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Best animated feature of Disney's golden era - and what a killer soundtrack!
gogoschka-120 December 2013
There aren't many animated Disney films I don't like, basically every single one of them until the end of the seventies was amazing. But for me, this is the one which stands out.

Sadly, Disney himself never got to see the finished film (he died during the production), but this is one he would have been proud of. Crafted beautifully and with attention to every little detail, from the way the different animal species move to the colorful jungle backgrounds.

Wolfgang Reitherman has directed some of the studio's best - but here he has created his masterpiece. Outstanding animation, fantastic characters - and what a killer soundtrack.

A joy for every generation to discover anew (my 9-year old nephew currently has a bit of a Shere Khan fixation), I guess I will never outgrow this timeless classic. 10 out of 10.

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Compulsory viewing
sam-wilson8 September 2006
In case you're wondering, I'm 25 and my favourite films of all time include Heat, Once Upon a Time in the West and Apocalypse Now. This is just a pointer to how, considering the film I'm writing about, eclectic a true film fan's taste has to be. I'll start with one statement: this film should be compulsory viewing for every child. If, at the end of this film, you're face is not permanently disfigured from smiling, there's something wrong with you. Everything about this film is enjoyable. The characters so loving, the songs so memorable; everything is so uplifting. I first saw this as a child and right then I loved it, but not until you reach a certain age do you realise how much a film can affect you. Every character has something about them that you cannot fail to love. Baloo and King Louie are obvious - they are there for light relief, but even the sinister Kaa the snake and Sheer Khan the tiger are lovable in their own ways. Mainly I put this down to the voice cast and the way they portray their characters. Everybody with a good knowledge of film knows that Tom Hanks was the voice of Woody in Toy Story and that Mike Myers was Shrek, but who knows who provided the voice of Baloo? It shouldn't matter and, as is the case with The Jungle Book, it doesn't. The characters are what is important. Character and plot are the only things that matter in great films and this film has that theory at its bedrock. If you have a child, sit them down to watch this and I guarantee they will be transfixed. I'm 25 and I make sure I watch this every 12 months. Age wise I'm an adult, but I'm still a child when I see this on screen, and that's the way it should be.
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Well Done Disney Animation
michael_the_nermal13 July 2006
This was the last cartoon feature Disney was directly involved with before his death, and it is one of his better films. The animation appears a bit dated, in large part because it appears to use the Xeroxing method, but that doesn't detract from the great story Disney had created, or the voice actors who add life to this movie. The film's standout is obviously Phil Harris as Baloo the Bear. A veteran of old time radio, such as "The Jack Benny Show," Harris brought his comic talents to the fore and provided a very lively portrayal of happy-go-lucky, free-spirited lovable oaf, which is a welcome contrast to the cute anthropomorphic animals Disney had a penchant for in "Bambi," "Cinderlla," and "Dumbo." The guy who does the voice of King Louie is also great, as is Sterling Holloway as the goofy villain Kaa; you might remember Holloway better as the original Winnie the Pooh. The Sherman Brothers did very well with lots of good songs, such as "I Want to be Like You" and "Bare Necessities" This is a great animated film for the whole family to enjoy.
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The Simple Bear Necessities
Smells_Like_Cheese1 September 2004
The Jungle Book, one of Disney's ultimate classics, it has great characters, an awesome story and terrific animation. I'll admit it, I adore Disney movies, I could never choose just one Disney movie as my favorite, I love them all for so many different reasons. The Jungle Book is one of my fav's though, after buying the new release on DVD, I realized that I love this movie now more than ever. The reason that I think this movie is so wonderful is because of the characters, they just brought so much life to the story and really made this into a wonderful Disney classic.

Mowgli is found in a basket as a baby in the deep jungles. Bagheera, the panther who discovers the boy, promptly takes him to a wolf who has just had cubs. She raises him along with her own cubs and Mowgli soon becomes well acquainted to jungle life. Mowgli is shown ten years later, visiting the wolves and getting his face licked eagerly when he arrives. That night, when the wolf tribe learns that Shere Khan, a man-eating tiger, has returned to the jungle, they realize that Mowgli must be taken to the man village, to protect him and those around him. Bagheera volunteers to escort him back. They leave that very night, but Mowgli is determined to stay in the jungle and loses Bagheera. Kaa, the hungry python, hypnotizes Mowgli into a deep and peaceful sleep, traps him tightly in his coils, and tries to devour him, but comically fails. The next morning, Mowgli tries to join the elephant patrol. Bagheera finds Mowgli and they argue; Mowgli runs away from Bagheera. The boy soon meets up with the fun-loving bear Baloo, who shows Mowgli the fun of having a care-free life and promises not to take him to the man village. Mowgli now wants to stay in the jungle more than ever. Shere Khan is after Mawgli though and won't rest 'till he kills him.

