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A Conventional Story of Injustice and Revenge
claudio_carvalho18 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
After three years of heavy physical labor in a hellish prison in the desert, the former Sheriff Ted Barnett (Giuliano Gemma) escapes. Barnett was framed by three men and wrongly convicted for thirty years of hard work for the murdering of his father. He looks for those that had accused him seeking revenge and the first one he meets is Gomes, who owns a barbershop, and he kills him in self-defense. Then he travels to Charleston where his former wife is married with Sheriff Douglas (Francisco Rabal). When Barnett confronts Douglas, he tells that he had killed Barnett's father. They shoot each other and Barnett kills Douglas. He finally meets the last powerful man that sent him to jail and his former wife helps him to get the evidences to prove his innocence to the judge. But the criminal does not intend to surrender to justice.

"Long Days of Vengeance" is a conventional story of injustice and revenge. The plot does not offer any surprise and sooner the viewer knows who the killers are. I have just watched this film in a dreadful DVD released by the Brazilian Distributor Look Films that certainly has digitalized a common VHS to make the DVD. The DVD is dubbed in Portuguese and does not offer the original audio with subtitles; further, the framing is awful, too close. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Dias de Vingança" ("Days of Vengeance")
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Spaghetti/Paella Western co-produced by Italy and Spain , being well starred by two ordinary genre stars , Giuliano Gemma and Conrado San Martin
ma-cortes21 November 2013
Spaghetti with Chorizo Western starred by habitual actors , such as Giuliano Gemma , Conrado San Martin and Nieves Navarro . After three years of heavy physical labor in an infernal jail , the former Sheriff Ted Barnett -Giuliano Gemma- breaks out . Barnett was accused by three men and wrongly convicted to thirty years hard labor for the killing of his father . Ted sets out in pursuit the true murderers . He looks for those that had framed him , seeking vendetta . As Ted (Giuliano Gemma who recently died by car accident) freeing the town from a powerful owner (Conrado San Martin , a great friend to Sergio Leone , he played a lot of films for him , usually as secondary actor) and a corrupt Sheriff Douglas (Francisco Rabal , Luis Buñuel's customary's player) married to Ted's old girlfriend (Nieves Navarro or Susan Scott) , using both gunning down and shrewdness .

This Tortilla/Spaghetti Western is filled with action , thrills , horse riding , brawls and crossfire . This is a decent Spaghetti starred by Giuliano Gemma , a hero who after years of hard labor in a hellish prison in the desert , escapes from jail to seek revenge on the three men who framed him . Giuliano steals the show as a merciless revenger , executing thespian skills , bounds and leaps , twists and shooting and throughly enjoys himself . Recently deceased Giuliano Gemma is very fine in his ordinary role as a gunfighter who seeks vengeance against his eternal enemies , Conrado San Martin , Francisco Rabal , and their hoodlums . Giuliano Gemma , along with Anthony Steffen and Gianni Garco , resulted to be one of the greatest stars of the Spaghetti genre . Gemma in his beginning worked as a stunt-man , practiced many sports in his life, boxing, gymnastics, such as is well proved at the movie . Then the director, Duccio Tessari, gave him the first role as protagonist in the film " The Titani" and the first spaghetti western films where he often worked under the name of Montgomery Wood , playing Western as ¨A pistol for Ringo¨, ¨The return of Ringo¨ and others as ¨Adios Gringo¨, ¨Arizona Colt¨, ¨The price of power¨ , ¨Day of anger¨ and later ¨California¨. However, his first big opportunity came with the important Italian director, Luchino Visconti in ¨El Gatopardo¨ this was followed by important roles in "Angelica" , ¨Tenebre¨ , ¨Young Lions¨ and ¨The master touch¨. Then he played his most significant roles in ¨Il Deserto Dei Tartari¨ and ¨Il Prefetto Di Ferro¨ . While Conrado San Martin played in ¨Winchester Bill¨, ¨In a colt's shadow¨ and various Westerns directed by his friend Sergio Leone ; furthermore , he starred several Peplum and thrillers .

In the movie appears usual Western support actors as Spanish people : Nieves Navarro , Milo Quesada , Manuel Muñiz ¨Pajarito¨ ; as Italian players as Ivan Scratuglia . It's a co-production Spanish-Italian and shot on location in Zaragoza , Barcelona , Alfonso Balcazar studios and, of course ,Almeria , Spain . There are many fine technicians and nice assistant direction , excellent production design , and atmospheric cinematography by Francisco Marin , he creates a magnificent scenario on the little town and barren outdoors , dirty landscapes under a glimmer sun . The music original by Armando Trovajoli composes an agreeable Spaghetti soundtrack , being well conducted and splendid leitmotif ; it's full of enjoyable sounds and emotive score .

