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Vanessa Redgrave: Guenevere



  • Guinevere : Must we talk about Mordred? This is the first time in a month that he's not coming to dinner and not having him makes it seem like a party!

  • Lancelot Du Lac : Ginny, I - I love you. God forgive me, but I do.

    Guinevere : Then God forgive us both, Lance.

    King Arthur : [King Arthur runs into the room]  Ginny, Ginny! Oh, what a glorious day!

  • Guinevere : Was there ever a more inconvenient marriage of convenience? Here am I, at the golden age of seductibility and is my fate sealed with a kiss? Is it? No. Sealed with a seal.

  • Guinevere : It's the most ferocious, savage, terrifying forest I've ever seen. I simply adore it.

    Lady Clarinda : Does your ladyship not realize that this forest is crawling with outlaws and dragons?

    Guinevere : Oh, Clari, do you think there's any chance that we can see one?

    Lady Clarinda : Don't say it, ma'am.

    Guinevere : It would be marvelous.

  • Guinevere : You could be my protector! You think of it? You could defend me all over the world in France and England, Mongolia. Scotland.

  • King Arthur : Ginny, Ginny, suppose we create a new order of chivalry? A new order where might is only used for right! To improve instead of to destroy. Look, we'll invite all the knights, all the kings of all the kingdoms, to lay down there arms to come and join us. Oh yes, Ginny. I will take one of the large rooms in the castle, put a table in it, and all the knights will gather at it.

    Guinevere : And do what?

    King Arthur : Talk across it. Debate. Make laws. Plan improvements!

    Guinevere : But, Arthur, do you think all the knights will ever want to? To do such a ridiculously peaceful thing?

    King Arthur : We'll make it a great honor. Very fashionable! Everyone will want to join! Only now, the knights will whack only for good. Might for right. Might for right. Might - for - right. That's it, Ginny. Might. No, not might is right. Might - For - Right!

    Guinevere : It's very original.

    King Arthur : Yes. Yes-Yes. And civilized, Ginny.

    Guinevere : Arthur, it will have to be an awfully large table. Won't there be jealousy? All the knights will be claiming superiority and want to sit at the head.

    King Arthur : We'll make it - a round table. So, there is no head.

  • King Arthur : Well, this is appalling Ginny! It will seem to the court that you are championing his defeat!

    Guinevere : We don't know if he'll be defeated. He knocked you unconscious. You woke up his bosom friend. Perhaps he'll knock them out too and they'll all take a house by the sea together.

    King Arthur : Ginny, I realize he's having a difficult time adjusting. He's a stranger! He's not even English. He's French!

    Guinevere : Well, he suffers in translation.

  • Guinevere : I want you to go, Lance.

    Lancelot Du Lac : Ginny, Ginny.

    Guinevere : No, I do. I don't worry about the future, we have none. But, if anything happened to the past, any more shame and any more guilt, could make a ruin of it. The past is all I have. The past is all I have.

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