Seriously, these are some of the most memorable characters in Disney history, we have Baloo, the care free party bear that just wants to have fun and only needs the "bear" necessities of life. Begheera, a panther, that we've all known this kind of person, the one that just wants to get down to business and get as much done as quickly as possible, the party pooper, but deep down still has that heart. And one of Disney's most memorable villains of all time, Shere Khan, voiced by George Sanders, classy, sassy, menacing and vicious, I wouldn't be surprised if he was Scar's inspiration(the lion villain in The Lion King). If you haven't seen The Jungle Book, just buy it, believe me, it's worth the money. It's a classic fun animated film that I will love forever, still to this day I will always sing along to Bear Necessities, it's a good time.

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One of Disney's Most Memorable Movies
White Dolphin11 November 2000
The Jungle Book is one of Disney's most memorable animated movies. It's based on the "Mowgli" stories by Rudyard Kipling (who also wrote the famous Just So Stories). Like in most Disney films, Mowgli is an orphan. Bagheera the panther find him and he is raised by a family of wolves. That is until Shere Khan the tiger comes back to the jungle...

One thing I love about The Jungle Book is the villains. In most Disney movies you have one villain, sometimes with stupid and funny sidekicks who get bossed around all the time. But The Jungle Book offers three villains all who want Mowgli all for themselves. There is King Louie the king of the monkeys. He kidnaps Mowgli but doesn't really want to harm him, which perhaps makes him the least cruelest of the three. All he wants is to be like man as he puts it in the wonderful song that will want to make you get up and dance: "I Wanna Be Like You". More specifically he wants to know the secret on how to make fire. Then there's Shere Khan, the tiger who comes back to the jungle and is the reason that Bagheera and the wolves (and eventually Baloo) want to take him back to the "man village". Shere Khan is very swift and cruel but also very calm about his cruelty and not the least bit temperamental. However his characteristics do change at his last screen appearance, and frankly I'd be freaking out to if I had a burning branch stuck to my tail (heck I'd freak out if I just had a tail). Shere Khan hates mankind and of course Mowgli is man. Last but definitely not least (my favorite of the three)- Kaa, the snake, and a very big one I might add. See- King Louie wants to be like Mowgli, Shere Khan wants to kill Mowgli and Kaa wants to... eat Mowgli. He has a very big mouth which would enable him to eat Mowgli but it does him bad too- he talks to much and then never gets the chance to eat Mowgli.

Other than these three memorable villains there's Mowgli himself, the man-cub (who by the way was voiced by Bruce Reitherman, son of the director of this film- and many other Disney greats: Wolfgang Reitherman). There's the elephants, the vultures (who are actually nice and quite humorous too), Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther. Songs include King Louie's (who was voiced by Louie Parma) "I Wanna Be Like You". Kaa's "Trust in Me" (which no one should... trust in Kaa that is). And of course Baloo's "The Bare Necessities".

As for the racist overtone- that's one of the silliest things I've heard. The Jungle Book can be enjoyed by anyone of any age (...and any race).
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All-time classic
iftekhar259 May 2002
I grew up on this animation, and all I can say is that no classical animation-style Disney movie till date, not Lion King, Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame or any other that you can think of comes THIS close as to compare itself with this all-time classic.

A brilliant combination of wonderful voices, magnificent characters, songs that will keep you humming for weeks this is certainly the peek of animation storytelling. It doesn't get any better than this.

