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interesting oddity
michael.will25 February 2000
This one I saw at my small town theatre as a kid, mid-week during the summer and with about five other people there. I've never met another human being who's ever seen it. It starts out, to the best of my memory, very excitingly, as a missionary convent in the Congo tries to hold its own as the terrifying rebellion starts closing in. As with all films dealing with this episode of history (SIMBA, SAFARI, SOMETHING OF VALUE) things get very bloody, with everyone except the pretty leading lady savagely massacred (very traumatizing stuff during that SOUND OF MUSIC-SINGING/FLYING NUN era, especially for a young non-Catholic who figured all nuns were cute saints.) The graphic spearing of the mother superior still shows up in my nightmares. The young novice is raped and left to die, but is eventually rescued and taken back to Rome. From there it's thoughtful soap opera, the young woman emotionally torn between giving up the impending child for adoption (her uppercrust family tells her they don't want "a little Mau-Mau hopping around") or leaving her life's calling and facing life as an unwed mother. At the time I was merely disappointed by the screeching halt of the action, but it's funny how this completely forgotten dubbed-for-the-drive-ins fare has stuck with me, complete with its moral issues that were very daring for their time. I wonder if it'll ever surface.
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At the crossroads....of a spiritual crisis
ccmiller14921 August 2011
In this very unusual film, Rosanna Schiaffino is a young Belgian nun who undergoes a horrific trauma when the sisters of her order are savagely attacked and murdered by savages. She herself is raped and left for dead, the only survivor. When she is found to be pregnant, her family takes an unsympathetic, selfish and callous view of her plight. The church representatives advise her in a coldly remote, didactic and impersonal manner of her only two choices. A doctor who loves her wants to marry her, but she is uncomfortable with the idea of his self-sacrifice to help with what is her burden. After a long period of depression, listlessness, and prayer she comes to some deep realizations and makes her decision. Viewers will not be unmoved when this meek young woman heroically takes charge of her own life and future.
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