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Season 3

17 Sep. 1969
The Big Game
The convent baseball team has its first game on the weekend. Generous Carlos outfits the team so that it will at least look like it knows what it's doing; in other words, the convent team is the underdog in the game. The team is flanked by small but enthusiastic Armando, the team's pinch hitter, who is being adopted in a month. Armando himself realizes that he is not the best player, but loves the game. There ends up being a change in plans with his adoption: his parents-to-be arrive in San Juan early and want to take him off the island just before the big game as ...
24 Sep. 1969
My Sister the Star
Local celebrity and television show host, Claudio the Clown, thinks that Sister Bertrille would be perfect person to have as a guest on his children's show. Initially nervous, Sister Bertrille is a hit and Claudio's manager, Manuel Montique, offers her her own show. After discussing the pros and cons with the other sisters and the Reverend Mother, Sister Bertrille is conflicted, but ultimately declines due to what she imagines to be the trappings of fame. To ease her turning down the offer, she demands everything as part of her contract. She ends up getting what she ...
1 Oct. 1969
Speak the Speach, I Pray You
San Tanco is getting a new parish priest, Father Walter Larson, an old friend of the Reverend Mother's. Father Larson has spent most of his life as an archivist. He is used to being alone with his books, and is not a very social person. His biggest weaknesses are his poor social interaction with people and his speech writing/delivery, weaknesses that he himself realizes. He is terrified by his new duties, the first of which is to give a speech at a banquet dinner. He uses the sisters as guinea pigs; Sister Bertrille admits to him that his speech is the worst she's ...
8 Oct. 1969
The Paola Story
The Reverend Mother hires Paola Guzman as her temporary secretary. Paola, full of Latin flair with a penchant to do the bossa nova, is a bit at odds with the staunch Reverend Mother's style, but Paola is admittedly an efficient secretary with a kind heart. The Reverend Mother is just about to let Paola go when Paola shows up at the convent with a 6-month old child named Anita. Paola states that she is looking after Anita for a single mother friend (her husband passed away) who is away in the States looking for a job. Paola was hoping to stay at the convent while she ...
15 Oct. 1969
Marcello's Idol
When Marcello describes the sisters' to others as "guys", they think that he needs a fatherly male influence in his life. When questioned, Marcello chooses Carlos. Sister Bertrille in turn talks Carlos into being Marcello's surrogate father on occasion. But Carlos' memory fades quickly when he chooses to spend the day with beautiful Lila rather than keep his appointment to go sailing with Marcello. But unbeknownst to Sister Bertrille, Carlos does takes Marcello out on the boat as primary crew, while Carlos spends most of the time pampering Lila below deck. Despite ...
22 Oct. 1969
Guess Who's Coming to Picket
Carlos' wait staff, led by Enrique, is on strike against who they consider their tyrant boss. The convent does not take sides in such disputes, but Sister Bertrille is caught by a newspaper cameraman pouring some coffee for Enrique on the line, which the public and Carlos construe as convent support for the strike. Just as Carlos accepts Sister Bertrille's apology after several attempts by her, she is caught once again by a newspaper cameraman in what looks like further support for the strikers. The Carlos/convent relationship gets even more strained when the Reverend...
29 Oct. 1969
The Not So Great Impostor
Struggling writer and ex-newspaperman Joe Barnes/Roy Barnes thinks he's hit the jackpot when he sees Sister Bertrille fly. She will be his exclusive story. All he needs is some photographs of her in flight to accompany his story. He implies as much about his story to old friend Carlos, who in turn gives the head's up to the Reverend Mother. The Reverend Mother places a gag order to everyone in the convent, including the children, and Sister Bertrille is grounded until further notice. Barnes goes under cover as Irish Father Flaherty to infiltrate the convent. With ...
5 Nov. 1969
A Convent Full of Miracles
On a dark and stormy evening, Alonzo Baldazon's jalopy of a car breaks down outside the convent where he takes refuge. The sisters provide him such, especially since they think he is down and out, however he is really a wealthy man, a fact which he doesn't tell them. The car is a vintage car which didn't run properly and the tattered clothes he was wearing are his car work clothes. Because he wants to repay the sisters for their generosity, he decides to take them up on their offer to be their handyman. He telephones his assistant Maurice back at his yacht to tell him...
12 Nov. 1969
Hector and the Brass Band
In trying to get rid of a brass bed, Sisters Bertrille and Sixto trade it for a donkey named Hector. Hector is a bit rambunctious, and is eating literally everything on the convent property. Enough is enough for the Reverend Mother who tells the sisters they have to take Hector back to its previous owner, Antonio Fuentes. Antonio, knowing Hector's nature and his wife Angela's aversion to the donkey, refuses to take Hector back. But as many problems as the sisters are having with Hector, Antonio is having even more problems. He has run into a string of bad luck, each ...
