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‘The Prisoner #2′ Review (Titan Comics)

Written by Peter Milligan | Art by Colin Lorimer | Published by Titan Comics

What a great re-launch of this property issue 1 was. Any doubts there were about The Prisoner, the epitome of late 1960′s quirky TV along with shows like The Avengers, being out of date or simply not relevant were firmly put to bed. Peter Milligan managed to seamlessly combine the elements of what made the original great, with elements from the here and now, and created a whole new beast. Information is power, was then and is even more so now. Just ask Breen.

Breen, of course, is the newest inhabitant of The Village. For those coming in late, Breen is a MI5 agent, and has deliberately got himself captured and made a ‘guest’ of The Village. Why? His partner and lover, Carey, was herself taken by The Village, and Breen wants to rescue her. I should say ‘was
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‘The Prisoner #1′ Review (Titan Comics)

Written by Peter Milligan | Art by Colin Lorimer | Published by Titan Comics

You know something has a place in the national consciousness when it keeps reappearing every generation. The Prisoner has become just such a cult hit, its fans every bit as passionate as those of Star Trek or Star Wars for example. Just so happens I’m a fan of all the above, but The Prisoner is a truly unique concept. I loved the uncertainty of it all. Is what’s going on real? Who are the bad guys? Who can you trust? It originally tapped into a late 1960′s distrust of authority, and it didn’t hurt that it also embraced the spy genre, going through James Bond-fueled popularity at the time. The TV show was surprisingly brief, just 17 episodes, considering how influential the show is, but the show was just the beginning as it turned out.
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Titan to publish long-lost The Prisoner comic book from Jack Kirby

As part of its celebrations for the 50th anniversary of The Prisoner, Titan Comics has announced the publication of an oversized artist edition of a long-lost Prisoner comic book classic by Jack Kirby, Gil Kane and Steve Englehart.

This special oversized collectors edition will contain the entire 17 page Jack Kirby strip, the first six pages of which were inked and lettered by Mike Royer, as well as 18 pages of pencils drawn by legendary comic artist Gil Kane. In addition to reprinting these rare pages, this collection also features unmissable bonus archive material including facsimiles of the original script as written by Steve Englehart.

Meanwhile, Titan is also set to launch a brand new comic book series set in the world of The Prisoner by celebrated writer Peter Milligan (X-Statix, The Mummy) and artist Colin Lorimer (The Hunt, Harvest). Check out the cover artwork to the first issue here…

The Prisoner and © Itc Entertainment Group Limited.
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Kirby & Kane’s Unpublished The Prisoner Comics to Be Released

Jack Kirby and Gil Kane’s elusive 1970s comic series The Prisoner is set to finally get a release. The series, which was never officially released to the public, was an attempt by Kirby and Kane to adapt the 1967 British espionage television series of the same name for Marvel.

Titan Comics will release a hardcover compilation of the unreleased comic series, dubbed The Prisoner: Original Art Edition, to be released this July. The book will contain an issue adapting the television series’ pilot, as well as 18 pages of Kane’s penciling work and an episode script penned by Steve Englehart.
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Remembering Peter Wyngarde

  • CinemaRetro
Actor Peter Wyngarde passed away last Monday at age 90. Although not well known in America, Wyngarde was a very popular actor in the UK thanks to his roles in the iconic TV series "Department S" and "Jason King". Wyngarde also guest starred in such iconic British shows as "The Avengers", " The Saint" and "The Prisoner", in which he appeared as Number Two in the episode "Checkmate". He also appeared in the cult horror film "Burn, Witch, Burn" and made an eerie silent appearance as the ghostly Peter Quint in the classic 1963 film "The Innocents". For more on his career, click here. 
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Peter Wyngarde, Charismatic Star of 'Jason King,' Dies at 90

Peter Wyngarde, the charismatic star of spy series Department S and its spinoff show, Jason King, and a mainstay of British television, has died. He was 90.

Wyngarde died Monday at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London, his agent Thomas Bowington announced.

Wyngarde appeared in films such as Alexander the Great (1956), The Siege of Sidney Street (1960) and The Innocents (1961) as well as seminal British television shows including The Avengers; The Saint; The Champions; Doctor Who; and The Prisoner, where he portrayed Number Two in the episode "Checkmate."

Wyngarde is most fondly remembered for Department S, a spy...
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Veteran British Actor Peter Wyngarde Dies at 90

Veteran British Actor Peter Wyngarde Dies at 90
Veteran actor Peter Wyngarde, who starred as flamboyant investigator Jason King in the iconic 1970s British police series “Department S,” has died. He was 90.

Wyngarde died in a West London hospital, his agent Thomas Bowington told Variety.

“Peter Wyngarde passed away peacefully in his sleep early evening Monday at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital,” Bowington said, adding that Wyngarde was “one of the most original and truly great actors I’ve ever seen and by far the most exceptional man I have ever met.”

Wyngarde had a long career on stage and screen but is best known as handlebar-mustachioed investigator King. He also appeared in classic series including “The Avengers,” “The Saint,” and “The Prisoner.”