This Western was inspired by the known and classic novel titled ¨The count of Montecristo¨ written by Alexandre Dumas . Other Spaghetti freely based on famous novels and plays are the followings : ¨The Fury of Johnny Kid¨ based on Shakespeare , being directed by Gianni Puccini with Peter Lee Lawrence and Cristina Galbo from ¨Romeo and Giuletta¨ . Furthermore : ¨Johnny Hamlet¨(1968) by Enzo G Castellari ; ¨The return of Ringo¨ by Duccio Tessari also with Giuliano Gemma and inspired on the ¨Odyssey¨, ¨John Il Bastardo¨(1967) with John Richardson , based on books from Zorrilla and Moliere ; ¨Anche Nel West Céra Una Volta Dio ¨ (1968 )by Marino Girolami based on ¨Island of treasure¨ written by Robert Stevenson and ¨Apocalypse Joe¨ with Anthony Steffen based on Macbeth and Hamlet .

The flick also titled ¨Days of Vengeance" or "Long Days of Vengeance" or "The Deadliest Gunfight" or "Vendetta" was professionally directed by Stan Vance or Florestano Vancini . This Italian writer / filmmaker so consistently mixed the good with the mediocre that it became quite impossible to know what to expect from him next . His best films dealt with political events such as ¨The case Matteotti¨, ¨The long night in 43¨ and ¨Sicilian Jaque Mate ¨ . He usually worked with Giulianno Gemma , his fetish actor , such as ¨La Baraonda¨ , ¨Violenza Al sole ¨and this ¨Long days of vengeance¨ . Rating : Good Spaghetti Western , it will appeal to Giuliano Gemma fans .
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matalo22 September 2000
It´s a rarely seen, unknown Spaghetti Western Classic, you might want to check out, if you are not only interested in the classics by Sergio Leone or Sergio Corbucci. This one has extraordinary camerawork and good acting by Giuliano Gemma, who is playing a character seeking for revenge in typical italian style. It´s very dark and has kind of a gothic horror atmosphere, which makes it a little bit different from other Spaghetti Westerns. So, do check it out!!
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a solid spaghetti western
spider8911923 June 2005
This movie has some minor faults, but overall it is a very entertaining flick.

When it comes to spaghetti westerns, it seems you can't go wrong with a Giuliano Gemma movie. I have seen most of Gemma's westerns and they have all been very good. This one is no exception.

The music score is superb. It's good enough to want to buy the soundtrack (if you can find it). The credits listed on my copy say the music is by Armando Trovaioli. IMDb's listing also credits Ennio Morricone. It's no surprise that Morricone had something to do with this score, because it is definitely that good.

The action is a bit slow during the first 70 minutes of the movie, but the story keeps you interested, and when the action heats up it gets even better. The acting is pretty decent overall. The dialogue is a bit confusing in a couple of places, probably due to a poor translation of the original Italian into English, but it's pretty minor, and doesn't interfere at all with ones ability to understand what's going on.

IMDb lists the US version as being 90 minutes long. My copy runs for 103 minutes. Perhaps it is the UK release.

Another reviewer states that this movie has a Gothic horror atmosphere. I don't really see that in this film. If it is there, it is not nearly to the extent that one sees in "Stranger's Gundown" (Django the Bastard) or "And God Said to Cain."

I recommend this movie to all spaghetti western fans.
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The Gringo Of Monte Cristo
boardwalk_angel29 April 2006
The memorable main theme of composer Armando Trovaioli's sole Western score, a slow and stately trumpet soaring over acoustic guitar and rolling percussion, kicks off 1966's Long Days Of Vengeance.

As 2 prisoners carry out a daring escape from a harsh, brutal military prison....we get our first look at Ted Barnett......, who, as we discover later, is serving his 3rd year of a sentence of 30 at hard labor...framed for the murder of an Army Colonel...as part of an elaborate plan involving & including the murder of his father....slave labor..gun running.. & the ownership & control of a railroad.

The story quotes quite clearly from it's inspiration .... "The Count of Monte Cristo". Guiliano Gemma, as Barnett..looking very much like the imprisoned Edmond Dantes....plots revenge against those who betrayed him. After making his escape, ...and a NOT your typical day at the barber shop...he manages to find some helpers for his plan to exact revenge...from a traveling medicine show..who are VERY aware of the $10,000 bounty now on his head.

The only Western directed by Florestano Vancini ........he makes use of a good plot...with definite noirish elements-- fall guy out for revenge.. the shady former lover , here played by Nieves Navarro , as the femme fatale, who may have access to evidence implicating the conspirators............greed, redemption and payback. It's a good story...one could see it used in an 40's B&W potboiler...as well as a lean, mean 50s American Western..but here it gets the Spaghetti treatment. ...there's even a bit of ninja fare thrown in..to good effect, I might add..as it plays into the final showdown..from which some will walk away unbowed, but none will walk away unbloodied.

Of course no Gemma film would be complete without the former stuntman's trademark athleticism.....he shows off his gymnast roots...but this is a slightly darker Gemma...the smile & the humor are there.....but also the grit of an avenger as one by one the conspirators are confronted......as evidenced by the lengths to which he'll go as he attempts to set the sides up for a fall...and by what he sets himself up for to carry out his plan.

A good supporting cast....which, atypically for most Italian Westerns, features 2 strong female supporting characters...the fetching Navarro....and a nice turn by Gabriella Giorgelli as the aptly named, sweet but feisty Dulcie...who proves equally adept w/ a guitar or rifle.