19 Nov. 1969
The New Habit
The Mother General has issued an edict for the sisters to wear a new habit. The sisters are all thrilled by the new, modern habit, that is until one by one they all realize that the new cornette with which will no longer allow Sister Bertrille to fly. Not only is Sister Bertrille devastated by the fact, but all the sisters are as well. They cannot hide their depressed state from anyone, but the Reverend Mother wants them all to put their best faces forward to the public - during what is a regular used clothing drive - and to the Mother General, who will soon be ...
26 Nov. 1969
Bertrille and the Silent Flicks
When the Mother General Adelaide of Culebra wants the sisters to hold a fund-raiser, the sisters think the perfect event would be to run the silent film Lure of the West, the thought initiated after they discover that the Mother General is former silent film actress Gloria Davenport, the movie's star. One of Carlos' assistants, Leonardo, is in love with Gloria Davenport, and he and Sister Bertrille convince the Mother General to go along with the idea. However the public may not think it's a good idea as silent films may be seen as outdated entertainment. When the ...
10 Dec. 1969
A Ticket for Bertrille
On a day outing with Marcello, Sister Bertrille breaks three different traffic regulations. She forces Officer Juarez to give her a ticket so show Marcello that even nuns have to obey the law or pay the price. Reluctantly, Juarez does so. This act sparks a public outcry. It also causes problems for Juarez, whose girlfriend will now not marry a person who arrests a nun, for the Mayor, who's re-election is hurt by such negative publicity, and for the judge (running on the same ticket as the Mayor) who is forced to throw the sister in jail for two days when she can't pay...
17 Dec. 1969
The New Carlos
After Sister Bertrille is partly the cause for Carlos' latest mishap which places him in the hospital, Carlos and Sister Bertrille individually review their relationship. Carlos wants to give her a piece of his mind. Sister Bertrille, on the advice of the Reverend Mother, thinks it wise not to ask Carlos for any more favors especially of his time, the latest being what the sisters call "San Tanco Dads" (STD), a group of prominent San Tanco men acting as surrogate dads for the orphan kids in community events. They even ask Roberto, Carlos' assistant, to be a STD. As ...
31 Dec. 1969
Dear Aggie
Rickie Malinas is the sports writer for the San Tanco Tribune. But he's also temporarily Dear Aggie, the paper's advice columnist. He convinces Sister Bertrille to take over Dear Aggie duties until he can find a permanent replacement. Dear Aggie receives a letter from Margareta Pedrosa about her new boyfriend, who unbeknownst to Sister Bertrille/Dear Aggie is Carlos' mild mannered assistant, Roberto. Margareta appreciates Dear Aggie's advice. But Roberto consults Carlos, and Sister Bertrille consults Carlos when it comes to Margareta's letter, which leads to a mix of ...
7 Jan. 1970
My Sister, the Doctor
Sister Bertrille's sister, Dr. Jennifer Ethrington, is in San Tanco for some much needed rest and relaxation. She isn't aware that there is a medical convention in town, and as such, she takes the sisters up on their offer to stay at the convent to get away from the shop talk that would happen if she stayed at the hotel. But Jennifer is bombarded with one medical issue after another, starting with her own sister in the hospital with a hairline fracture, then Sister Jacqueline with a twisted ankle, Sister Sixto with a chronic case of heartburn, the Reverend Mother with...
23 Jan. 1970
Armando and the Pool Table
Carlos donates a pool table to the convent. Sister Bertrille thinks it would be a good pastime for convent orphan Armando to partake as his current diversions are wild flights of fancy. Initially reluctant to learn, Armando takes to the game once he witnesses the amazing abilities of Emilio Gomez, who ends up being his teacher. Armando's a natural, however this new diversion, as was his old diversions, takes over his life to the expense of his school work. The Reverend Mother orders the pool table gone. Sister Bertrille figures that taking the pool table away will ...
30 Jan. 1970
Hello Columbus
As her lead gets ill, Sister Bertrille is looking for someone to portray Columbus in a reenactment of his landing on Puerto Rico. Carlos suggests his cousin, Luis, who is back in the casino kitchen causing Carlos grief since the dry goods store went bankrupt. Because Luis threatens to quit the play due to certain demands, Carlos does whatever he can to meet Luis' demands, thus keep him in the play and out of the casino kitchen. Carlos needs to buy new costumes and find an adult to play Queen Isabella. That role goes to Carlos' temporary bookkeeper, Marta Vargas. It's ...
