Camelot (1967) Poster


Laurence Naismith: Merlyn



  • King Arthur as a Boy : What's the best thing for being sad?

    Merlyn : The best thing for being sad is to learn something.

  • King Arthur : But even the thought, "I'm not thinking a thought" is thinking, isn't it?

    Merlyn : Yes, and thinking is the sort of thing you should get into the habit of doing as often as possible.

  • [first lines] 

    A Knight : The rules of battle are not for Lancelot Du Lac, Your Majesty! Let us attack now while they sleep!

    King Arthur : [firmly]  We will attack when I give the command - at dawn.

    [the knight leaves, and Arthur begins to talk to himself] 

    King Arthur : Oh, Merlyn, Merlyn, why is Ginny in that castle, behind walls I cannot enter? How did I blunder into this agonizing absurdity? Where did I stumble? How did I go wrong? Should I not have loved her?


    King Arthur : Then I should not have been born! Oh, Merlyn, I haven't got much time. Within an inch of sunlight, the arrows begin to fly. If I am to die in battle, please, please do not let me die bewildered!

    Merlyn : [voice only, far off in the distance]  Think back, Arthur! Think back!

  • Merlyn : Learn. Learn - why the world wags and what wags it!

  • King Arthur : How could I learn if I couldn't think? And I couldn't think; so, I couldn't learn. But, even to think the thought, I thought. But, even the thought, I'm not thinking a thought, is thinking, isn't it?

    Merlyn : Yes! And thinking, boy, is something you should definitely get into the habit of making use of, as often as possible. Thinking helps in everything. Everything but love, that is. Love is a sort of seventh day, so thinking can rest.

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