I give this one 10/10 without a second thought.
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BAGHEERA: "It's Not funny!" I agree (to an extent) but that is Not all I think of this film trusst me!
chrisbishop500029 November 2007
From the very first minute that Walt Disney conceived of "The Jungle Book" he promised for the sakes of general audiences that he'd absolutely Pile Rudyard Kipling's classic book with energetic, toe-tapping, show-stopping music and unforgettable crazy songs though many people around him had doubts for the original novel was apparently quite serious. Throughout his entire career he had proved so many critics and members of his crew wrong, that he Could enhance the familiar yet ageing qualities of the original tellings of many of the world's most beloved classic books by putting his own magical, musical, charming, ambitious nature into them and would then transfer his versions onto film. Not once had he failed to prove the world and the world's opinions wrong in all his life and "The Jungle Book" was no exception. It's got to be his own happiest, most carefree, most musical adventure movie to date! I haven't read the book yet because I don't even have it though I do have a shortened Ladybird book of it but I haven't read that so I can't judge any inaccuracies or changes to the story but I'm positive there are some alterations - all for the best, of course. I must say that Mowgli is quite rebellious here and impudent. He's always running away when things don't go his way, I've noticed he hits and threatens a lot of his friends and yet they still like him! Baloo is - as everyone sees him - so lovable and kind. For the first time in a Disney film, Sterling Holloway provides the voice for a villain - the murderous Kaa the python snake. For a happy-go-lucky cartoon, I think it's unpleasant how a bonkers snake could randomly get a little boy into his deadly coyles (at night at one point), hypnotize him and prepare to eat him! But at least Mowgli gets the last laugh by causing the python to have a knotted tail and shifting him off his tree. My favourite dance number has got to be with King Louis of the Apes in the ancient ruins ("I Wanna Be Like You") and how all the crazy dancing sends the ruins tumbling. My second favourite is "Bare Necessities". In my opinion, the part where the mildly poor comedy comes in most of all is with Colonol Haithi and his elephants and his whiny wife; poor Verna Felton had Winifred the elephant as her final role on film. Colonol Haithi is supposed to be a no-nonsense, snooty leader but my eyes (and ears come to think of it) tell me that he is just a totally absurd loud-mouth. If there is any character in this film who won't stand for any nonsense it's Bagheera! I know that all he really wants is for Mowgli to be safe and therefore return to the man-village but he was certainly a miserable old busybody after the King Louis scene. He had the cheek to break up that special bond between Mowgli and Baloo that so many people have grown to love! Charming! Recently, I bought the twin DVD release of the Platinum Edition of "The Jungle Book" from Woolworths and it was just amazing! Better than most Disney DVDs today (even though they're not bad themselves)
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What racist overtones? Don't jump to conclusions....
SupahDuck5 October 2002
It may interest readers of these reviews that the voice actor who played King Louie is not in fact black.

If you follow this helpful link right here at imdb (,%20Louis ), you'd find that Louis Prima is in fact white, and was quite well known at the time for his musical repertoire, of which the song "I Wanna Be Like You" is a prime example. I don't think he was chosen for that role because of how 'black' he sounded, but rather for his musical abilities, and how that fit into the character of King Louie.

As with all the other voice actors chosen for this film, Walt Disney made perfect choices.... so much so that the film works perfectly: animation, voices and story all mesh together perfectly to make one of his best films, precisely because it *is* so simple, yet effective.

No need for fancy computer graphics here.
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Disney Simply At It's Best Ever! The Most Joyful Disney Film Created!
movies2u17 June 2003
The Jungle Book is a great classic animation movie. It is famously known for being the last film that Walt Disney himself ever got to work on. He died while the film was in production, and sadly never got to see the outcome of the movie. The animation in this film is excellent, and the songs and performances are even better! Each character has something about him or her that makes you like them. The movie seems to be very cheery and happy. I remember watching this movie as a little kid, and I absolutely loved it! I give The Jungle Book a 10/10.
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The Best Disney Film Ever!
tiyusufaly21 September 2002
When I was a little boy growing up in St. Louis, I loved the Jungle Book. I used to watch it every day. You hear that? EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! I have seen nearly every Disney film, and not one of them has beaten out Uncle Walt's last supervised animated motion picture. The only one that I believe comes close is Aladdin (And no, I haven't forgotten about The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast or The Lion King). The musical score is probably the best ever. The Bare Necessities, I Wanna Be Like You, Trust In Me, I could go on and on. I wish Disney would make films like they did in 1967 rather than today (I mean Atlantis: The Lost Empire? Please!!!). In conclusion, this is by far the best Disney film ever made, period! 1000000000000000000/10
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Brilliant Song, Brilliant Animals, Brilliant Film
Big Movie Fan20 August 2002
What can I say about The Jungle Book? It probably has the best songs of any Disney movie, it's full of wonderful animals such as Baloo the Bear and King Louie the ape and it has a great little character in Mowgli who was raised in the jungle (so I guess he's related to Tarzan).