The King character was an author and investigator in “Department S,” and in 1971 was given his own series, “Jason King.” The show was canceled in 1972, but Wyngarde continued to appear on stage and screen in Britain and internationally.

His movie appearances
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Doctor Who series 10: the deleted scenes

Kirsten Howard Jan 11, 2018

Not had chance to pick up the 10th series of Doctor Who on DVD/Blu-ray yet? No worries, you can watch all the deleted scenes right here...

For those of us who haven't yet managed to grab series 10 on DVD or Blu-ray, today we thank BBC America for uploading to YouTube the deleted Doctor Who scenes we deseprately wanted to have a look at. Truly the real MVPs of online video this week, if we were able to get away with posting a trophy emoji celebrating your gift without breaking our HTML (we're working on it), we would.

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Despite our lack of emoji-based gratitude to the Beeb, please feel free to go ahead and feast your eyes on all 13-ish minutes of the deleted Doctor Who series 10 scenes below.
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Total War: Three Kingdoms reveal trailer and details

Matthew Byrd Jan 11, 2018

Total War comes to ancient China in this stunning debut trailer for Three Kingdoms. Plus! First details emerge...

Shortly after the Total War team teased the announcement of their next game, a group of fans leaked the intended reveal. As such, the developers decided to just go ahead and release the trailer for Total War: Three Kingdoms. 

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This game is already being met with widespread acclaim from Total War fans who have eagerly waited for developer Creative Assembly to develop another historical Total War title. The only Total War games the studio has developed since 2015's Total War: Attila have all taken place in the Warhammer universe. While those games received quite a bit of critical acclaim, they didn't quite satisfy the need for grand-scale historical conflicts.
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Atari Pong cabinet turns classic into analogue experience

Matthew Byrd Jan 11, 2018

It's Pong, but with the physicality of air hockey. Atari unveils a new take on its two-player classic...

Pong is one of the most historically significant games ever made, but modern gaming fans might find it hard to play the game for more than 10 minutes without realizing there is a world of better entertainment options available. It would take quite the feat to bring Pong into the modern age in a way that genuinely excites people. 

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However, Atari may have managed to do just that. 

At CES 2018, Atari revealed a table version of Pong that utilizes physical and digital elements to recreate the classic game. Players sit at opposite ends of the table and use sensitivity dials to control their respective paddles. So far, that probably sounds like classic Pong.
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Vikings season 5 episode 5 review: The Prisoner

Laura Akers Dec 22, 2017

The Prisoner isn't one of Vikings' best instalments. Spoilers ahead in our review...

This review contains spoilers.

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5.5 The Prisoner

We all have our pet peeves. As both a general viewer and a critic, one of my biggest is the unnecessary plot hole.

Is there such a thing as a necessary plot hole? I suppose such a thing is possible, especially in an age where more writers and directors take risks playing with meta-narrative. But when a plot hole is not just unnecessary but intellectually lazy, it is particularly vexing.

And the way that last week’s The Plan ended and this week’s The Prisoner began, not simply repeating the same footage but actually restaging the same
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The Prisoner at 50: celebrating a landmark TV show

Jamie Andrew Sep 29, 2017

Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner was imaginative, unfathomable, and years ahead of its time...

It’s fifty years this month since The Prisoner premiered on British screens, bringing with it blazers, badges and mind-bending bad guys. The show ran for a mere two years, two truncated seasons and seventeen episodes, but its surreal imagery, iconic catchphrases, cerebral plots and absolutely bonkers ending have earned it a perennial place in our cultural consciousness.

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It's truly an odd-beast, quintessentially sixties in some respects, timeless in others. It's hard to describe or define it as any one thing: it's a spy show that isn't a spy show; it's an action show with bigger
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"The Prisoner Con" Celebrates 50th Anniversary Of Patrick McGoohan's Classic TV Series

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Some enterprising fans of Patrick McGoohan's landmark television series "The Prisoner" intend to celebrate the show's 50th anniversary with a multi-day convention that will be held in Seattle on September 29-October 1, 2017. You may not get to meet Number One but you will have plenty of activities including screenings, lectures, appearances by actors who were in the show, musical performances, cocktail parties and theatrical re-enactments. For more details and ticket info click here. "Be seeing you!" 
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Person of Interest's Jim Caviezel to Star in CBS' Navy Seal Drama Pilot

Person of Interest's Jim Caviezel to Star in CBS' Navy Seal Drama Pilot
Jim Caviezel is coming back to CBS to play another military man.

The Person of Interest star has signed on to play the lead role in the network’s untitled Navy Seal drama pilot, our sister site Variety is reporting. Caviezel will play Jason, the respected leader of a team of elite SEALs who’s been through more than a dozen deployments.

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He joins a number of familiar faces already cast in the pilot, including Max Thieriot (Bates Motel), A.J. Buckley (Justified, Supernatural) and Neil Brown Jr. (Suits,
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Ruth Wilson webchat – your questions answered on The Affair, Idris Elba and Marmite

The Olivier-nominated actor joined us live from the National Theatre to talk about crying on cue, why American TV takes so many risks and what she has in common with Hedda Gabler

2.07pm GMT

Thanks for reading! And watching. Great answering all your questions - au revoir!

