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  • Scott Heyward, whose the son of a millionaire, is tired of woman fawning over him because of his wealth, meets Tom, who's on his way to his new job as a water skiing instructor at a hotel. They envy each other's life and decide to switch places. So Scott pretends to be Tom and Tom lives it up pretending to be Scott. Scott meets Dianne who is trying to land a rich guy and when playboy James Jamison catches her eye, she asks Scott to help her snag him. Scott agrees to but finds himself attracted to her. Scott also decides to build a boat for a speedboat race that's going to take place in the hotel but he's using a new experimental chemical which doesn't hold in water, which his father forbade him to use.

  • The heir to an oil fortune trades places with a water-ski instructor at a Florida hotel to see if girls will like him for himself, rather than his father's money.


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  • Elvis plays the son of a wealthy oil magnate who feels the need to prove himself among folks who are unaware of his dad's fortune and connections. Along the way, he meets several stock characters, among them a woman who has hopes of marrying for money, a cynical widower whose interest in life is revived once he adopts Elvis as his ersatz son, a poor working man who revels in the opportunity to spend some of Elvis' fortune while pretending to be Elvis, and a wealthy snob who looks down his nose at Elvis because he believes him to be a poor nobody. The two strongest features are a serious and deeply emotional role for Elvis, who was apparently in poor health at the time of the shooting, and appears less physically active on camera than usual, and some actual footage of the Orange Bowl regatta spliced into the final cut.

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