This is a great story throughout and the songs were just wonderful. When I first watched this film I couldn't get the songs out of my head and just kept humming them to myself time after time.

There's plenty of creatures for fans of animals from snakes to elephants to a big bad tiger called Shere Khan (one of the best Disney villains ever).

For those who haven't seen The Jungle Book, may I suggest viewing it as soon as possible?
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Funniest masterpiece I've ever seen.
JGDullaart25 January 2003
When I was a child of eight I saw Bambi for the first time and I left the theatre with tears in my eyes. Many years later I saw The Jungle Book and again I had tears in my eyes, but this time of laughing. This is the funniest and most entertaining cartoon I ever saw. And so beautifully drawn. It's a masterpiece. The music is fine. Lots of fun for young and old! Hans Dullaart. Netherlands
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spiritualwolf28 August 2002
Disney's best by far. The soundtrack is just wonderful, song after song of brilliance, the voice characterisations superb - George Sanders as Sher Khan is the quintessential villain, while Phil Harris as Baloo just makes you smirk every time he opens his mouth.

Nothing better....
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Funny, Clever, a Disney great!
lita114757 October 2002
This movie is wonderful- don't let anyone convince you otherwise. The characters are memorable and a delight to watch, especially Sher Khan and Baloo the Bear. The songs, especially "I Wanna Be Like You" and the classic "Bare Necesseties" are fun to listen to, even as an adult. It is clear Walt Disney was a part of this project. I recommend it for all ages, kids will find it funny, and will fall in love with characters like the friendly Balloo, the worriesome panther Ballugha's parental instincts, and the hopelessly incompetent Kaa. Adults will find plot sweet, and the characters a joy to watch. Much better than anything Disney has made recently. 10/10

And Sher Khan is THE coolest Disney villain. Ever.
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The Jungle Book
jboothmillard16 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the best Disney cartoon films ever made, based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling. A baby, or "man cub" is found by Bagheera the Panther (Sebastian Cabot). He decides to take it to a wolf family to look after him. As time goes by this man cub called Mowgli (Bruce Reitherman, son of the director) has grown with the wolves. Until the wolves discover that Sheer Khan the Tiger (George Sanders) had returned to the jungle. Now Bagheera is insistent on Mowgli returning to the Man Village where he will be safe from the Tiger. Mowgli is too happy in the jungle and wants to stay with his new found friend, the film's highlight, Baloo the Bear, voiced by singer Phil Harris. Unfortunately many parts of the jungle take Mowgli away, e.g. the monkeys. Another highlight of the film is King Louie, voiced by singer Louis Prima. Phil Harris has the good Oscar nominated song "The Bare Necessities" and Louis Prima has the song "I Want To Be Like You". It was number 27 on The 100 Greatest Musicals, it was number 19 on The 100 Greatest Family Films, it was number 57 on The 100 Greatest Cartoons, it was number 7 on The Ultimate Film, and it was number 53 on The 100 Greatest Films. Outstanding!
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While it's not up to the standards of many of the earlier Disney films, it is quite enjoyable.
MartinHafer7 February 2015
I noticed one reviewer who called this film 'the best animated of the golden era'. Hmmm. I beg to differ. While I LIKE the film, the single biggest weakness is its animation. It's good but not at all of the same quality as earlier artistic triumphs such as "Pinocchio", "Bambi" and "Peter Pan" (among many others). So don't try to tell me that "The Jungle Book" is Disney animation at its best. It's a pared down form of animation--done with copy machines like "101 Dalmatians". I am NOT complaining about the use of Xerox machines instead of hand-drawing every scene but it did tend to make the films look a bit rougher. After all, Disney had to save money as production costs were skyrocketing and the public seemed to be embracing cheaper animation (hence the rise of UPA and Hanna-Barbara Studios).

