big screen in an American reboot. With just 18 weeks to go, we here at Thn are counting down the Godzilla back catalogue.

Director: Jun Fukuda

Starring: Hiroshi Ishikawa, Yuriko Hishimi, Minoru Takashima, Tomoko Umeda, Toshiaki Nishizawa, Zan Fujita, Kunio Murai, Haruo Nakajima

Plot: A Manga artist finds work at a new theme park called Children’s Land. But why is everybody so suspect? And what is their connection with the monsters of the world?

Godzilla Vs. Hedorah wasn’t everyone’s favourite Godzilla film. I sure loved it, but those that mattered, namely producer Tomoyuki Tanaka (who was hospitalised at the time of that film’s release) did not. Therefore with Yoshimitsu Banno vanquished from the world of Godzilla (until the upcoming reboot that is), Jun Fukuda was drafted back in after his successful turns with Ebirah, Horror Of
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Thn’s Godzilla Countdown #10: All Monsters Attack (1969)

On 16th May 2014, Toho’s greatest monster will return to the big screen in an American reboot. With just 20 weeks to go, we here at Thn are counting down the Godzilla back catalogue.

Director: Ishiro Honda

Starring: Tomonori Yazaki, Hideyo Amamoto, Sachio Sakai, Kazuo Suzuki, Kenji Sahara, Machiko Naka, Haruo Nakajima

Plot: A young boy uses his imagination to escape to a world of monsters in order to avoid his real life troubles.

All Monsters Attack is as uneven and bizarre as its many titles suggest. It’s had the titles All Monsters Attack, which doesn’t work as it doesn’t contain all the monsters and the monsters it does contain don’t all attack. Another popular title is Godzilla’S Revenge, and as you can imagine, there is no revenge to be had. The title sometimes given to this film is Minya: Son Of Godzilla, with Godzilla’s
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Thn’s Godzilla Countdown #9: Destroy All Monsters (1968)

On 16th May 2014, Toho’s greatest monster will return to the big screen in an American reboot. With just 21 weeks to go, we here at Thn are counting down the Godzilla back catalogue.

Director: Ishiro Honda

Starring: Akira Kubo, Jun Tazaki, Yukiko Kobayashi, Yoshio Tsuchiya, Kyoko Ai, Andrew Hughes, Chotaro Togin, Susumu Kurobe, Haruo Nakajima

Plot: The world’s monsters have all been placed on Monster Land, an island that keeps them contained. But after a strange gas attack, the monsters are used to cause mayhem and destruction.

Take a few seconds to bathe in the glory of that phenomenal title. Destroy All Monsters has such a definite agenda that it’s hard not to be completely sucked in. This really was a big deal in terms of Godzilla films, as it was intended to be the final film of the franchise, but due to its success it breathed new
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Thn’s Godzilla Countdown #8: Son Of Godzilla (1967)

On 16th May 2014, Toho’s greatest monster will return to the big screen in an American reboot. With just 22 weeks to go, we here at Thn are counting down the Godzilla back catalogue.

Director: Jun Fukuda

Starring: Akira Kubo, Tadao Takashima, Bibari Maeda, Akihito Hirata, Yoshio Tsuchiya, Kenji Sahara, Kenichiro Maruyama, Seishiro Kuno, Yasuhiko Saijo, Haruo Nakajima

Plot: A journalist arrives on an island to do a story centred around some secret experiments. He soon finds a world of giant insects and a mysterious egg which has been calling to Godzilla.

Just the title will make some fans wretch in disbelief. The huge, ferocious, destructive force that was once Godzilla is about to become a family man. Godzilla has been seen as many things over the years, but it’s kind of hard to imagine the epic sized lizard as an icon for Father’s For Justice. A single dad and proud,
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The Flickering Myth Reaction to the Godzilla trailer

The Flickering Myth writing team give their thoughts on the first trailer for Godzilla....

It's been a busy time for the Flickering Myth Reactions with three going live last week looking at Gal Gadot's casting as Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer and the announcement of X-Men: Apocalypse.

But we can't rest up, because the King of the Monsters has a debut trailer for his new movie next year released yesterday. You can read Luke Owen's detailed thoughts on the trailer here, but what did the rest of the team think of the trailer for Godzilla?

Martin Deer: Well this trailer certainly did it's job: I'm excited. A few oddly placed scenes in the middle to show the "drama", I guess, but a cracking opening and the tease of Big G was more than enough to get me excited.

Anthony Donovan Stokes: I
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Godzilla toy reveals kaiju nemesis for the King of the Monsters

Gareth Edwards 2009 re-imagining of the kaiju genre Monsters redefined exactly what a monster movie could achieve. It was intelligent, brisk and made on an incredibly cheap budget. This caught the attention of Legendary Pictures and he is currently working on the reboot to Godzilla with Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene) all leading the monster movie epic.

Over the past year or so, small tidbits of rumours revealed that Godzilla may be battling against other kaiju and now details of a new toy has leaked, which may very well confirm that Godzilla will be fighting other monsters. Godzilla looks set to come up against a spider-like, eight-legged creature called Muto. For die hard fans, this may mirror the spider creature Kumonga in the 1967 sequel Son of Godzilla.

Godzilla is set to open on May 16th 2014 with a cast that also includes Ken Watanabe
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Rebooted "Godzilla" Fights A Giant Spider?