The catchy & varied score contains a variety of themes & influences...ranging from Morricone to Toots Thielman's harmonica soundtracks. The stunning main theme appeared in Tarantino's "Kill Bill", during the "Origin of O-Ren Ishii" anime sequence.

An interesting story..well told.. badly dubbed... nicely filmed....a nice fit somewhere in the middle of anyone's Spaghetti Western collection.

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Starts with a bang ............
merklekranz23 March 2021
With the fist scene in a rock quarry, things start with a bang, and rarely let up. This "Spaghetti Western" has above average photography, music, and interesting characters. Even though the story will be the quite familiar revenge for a wrong, Giuliano Gemma makes things lively and interesting, with his bag of tricks. It should also be mentioned that Nieves Navarro plays a very intriguing and mysterious character, and you are never quite sure whose side she is on. There is enough originality to distinguish "Days of Vengeance" from the average "Spaghetti Western", and thus this should be considered one of the above average non Leone Westerns. The Wild East DVD also has a very entertaining and informative interview with Nieves Navarro, where she talks about many actors she has worked with, including Lee Van Cleef. MERK
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My favorite Gemma western!
unbrokenmetal14 December 2006
My personal favorite among the many westerns Giuliano Gemma appeared in! Gemma portrays a prisoner with a ridiculously long beard (obviously inspired by the Count of Monte Christo here) who escapes after 3 years. Nonetheless, he quickly begins to hunt the 3 villains who got him sentenced although he was innocent: the killer Gomez (who is forced with a gun to shave off Gemma's beard first!), the corrupt sheriff Douglas (who has married the prisoner's girlfriend in the meantime) and the boss of the gang, Cobb, an honorable citizen it seems... It's a straight revenge story with a great cast of supporting actors: the 4 Mexican killers sent by Gomez, the doctor (Pajarito), the funny hangman, the two beautiful ladies (Nieves Navarro and Gabriella Giorgelli)... everybody is just perfect for the part they play! The terrific musical score by Armando Trovaioli with its trumpet theme sticks to the memory, too.
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Gemma's Jailbreak Warning: Spoilers
For a Spaghetti Western enthusiast like myself, movies starring Giuliano Gemma are always worth a try. Florestano Vancini's "I Lunghi Giorni Della Vendetta" aka. "Days Of Vengeance" of 1967, a Spaghetti Western based on The Count Of Monte Christo is certainly an enjoyable film, but it is nevertheless quite a bit overrated among my fellow fans of the Italian Western. I personally found the movie great in the beginning, but it gets a lot weaker throughout the second half, as far as I am considered.

Ted Barnett (Gemma) who has been wrongfully convicted to 30 years of heavy labour for the murder of his father, escapes his brutal desert prison camp, and longing for nothing but to take revenge on his father's real murderers, who had put the blame on him...

As mentioned above, I really liked the first half of the movie a lot. Gemma's character Ted Barnett is a typical antihero driven by his desire for revenge. Unfortunately, as the movie goes on, Barnett becomes more and more of a 'good guy', who wants justice and peace rather than just to take revenge. One of the greatest qualities of "Days Of Vengeance" is the score, especially the main theme by Ennio Morricone, which Quentin Tarantino used in Kill Bill almost four decades later. Giuliano Gemma is cool as always in the lead, beautiful Nieves Navarro, who has been in quite a few Italian Westerns, including Sergio Sollima's "The Big Gundown" (1966), plays her role very well, most of the other supporting performances are also OK, although not particularly breathtaking. Overall, "Days Of Vengeance" is entertaining enough, but, in my opinion, slightly overrated by some of my fellow Spaghetti Western fans.
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The only Vancini western, good!
SinkAndDrown28 January 2007
I first have to say I that I saw the Italian uncut (123 min.) version which is really not bad. This movie initially should have been directed by Duccio Tessari, director of the 2 Ringo movies, both with Gemma but he had'n the time to do it, so the producers took "Stan Vance". The plot is quite interesting even if it is a simple revenge story: you get little by little to know why the main character searches revenge and it's never obvious what is going to happen next. The photography and the make up of the movie are not so good, but it has nice desert landscapes and a good music score. So, for all the spaghetti Western fans this is highly recommended, but possibly in a uncut version: I even have a German version of this movie running just 100 min but it's not the same thing when something is missing, even if it's not strictly necessary.
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For die-hard fans of the genre
Wizard-822 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This particular spaghetti western has some attributes that will be appealing to those that like the genre. First of all, it has a fantastic musical score, music that stands up to the most famous music found in movies of this genre. The look of the movie also has some offbeat touches. There are a few striking images, and some of the direction is eye-catching, ranging from a long and uninterrupted shot of the hero picking off bad guys one by one, to the fact that the hero's face isn't shown for the first twenty or so minutes of the movie.

However, the movie has some problems. The story is somewhat confusing, with some key details seemingly left out. Also, the movie is way too long at 111 minutes. If it had been cut by twenty to thirty minutes, I think it would have run a lot better.

Those problems, however, did not stop me from enjoying the movie... though I am a die hard spaghetti western fan. If you enjoy the genre like me, you'll probably enjoy this movie. If not... well, you most likely won't.
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