6 Feb. 1970
The Dumbest Kid in School
Mr. Sanders is an ex-student of the convent, now a success in his adult life. He has come back to the convent to adopt a child, namely what he calls the dumbest kid in school. By this, he infers that he is not only wanting such, but also the most mischievous, underachieving child. Although the Reverend Mother is somewhat off-put and offended by Sanders request, she cannot fault his motives: Sanders himself was also self-professed the dumbest kid in school and if not given the chance by his adoptive parents, he knows he would not have become a successful adult. The ...
13 Feb. 1970
Man's Best Friend Isn't
Felix Ragusa, an independent plumber, gets a major plumbing job at Carlos' casino, the job obtained through an introduction from Sister Bertrille. Because Felix has to run around to get supplies, he has to leave his sidekick, Tiger the dog, with someone. Felix leaves Tiger with Carlos, who in turn leaves him with Sister Bertrille. However Sister Bertrille admits to the sisters that she is hesitant to look after Tiger since dogs have a special attachment to her, and often forget their rightful master in the process. Tiger does seem to have a special bond with Sister ...
20 Feb. 1970
The Somnaviatrix
Little does Sister Bertrille know, but she's sleep-flying. On one of her sleeping flights, she comes across Carlos with Sophia Novello, the daughter of a business associate Antonio Novello. Carlos was driving Sophia home after a party when their car got stuck in a mud-hole. Getting Sophia home late will look bad for known womanizer Carlos, especially since Sophia is engaged to Paco Lopez, the son of Antonio's best friend. But Carlos has Sister Bertrille as a witness - or so he thinks. When Antonio confronts Carlos about Sophia's extremely late arrival home, Carlos ...
27 Feb. 1970
Papa Carlos
Kim Ching is Carlos' foster daughter visiting from Korea. Carlos is expecting Kim to be a young girl who still plays with teddy bears, but she ends up being a beautiful young woman who is looking for a husband. She has many wannabe suitors, in particular Ramon Diaz, the convent's gardener and a former employee of Carlos'. But in protective Carlos' mind, no man is good enough for Kim, especially Ramon, who Carlos sees as a lady's man. But for Ramon, it's love at first sight with Kim. Kim interprets Carlos' refusal to let her date any man and his want to school her in ...
6 Mar. 1970
The Candid Commercial
After the convent washing machine breaks down, the sisters are forced to go to a laundromat. When Sister Bertrille goes in to do the convent laundry, little does she know that Harry Madison and Eddie, a commercial producer and cameraman, are shooting a candid camera commercial for Delight laundry detergent. Sister Bertrille is using Delight, much to their pleasure. She ends up being the perfect spokesperson for the detergent. Part of the compensation for doing the commercial is a new washing machine. The Reverend Mother however refuses to let Sister Bertrille be part ...
13 Mar. 1970
A Gift for El Charro
Pablo Cortina stops by the convent looking for work, and agrees to do handyman work in exchange for English lessons. To Carlos, Pablo looks a lot like El Charro, a famous bullfighter from Madrid. They all discover that Pablo is indeed El Charro - his father was previously an orphan at the convent, and El Charro thought it would be the only place he could disappear from the media spotlight while he learned English. When a newspaperman comes snooping around the convent hearing that someone matching El Charro's description was hired as the convent handyman, Carlos ...
20 Mar. 1970
When Generations Gap
Sister Bertrille gets into a fender bender, caused by her running a red light. She can't really remember what happened, and is willing to accept responsibility for the accident if it was her fault. However, Alfonso T. Gomez, a witness, states that it was not Sister Bertrille's fault. The occupants of the other car are hippies, namely Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart of the singing group, The Paper Balloon, who happen to be appearing at Carlos' casino. Sister Bertrille just wants to forget the incident, but it becomes a big media story about subversive hippies against an ...
27 Mar. 1970
Operation Population
A baby is left on the doorstep for the convent and Sister Bertrille is determined to find the mother to help her.
3 Apr. 1970
No Tears for Mrs. Thomas
Thomas Martinez, Carlos' uncle, is planning his own funeral to be held next week, this funeral despite him not being ill. He admits to Sister Bertrille that he has witnessed what he calls the Martinez Sign, that which generations of his male ancestors have seen and have passed away exactly seven days following. However he has not stated what the sign is. The funeral is getting out of hand - he is charging everything to the convent as the convent is the beneficiary to his life insurance money which will pay for the funeral. And those invited to the funeral, including ...

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