2.05pm GMT

helizsct asks:

Do you find parallels between the characters you play – ie Stella and Hedda? Both are destructive in their own way. Do you ever draw on your experiences playing other characters with whom you can see similarities?

Sometimes there are similarities, but I've never put those two together. I've seen moments of Alice in Hedda, and moments of Alison in Hedda - in their self loathing. Alice is a psychopath, and is slightly different, she enjoys it and doesn't have a conscience; Alison and Hedda have a deep sense of self-loathing, with Hedda it's quite far down and she doesn't recognise it.
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The Prisoner: Volume 1 Review

The Prisoner – Volume 1

Written, directed and produced by Nicholas Briggs.

Featuring the voice talents of Mark Elstob, Sara Powell, Kristina Buikaite, John Standing, Celia Imrie, Ramon Tikaram, and Michael Cochrane.


An audio re-imagining of the classic 1960’s television show The Prisoner. A secret agent leaves his career behind, only to find himself imprisoned in ‘The Village’, a bizarre seaside town where nothing is as it seems.

Given the level of scorn poured all over a previous effort to remake The Prisoner back in 2009, it’s a brave soul indeed who takes on such a challenging task. That writer, director and producer Nicolas Briggs’s effort with Big Finish is so successful is testament to a sophisticated level of artistry, skill and imagination.

The audio drama presents itself like a radio play with four episodes; Departure and Arrival, The Schizoid Man, Your Beautiful Village and The Chimes of Big Ben
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Bring Home the Hate with Hateful 8 Action Figures

Just in case you didn’t get enough hatefulness from these eight characters during the three hours and seven minutes they were on screen, Neca has revealed their line of Hateful Eight retro clothed action figures. Each figure stands 8 inches, is fully articulated, comes with character specific accessories, and is inspired by the cool toy lines from the 1970s. Neca is promising to do only one production run of 3000 each, so if you want one, you’d better jump on them fast. I’ve included more information from the manufacturer and photos below. Be super sure to check out the disclaimer at the bottom, because it’s my favorite part.

The figures run from $34.99 to $44.99, and you can pre-order six of the eight right here. (I don't know why the other two aren't available. Perhaps they hit their pre-order quota.)

For Quentin Tarantino’s eighth movie, we have a special treat for fans!
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Figures in a Landscape

Where was Leonard Pinth Garnell when we needed him?  Joseph Losey is often accused of pretension but in this case he may be guilty. Robert Shaw and Malcolm McDowell are escapees scrambling across a rocky terrain, pursued by a helicopter that seems satisfied to just harass them. Keeping the audience in the dark doesn't reap any dramatic or thematic benefit that I can see. Figures in a Landscape Blu-ray Kl Studio Classics 1970 / Color / 2:35 widescreen / 110 min. / Street Date January 12, 2016 / available through Kino Lorber / 29.95 Starring Robert Shaw, Malcolm McDowell, Roger Lloyd Pack, Pamela Brown. Cinematography Henri Alekan, Peter Suschitzky, Guy Tabary Film Editor Reginald Beck Art Direction Ted Tester Original Music Richard Rodney Bennett Written by Robert Shaw from the novel by Barry England Produced by John Kohn Directed by Joseph Losey

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

Joseph Losey is a gold mine for film criticism but a real problem for simple film reviewing.
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Movie News: Ridley Scott Touted for 'The Prisoner;' Watch Matthew McConaughey in First 'Free State of Jones' Trailer

The Prisoner: Ridley Scott is in early negotiations to direct The Prisoner, drawn from the 1960s TV series that starred Patrick McGoohan as a former government agent who finds himself imprisoned in a very mysterious seaside village. The film has been long in development, with numerous writers completing drafts, the most recent by William Monahan (The Departed). Scott will direct Alien: Covenant this year but is not yet committed to any other project after that. [Deadline]   The Fireman: Louis Leterrier (Now You See Me) is attached to direct The Fireman, based on Joe Hill's forthcoming novel about a pandemic that eventually causes victims to burst into flames. The titular character must lead an "improbable group of heroes" to stop the pandemic before it...

Read More
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From Mars to The Village: Ridley Scott directs ‘The Prisoner’…?

With his latest sci-fi epic The Martian winning a Golden Globe – in the unusual category of Musical or Comedy Picture! – perhaps Ridley Scott could do with more surreal developments in his life. Well it looks like that could happen as Universal have gotten him round a table to talk about helming the movie adaptation of The Prisoner.

Patrick McGoohan (above) devised and starred in this offbeat adventure series as a British spy kidnapped and holed up in a mysterious location known as The Village, after he resigns from his position. Originally shown on ITV in the late Sixties, it boasted a catalogue of bizarre events, the most memorable of which was a giant balloon that would chase and smother residents who tried to escape.

Shot at Portmeirion in Wales, the production benefitted from its elaborate retro architecture. It’s unclear if the studio would shoot at the original location or
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