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Version of 

Excalibur (1981)
Camelot (1982) (TV Movie)
Arthur the King (1985) (TV Movie)
First Knight (1995)
King Arthur (2004)

Remade as 

Live from Lincoln Center: Camelot (2008) (TV Episode)


The Sword in the Stone (1963)
Arthur remembers lessons that Merlin taught him as a boy. He is shown as a boy with Merlin.

Referenced in 

The Story of Camelot (1967)
Scenes from the making of this film are shown.
Over 18... and Ready! (1969)
The film is advertised in front of the Cinerama.
The Godson (1971)
A billboard is briefly visible.
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: Bob Hope/Richard Harris/Steve Landesberg/Adrienne Barbeau (1974) (TV Episode)
Adrienne Barbeau mentions that she's attending a screening of Richard Harris' earlier movie, which she loves, the following night
The Muppet Show: Zero Mostel (1977) (TV Episode)
Zero Mostel and the Queen perform "What Do the Simple Folk Do?"
The Muppet Show: Pearl Bailey (1978) (TV Episode)
The Muppets reenact the jousting scene from "Camelot."
Gimme a Break!: Friendship (1985) (TV Episode)
Referenced by Angie
Dirty Dancing (1987)
Lisa considers singing "What Do the Simple Folk Do?"
The Fabulous Baker Boys (1989)
Mentioned by Frank.
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: Bob Hope/Richard Harris/Helen Thomas (1991) (TV Episode)
Richard Harris mentions his earlier movie
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Indestructible Man (1992) (TV Episode)
Crow: "They're doing 'Camelot' across the lot."
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Operation Double 007 (1993) (TV Episode)
Servo: I'm wondering... what do the simple folk do?
Animaniacs: Testimonials/Babblin' Bijou/Potty Emergency/Sir Yaksalot (1993) (TV Episode)
In "Sir Yaksalot," a group of singers holds up the "Camelot" soundtrack and sings, "We can't sing the movie score, or else they'll make us pay."
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Village of the Giants (1994) (TV Episode)
Servo: I wonder what the king is doing tonight.
Quest for Camelot (1998)
numerous references
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Devil Fish (1998) (TV Episode)
Mike and the robots mention this film while watching the movie
Family Guy: The King Is Dead (2000) (TV Episode)
Brian sings "If Ever I Would Leave You" from this musical
Hellraisers (2000) (TV Movie)
Mentioned by narrator.
The West Wing: And It's Surely to Their Credit (2000) (TV Episode)
Josh quotes King Arthur: "Not might is right, but rather might for right."
Django: The One and Only (2003) (Video)
the film's poster is shown
The Simpsons: Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens and Gays (2004) (TV Episode)
The film is mentioned by name.
Gilmore Girls: Luke Can See Her Face (2004) (TV Episode)
Liz says her wedding dress looks like Vanessa Redgrave's in Camelot.
The Spaghetti West (2005) (Video)
Mentioned when talking about Franco Nero.
Giornata nera (2006) (Video)
poster shown; Franco Nero's involvement is discussed
Nostalgia Critic: Quest for Camelot (2010) (TV Episode)
"If any of those knights are Richard Harris, I'm getting the fuck out of here."
Nostalgia Critic: Suburban Knights: Part I (2011) (TV Episode)
Linkara dresses like King Arthur, "as played by Sir Richard Harris"
The Witches of Oz: Episode #1.2 (2011) (TV Episode)
One of a series of places the Wicked Witch says she will conquer.
Suburban Knights (2011) (Video)
Linkara is dressed as Arthur "as played by Sir Richard Harris".
Atop the Fourth Wall: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan #1 (2011) (TV Episode)
Linkara said that this is his number one favorite film next to The Wrath of Khan
The Newsroom: The Blackout, Part 1: Tragedy Porn (2012) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Will in a dialog.
Django Explained (2013) (Video)
mentioned once/poster shown
Jeopardy!: Episode #33.68 (2016) (TV Episode)
correct response in "Franco File" category

Featured in 

Film Review: How I Learned to Live with Being a Star (1967) (TV Episode)
Clips shown.
The Brothers Warner (2007) (TV Movie)
film clip
Secret Voices of Hollywood (2013) (TV Movie)
Clips seen and discussed

Spoofed in 

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)
"Camelot Song" is a spoof of the song "Camelot".
The Muppet Show: Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (1979) (TV Episode)
Fozzie: "If Heifer I Should Leave You."
Guiding Light: Episode dated 9 December 1982 (1982) (TV Episode)
Nola imagines she is in the classic film with Quinton as both King Arthur and Lancelot.
Animaniacs: Hooray for North Hollywood: Part 2 (1998) (TV Episode)
Spoofed as "Jam-a-lot"
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014)
A messed up performance of this musical is visited.

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