As for the rest of the film, it has two big things going for it. First, the songs are mostly very, very good. You cannot hear "Bare Necessities" without bouncing along with the tune and several other songs are just plain fun. And, this brings me to the second reason- -the movie, over all, IS fun. You simply cannot watch it without smiling and enjoying yourself. Well done overall.
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this movie's a legend
TheLittleSongbird13 February 2009
It isn't completely faithful to the book, but for a good reason. The book has bits that you can't have in an animation. The animation is beautiful, the backgrounds rich in colour, and the characters beautifully drawn. The story is a very simple one, yet effective, and allows the songs and characters to take force. The songs and music by the Sherman Brothers perfectly match the breeziness of the film, with classics such as " Bare Neccessities" and "Wanna Be like you". Unlike some people, I liked the vulture barbershop, excellent harmonies. And what a talented voice-cast. Phil Harris was hilarious as Baloo, and Sebastian Cabot was brooding as Bagheera. Reitherman's son was good as Mowgli, and Louis Prima(who's not black so the racist overtones idea is ridiculous) was a riot as Louis. The real star was the perfectly cast George Sanders as the frightening and calculating Shere Khan. This is fantastic, if a little short, and avoid the sequel! 9/10 Bethany Cox
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The Jungle is JUMPIN'!
Lady_Targaryen14 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
''The Jungle Book'' is one of my favorite movies from Disney. Until today, I have the game to play and the tape from Disney. :) Anyway, this movie is based in''''Mowgli'' by Rudyard Kiplings, where a little boy is raised by wolves in the forest. Mowgli is very happy with his animal family, until the day he needs to return to civilization because his life is in great danger: Shere Kahn, a big and evil tiger, hates humans, and if he finds Mowgli in his way, he will not be afraid to kill the boy. During the way to reach the human village with Bagheera, Mowgli meets new animals and makes friendship with Baloo a big and fat bear who loves to have fun and has a bad reputation in the forest because of that.
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Cute little movie
cherold22 April 2014
There's not a lot to this 75 minute movie. The plot is rambling, and in spite of its brevity, it drags a little in the middle. But overall it's quite entertaining. The best scene is Louis Prima singing I Want to Be Just Like You (I knew the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy version, and was surprised to learn it was a Disney song).

The acting is very solid, except for whoever voices the kid. The animation is pretty good, although Disney wasn't at its best design-wise in the 60s (or 70s). It's amusing and has a couple of nice songs.

I was a kid when this came out, so there's a chance I saw it at the time, but if so, it didn't stick with me. And it won't stick with me this time. But it's cute.
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"Birds of a feather should flock together"
The_Movie_Cat11 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
There is an interesting - possibly unintentional - racial subtext with this film, which ends with two of the lead characters returning whey they "belong". Maybe such things weren't intended with a cartoon film about singing bears who give boxing lessons, but it makes it one of the thematically more intriguing Disney offerings.

Technically this doesn't always look like it was made 25 years after Bambi - while the art has a certain elegance in places, it's also scrappy and looks almost pencil drawn at stages. This isn't an express criticism, as it gets by on charm, which it has a considerable supply of.

Centrepiece of the film is the sequence with King Louie, a jazz/scat singing orangutan. Although the idea of having someone possess the mannerisms of black culture while in the form of a monkey is a questionable feat, his signature song - wanting to appropriate the manner of another man in order to share in his freedoms is nicely sardonic for 1967.

However, if there's one criticism of the film that holds up, it's how episodic the whole thing is. Introducing a great villain like Shere Khan three quarters of an hour into the runtime is quite a novel feat, but other characters are picked up and dropped throughout, with very few constants. Louie doesn't appear again, and just as the film begins to wind down, we get some vultures with "what's that supposed to be?" English accents. It's telling how old-hat Disney could be at times in that what were inspired as parodies of the Beatles end up singing a Doo Wop number.

Ultimately while the film has touches of greatness, and is a very pleasing time-filler, the unevenness of the story progression causes it to feel a little flat when viewed as a whole.
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A Great Movie For Kids
ccthemovieman-111 July 2006
Watching this as a middle-aged adult, I found out, was a far cry from seeing this as a very young adult, or as a kid. When I last saw it about 10 years ago, it was okay but nothing like I had remembered. It not only wasn't as funny as I had remembered, but it dragged a bit.

It's still a nice, harmless film in which even the villains - the snake and tiger - weren't too evil or frightening. Thus, little kids should be okay with this. Actually, they should love this film.

