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5 Oct. 1969
A Family Festival
In 1879 London, we are introduced to the rich upper middle class Forsyte family. The nominal head of the family is Jolyon Forsyte, the eldest of several brothers and sisters, referred to as 'Old' Jolyon to differentiate him from his son who is referred to as 'Young' Jolyon. Unlike his cousin Soames Forsyte, who is a solicitor and whose future seems assured, Young Jolyon is a painter and looked upon somewhat askance. He is married to Frances and has a daughter June, but is also having an affair with his daughter's German nanny, Helene Hilmer, who he would like to marry...
12 Oct. 1969
A Family Scandal
Young Jolyon's affair with his former nanny is now widely known and he asks his wife Frances for a divorce. Old Jolyon has become aware as well and takes his son to task for abandoning their values and their way of life. Frances for her part doesn't plan on taking this lying down and visits her husband's love nest in Chelsea to see if she can talk sense into Helene. Old Jolyon tells his son that he has to break it off completely with his mistress but the younger Jolyon chooses to take his chances. Old Jolyon as a result removes him from his will. Soames meanwhile once...
19 Oct. 1969
The Pursuit of Happiness
Wnifred is distraught when she finds a promissory note in her husband's jacket and realizes that he owes £500. He assures her that her father will no doubt be generous when their child is born. They have a son, a few months later. Young Jolyon and Helen also have a baby boy who they call Jolly. Young Jolyon's wife Frances has refused him a divorce and she and June move to the country. Frances is killed in a riding accident however and Old Jolyon decides to take charge of June, to whom he intends to leave his fortune. Soames has taken to spending his weekends visiting ...
26 Oct. 1969
Dinner at Swithins
It is now 1886 and with her grandfather's permission, 17 year-old June Forsyte becomes engaged to architect Philip Bosinney. Old Jolyon sets conditions on their marriage - Philip must earn £400 a year before they can marry - but otherwise approves. Young Jolyon, who hasn't seen his daughter for eight years, is shocked and a bit upset to read about the engagement in the newspaper. Helene has been feeling unwell of late but otherwise they are very happy. Rumors abound about Soames and Irene Forsyte who, after four years of marriage, are now said to sleep in separate ...
2 Nov. 1969
A Man of Property
Soames hires Philip Bosiney to build him a house at Robin Hill. He accepts the design Bosinney has come up with and the price, which is considerably more than he had planned to spend. June is over the moon now that her fiancé has a contract. She's less pleased however when she overhears Philip and Soames' wife Irene making plans for an assignation. Feeling his age, Young Jolyon's father drops him on his son unexpectedly and meets his grandchildren for the first time. Young Jolyon is sympathetic to his father assuming that he is lonely but his wife Helene is outraged ...
19 Nov. 1969
Rumors abound that Irene Forsyte and Philip Bosinney are having an affair.Young Jolyon and Helene see Philip Bosinney and a beautiful woman meeting secretly. Young Jolyon had met Philip at his Aunt Anne's funeral but has no idea who the woman is. When they learn that it is Soames' wife Irene, Old Jolyon suggests that Young Jolyon should speak to Bosinney and as June's father, he feels obliged to do so. It's clear to him that Bosinney will continue his affair regardless of the impact on June. Soames meanwhile is upset at the ever increasing cost of finishing his house ...
16 Nov. 1969
Into the Dark
After Soames forced his way into her bed, Irene packs her bags and has moved into a small hotel. She refuses to move in with Philip Bosinney fearing that it would ruin his career. When he learns what Soames did to her the previous night, Philip goes out in a rage but fails to return as promised. The following day is the scheduled court case between Soames and Philip but the architect fails to appear and loses the case. His disappearance is soon explained when the police inform the family that he was run over by a carriage in the heavy fog. With no place to go, Irene ...
23 Nov. 1969
Indian Summer of a Forsyte
Most everyone is upset at the death of Philip Bosinney. Young Jolyon suspects that it may have been a suicide - his cousin George Forsyte told him of his encounter with Bosinney in the street - but does his best to hide the facts as they are known to him. Old Jolyon tells his son of his plans to purchase Robin Hill and have them live together. Some four years later, Old Jolyon comes across Irene sitting in the garden. He learns that she is living on her own and teaching music. She's also involved in helping women who find themselves in difficulties. Young Jolyon, ...
30 Nov. 1969
In Chancery
It's a time of change in the for many in the Forsyte clan. Jolyon has inherited the bulk of his father's estate, with June and Irene also inheriting substantial amounts. June, now 23 years-old, decides to leave Robin Hill and find her own accommodation in London. Helene, who is not well, is convinced that she is leaving because of her. Helene's condition deteriorates rapidly from severe headaches to wild imaginings and seizures. A fall leads to internal injuries and death. Irene is shocked that she was left £15,000 in trust in Old Jolyon's will, the interest from ...
7 Dec. 1969
The Challenge
Jolyon and Holly visit Jolly at Oxford and he's invited Val to dinner, even though he doesn't think very highly of his cousin. Holly however is still quite attracted to Val. Soames meanwhile is determined to have a son. He asks Irene to reconcile with him but she turns him down flat. She turns to Jolyon and also June, who has forgiven her finally after all these years, for help. Soames for his part hires a private detective to follow Irene's every move. When she travel to Paris, Jolyon visits her there and they spend a good deal of time together. He must return to ...
14 Dec. 1969
In the Web
Jolyan returns hurriedly from Paris, sad at leaving Irene for whom he has developed deep affection, but feeling it is important to be home now that Jolly has enlisted in the Imperial Yeomanry. June has been training as a nurse and intends to go out to South Africa as soon as they will take her. With her brother and her fiancé going to South Africa, Holly also wants to go as a nurse and Jolyon consents. James hosts a dinner party for his children, Soames and Winifred, and his grandchildren, Val and Imogen. Val informs the family that he too has joined the Yeomanry, but...
21 Dec. 1969
Birth of a Forsyte
Irene and Jolyon are named as co-respondents by Soames in divorce proceedings but the suit only serves to draw them closer together. When the divorce is finalized, Jolyon and Irene marry and she later gives birth to a son, also called Jolyon but who they will refer to as Jon. Soames decides to retire and sells his practice to another firm. He will continue his art collection and bequeath it to the nation on his death. He proposes to Annette Lamotte who accepts. They are soon married but just as Annette goes into premature labor, Soames' father James takes a turn for ...
28 Dec. 1969
The story jumps ahead several years. World War I has come to an end and of the older generation, only Uncle Timothy remains. Jon has an interest in farming and his parents agree that he should go live with his sister Holly and her husband Val Dartie. June is running an art gallery - for her lame ducks, as Jolyon calls them - and quite by accident, Jon meets Fleur Forsyte, Soames' beautiful daughter. They soon realize that they are cousins of some sort but know nothing of the family feud as no one will tell them what happened all those years ago. Fleur has another ...

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