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  • In order to avenge a friend and to fulfill his last wish, Rocco has to find out what happened to an army corps that has mysteriously disappeared. He therefore puts on the disguise of a doctor and starts investigating in a somewhat uncomfortable town.


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  • Tom Cooper (Hunt Powers a.k.a Jack Betts) is the owner and main teacher of the Academy for the Spiritual Freedom of Women, and his real name is Rocco. In there, some women (Patrizia Giammei, Mara Krupp and Elisabetta Velinska) learn how to shoot and they practice on pictures of their annoying relatives: husbands, aunts... Cooper lives comfortably, and secuces some of the most attractive women who go to the academy.

    One day, an old friend of his from his Army times asks him to take care of some business: a friend of his has been asked ransom for a son whom everybody had left for dead for years. That son and his batallion disappeared on their way to Gran Alamo, and the friend of the father thinks that the batallion must have lost his way to Snake Valley, a small sun-burnt town in the village of nowhere where you arrive leaving the main road to the left. At the beginning, Cooper is not interested, but that night his old friend is shot to dead by Alan Pinkerton (George Rigaud) outside the Pinkerton detective agency. He was close enough to hear his last words: "think of the father".

    So Tom Cooper makes believe he's a meek doctor with a fake degree certificate. He doesn't defend himself when two rascals, Black (Paolo Magalotti) and Pink demand a 25cent toll of him for going to Snake Valley. They hit him but the Colonel appears to defend him. Cooper is given his money back and arrives to his destination: everybody on the street seems to stare at him.

    He checks in in the saloon of the town. Mrs Bess (Jenny Oak a.k.a. Gina Rovere) allows him to check in. Cooper allows himself to be beaten again; however, later on, he wins everybody on a fight "because of the scientific art of fighting". That night, he tries to watch around what's going on. He enters a room and Josefa (Soledad Miranda), the saloon waitress, a young girl who is Mrs Bess' niece, watches him. He pretends to be trying to make out with her. Bess overhears the noise and comes up to see what's happening. From that moment on, Josefa seems to dislike the doctor deeply. In the conversation with Mrs Bess, Cooper hints at his interest on Mrs Bess herself, to which she seems incredulous.

    The next morning, Clayton (Jeff Cameron), White and other people call on the doctor. However, the sheriff Bingo (Luis Barboo) accompanies the doctor, saying that he won't have any customers anyway. The gravedigger (Víctor Israel) tells him that Clayton has just died, and White tells the doctor that he's OK, that he had been summoned because of his wife but that she's already well.

    Coming back to the saloon, Mrs Bess tells the doctor that he won't make any money on Snake Valley. The doctor recommends Josefa to take a pill against the smoke, but she doesn't really swallow it: she just spits it. Immediately afterwards, Cooper puts something on the saloon fire, so that all the room gets smoky and foggy. Josefa gets dizzy like everybody else because she spit the pill. Mrs Bess - who seems unaffected by the smoke - punches Josefa and carries her upstairs. All the rest of the patrons look drugged out of their minds.

    A military cornet resounds. One of the saloon patrons (Osiridi Pevarello) gets into a frantic and says that he didn't want to do it, and the major kills him. The kidnapped batallion gets all excited, -imprisoned underground- thinking that, finally, the army is coming to rescue them. The colonel of the town (Giuliano Raffaelli) asks for Peter Headway (Ricardo Pizzuti), telling him that his father hasn't got any money to pay the ransom because of his gambling habit, and Peter is asked whether he has got any other relative who could pay 50,000 dollars. Peter knows that nobody he knows has such an incredible amount of money, so he is shot to death.

    Cooper shoots two gunners who tried to shoot him in the night. He gets threatened once again. However, at that moment, in the middle of the saloon, he takes off his glasses, his coat and his bow hat, and instead of leaving, he tells to everybody that gunman Sugar Colt has arrived, and to prove his worth, he shoots several of the gunmen present at the saloon. Agonía (Manuel Muñiz), one of the gunmen present, is made to wake up and confess having told Cooper aka Sugar Colt that something was happening in the town. He denies it, but he is hanged anyway.

    The colonel knows that Sugar Colt must have been helped by the person who played the trumpet. The next day, the burial of the person who really tried to help Cooper is organized, but many townspeople did not want to meddle with that business. The major tries to buy Sugar Colt, but he doesn't look eager to compromise, although he also avoids creating a scene on the burial place. The major asks him whether he believes that the trumpet is played by the ghost. Of course, Cooper doesn't say it's really Sammy (Fortunato Arena), his assisstant, who is looking for an abandoned mine, or a derelict building, or a place where a group of people may be hidden from view. Sugar Colt finds Sammy's corpse - he had heard the two long wailing notes which were their keyword, but could not assist him at that particular moment as he was talking with the colonel. Josefa had insulted him because he was leaving, but now Sugar Colt has a personal reason to keep on the case again.

    Cooper is trapped and left alive but carried tied on a horse. He unties himself down and kills some of the bad guys and runs away. He is hurt but alive, and returns to the salloon on the verge of collapse. Josefa and Bess tend to him and his wounds.

    The colonel hits Bess and he tells her that it was him who gave her the saloon. However, the colonel takes Josefa with him to force Bess not to help Sugar Colt anymore, who had run away from the saloon.

    Sugar Colt kills one of the sentinels by pushing him down a well after stealing his Mexican sombrero. He disguises himself with that and takes one basket of bread with some other bread porters to the prisoners. There, he frees them. He leaves them but tells them to wait inside. However, the privates will not wait, and their leader, Preston (Nazzareno Zamperla) goes with them. They try to leave but some are killed with a shotgun. Sugar Colt uses some explosives to help them.

    Josefa also gets rid of the sentinel who is keeping her a prisoner. The colonel tries to run away after taking some money from the safe. He tries to have his own back by shooting Josefa, who runs away throughout the window. Preston helps him from the other side of the street shooting at the colonel.

    Finally, the colonel has nowhere else to die. He runs into the saloon, where Bess will shoot him.

    Later that day, Josefa is giving alcohol to the ex-prisoners outside, on the street. Cooper/Sugar Colt asks her for some, but she seems to reject him.

    Soon, Cooper/ Sugar Colt leaves the place with a dirty cart. Suddenly, he hears a cough. He pulls of a blanket and there it lies Josefa, hidden away. Cooper smiles and pulls the blanket over her and keeps on marching on on his horse.

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