Gareth Edwards' upcoming "Godzilla" reboot sees the giant beast not just destroying cities, but also fighting several other massive creatures - just like it did in the classic Toho Studios films.

A leaked toy description over at Urban Collector suggests that one of those creatures will be a gigantic eight-legged spider named Muto.

The creature is thought to be a homage to Kumonga from 1967's "Son of Godzilla". in that film, he was a very large spider on a tropical island who was exposed to a radioactive storm - turning him into a 45-meter tall monster.

Attendees to the Comic Con 2013 panel for the film saw footage which included a Kaiju creature with giant insectile arms. Could this be the same beast?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen star in the film which hits cinemas next Summer.
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Monstrous Cast Addition To ‘Godzilla’

The remake of Godzilla is among my most anticipated films ever…in my life. After The Roland Emmerich misstep (putting it lightly), the man behind the astonishing Monsters, Gareth Edwards, has stepped up to the gigantic challenge. He’s already going along the right lines by including other monsters for our original G to face off against. We can now report that there is a rumoured leak of one such monster, although it should be noted that this is based on a toy description. The creature in question is called Muto, an eight legged beast who fits in with suggestions of a spider-like monster. This wouldn’t be the first time a giant spider has made its way into the realm of Godzilla features, as Kumonga (another such arachnid) was the main antagonist of Son Of Godzilla, but would later join forces against some of Godzilla’s enemies.

There have
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Godzilla Nemesis is a Giant Spider?

During Comic-Con, director Gareth Edwards revealed that his upcoming "Godzilla" reboot will feature lots of monsters. Today, a description of a "Godzilla" toy revealed one of the monsters that Godzilla will have to do battle with. The name of the creature is Muto, which has eight legs. That sounds like the spider-like creature that's been rumored to show up in the movie. Muto is very similar to the giant spider, Kumonga (pictured), that appeared in the 1967 "Son of Godzilla" film. Kumonga is a very large spider that dwells in the jungle of Sogellel Island. However, exposure to the radioactive storm created by the Un's failed weather experiment transformed Kumonga into a 45-meter tall monster. "Godzilla" is set to hit theaters on May 16th, 2014.
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Legendary’s Godzilla To Square-Off Against Giant Arachnid

Exciting news is emanating from the still-in-production Godzilla reboot as Urban Collector is reporting today that one of the rampaging, radioactive lizard’s adversaries will be a giant arachnid referred to as “Muto.”

The much-anticipated re-imagining of Godzilla promises to far exceed the monumental miscalculations which plagued Sony’s ill-fated 1998 version; and featuring exotic and menacing foes such as Muto is undoubtedly a sure-fire step in the right direction.

This would not be the first time that Godzilla became embroiled in a war of the behemoth-styled smackdown with an enormous creepy crawly. Long-time fans of the titular monster will be quick to note that the Big G also tangled with a pesky arachnid named “Kumonga” in the 1967 kaiju classic Son Of Godzilla.

According to the Godzilla Wiki, “Kumonga was a very large spider which dwelled in the foreboding jungles of Sogellel Island,” who became unwittingly exposed to a radiation storm
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Leaked Toy Description May Reveal Godzilla's Nemesis

Leaked Toy Description May Reveal Godzilla's Nemesis
Back in July, at Comic-Con 2013, Godzilla director Gareth Edwards revealed that this title creature will be doing battle with multiple monsters. Today, a leaked toy description from Urban Collector reveals one of the creatures is named Muto and will be a gigantic spider with eight legs.

While the footage shown during the Hall H panel revealed a Kaiju creature with insect-like arms, we haven't heard anything else about any other additional monsters until now. Muto is believed to be an homage to Kumonga, a massive spider-like creature that Toho Studios created for their 1967 film Son of Godzilla. Here's a description of Kumonga from Godzilla Wiki.

"According to the journal of the now deceased Dr. Matsumia, Kumonga was a type of very large spider to dwell in the jungle of Sogellel Island. However, exposure to the radioactive storm created by the Un's failed weather experiment transformed Kumonga into a 45-meter tall monster.
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Leaked Godzilla Toy Description Reveals Another Creature From The Movie

There has been a lot of speculation as to which other monsters Godzilla would be facing when his new movie hits theaters -- including rumors of a spider creature similar to "Kumonga" from 1967's Son Of Godzilla (pictured above). Well it seems those rumors may well have been on the money, as a toy description from website Urban Collector (via Bloody Disgusting) reveals that one of these behemoths will be named “Muto”, and he'll have a very spider-like eight legs. That seems to be all there is for now, but a name and an appendage count is better than nothing! What do you guys think?
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Special Features - A Sharknado of Bad Movies That Must Be Stopped

Luke Owen on the current state of the monster movie....

With Pacific Rim hitting cinemas today and the Godzilla marketing campaign heading into full swing, it seems as though giant monster movies are making a comeback. Not only that, but based on Guillermo del Toro’s most recent kaiju-eiga inspired effort and the early viral attempts for The King of the Monsters, it appears as though we’re in for some well written monster movies with great concepts, fantastic visuals and a sense of fun and wonderment.

All of which is being undone by SyFy.

While the monster movie genre has laid dormant in the eyes of mainstream movie goers, SyFy have taken it upon themselves to fill the void with TV movies that work on one gimmick – a wacky name that will trend on Twitter.

SyFy movies are clearly titles first, story second. This is not an uncommon practice
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