The movie is known for its theme song, "The Bare Necessitites," a catchy tune that is still fun to hear. Phil Harris, as ""Baloo," does a great job with that song. There are other fine songs here as well.
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Jungle Fever
Chrysanthepop19 November 2008
'The Jungle Book' is another colourful Disney classic. What really makes this one so lovable is its charismatic and funny characters. The story is straightforward and could have used some more development and depth. The animation is good but very two dimensional (the characters do not have shadows). Yet, the vibrant exotic colours of the animals and background stand out. The background sound could have used fascinating sounds of the jungle but instead what we get here is silence. Yet, in spite of all the flaws, I loved it. Balu and Bageera are awesome. They're like Mowgli's parents, Baloo being the fun parent and Bageera being the rather disciplined one. Of course there are the hilarious orangutans, the manipulative snake, the singing vultures, the military and the evil Shere Khan. I'm slightly disappointed that the adorable rhinoceros character was not included (check the deleted scenes). The songs are fun too. My favourite one is the Orangutan number. Overall, 'The Jungle Book' is a lighthearted movie with lots of entertainment and amusement.
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The Jungle Movie
CuriosityKilledShawn12 September 2013
This adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's popular jungle-themed tome keeps it all light and ditches anything deeper than superficial. One would expect this to have a detrimental effect but it all works in the movie's favor. It's basically a string of sketches and set pieces cobbled around a loose narrative, though it flies by quickly, especially when Baloo is on the screen.

Mowgli is a man-cub abandoned in the jungles of India and raised by wolves when Bagheera, a concerned panther, steps in and rescues him. Around 10 years later Bagheera tries to take him back to the man village but they are sidetracked by a variety of animals including Kaa, the snake, and lovable, floppy-armed King Louie, an orangutan who wants the secret of fire.

Much of the movie has a late-60s jazz theme which keeps it moving and jiving. The jungle animation, making great use of multi-plane cameras, is absolutely gorgeous, and makes every scene a joy to look at, even during some of the lulls (anything with the Elephants).

It's easy to see why it has become a classic as the characters are brilliant. Baloo and Co. came back in TaleSpin 23 years later and secured their status among the most popular Disney characters.
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Great job Disney!
nintendogs0329 September 2012
The Jungle Book is based off a book. Like HOND, I refuse to read it. The movie is awesome and I would like to keep it that way.

What I like about this movie is the music. It's light-hearted and very upbeat compared to most Disney classics. The Bare Necessities is great, one of my favorite Disney songs. I wanna be like you is NOT RACIST! It's just a fun, upbeat song about an orange monkey wanting to be someone else who he is not. Kind of like middle school when most girls think they look terrible and they want to change for the better or worse. It can't be considered racist. Trust in Me is the worst villain song ever. Kaa just sounds so weird (I think Winnie the Pooh sounds awesome, but they have the same voice actor). The score is very good especially at the climax!

Here's the million dollar question: did The Jungle Book deserve a possible nomination of The Acadamy's Best Picture award? Some will say no because it's an animated film (umm... take a look at Beauty and the Beast (first animated film nominated) and The Lion King (won Best Picture at the Golden Globes), but they are from the 90's). I would say yes! Some of those films that were nominated sucked! The Jungle Book would get that award if the Acadamy didn't turn it down. So this is my POV about 1968's (maybe 1967) Best Picture Award.

What an awesome movie! My parents used to show me this movie all the time and we danced to the music and booed at Kaa! Watch it, you won't be disappointed and hey, you might gain memories out of this classic!
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A masterpiece for all the family Warning: Spoilers
"The Jungle Book" is a wonderful animated film. It is one of the best animated productions made by the Disney Company, being both incredible funny, cute and heartwarming at the same time. Even when the story is quite different from the original tales written by Rudyard Kipling, is still pretty good, working very well, just in the same way of "Alice in Wonderland".

Characters as the panther Bagheera and the bear Baloo were a very important part of my childhood, but even as an adult I could appreciate how likable and iconic those characters were in comparison with many stupid characters from modern cartoons.

"The Jungle Book" is one of the best animated films ever made, and it is one of the best movies for the whole family, having lots of fun and heart, something which many of the modern productions lack.

I will give this film eleven stars if I could. It is simply too good.
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