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It Exceeded My Minimal Expectations
ferbs547 December 2005
According to the IMDb here, William "One Shot" Beaudine directed no less than 298 films before his death in 1970. In 1966, he brought all his 50-some-odd years of experience in the industry to bear on his final film, "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter," and the result is one of the more unusual movie concoctions you will ever see. As the title suggests, this film conflates the Western and horror genres, although not so stupidly as 1957's "Teenage Monster." Here, James and his beefcake sidekick, on the lam after a botched holdup, knock on the wrong doctor's door seeking medical assistance. Maria Frankenstein, the granddaughter (not daughter) of the original, and a real chip(py) off the old block, almost leaps for joy when she sees Jesse's hunky pal, and wastes little time transforming him into "Igor," a lumbering automaton with a synthetic brain... Truth to tell, this film isn't nearly as awful as I had anticipated, and certainly exceeded my minimal expectations. Yes, it is a B Western at best, crossed with the usual Frankensteinian hijinks, but is quite entertaining for what it is, and moves along briskly. The film features some passable acting (I've seen much worse), some amusing lines, Injun attacks, shootouts, and all the cool-looking lab gizmos we've come to expect from a Franky picture. On the DVD that I just viewed, one of the extras is a running commentary track by Joe Bob Briggs, and it is both highly informative and extremely funny; better than anything one could hope to hear on MST3K. The man is a real treasure for the "psychotronic" film fanatic, and makes this DVD something special.
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Relentlessly serious take on a title that literally grabs your attention.
TheVid29 July 2003
This is great. The overbearing bitch daughter of Frankenstein wants a strong man for her hideous experiments in human subjugation. Perfectly understandable. Enter Jesse James and his stupid bodybuilding sidekick and you have the perfect setup. There's no need to wonder what Madame Frankenstein would have actually done with the bulging baldy she creates if she was given half a chance. Amazingly, this one gets dead serious after the title card; all part of it's charm. Joe Bob Briggs hosts the DVD presentation, appropriately and appreciatively.
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Not as hilariously awful as you might imagine, but nevertheless this hybrid-genre hokum is tame, without fireworks
zardoz-1324 October 2003
Veteran filmmaker William Beaudine, with 256 movies under his belt, directed this dreary, low-budget, drive-in oater without much flair. Beaudine and scenarist Carl Hittleman go to absurd lengths to give the preposterous plot (what if Jesse James tangled with Frankenstein's daughter) a plausible set-up. Our notorious heroine and her elderly assistant have fled Germany to conduct their abominable experiments in the relative isolation of the old Southwest in a converted monastery. Film theorists will have a field day with the metaphorical implications of Frankenstein renovating a Catholic monastery. Maria Frankenstein longs to follow in her dastardly daddy's footsteps, but the Mexican peasants nearby don't make good guinea pigs. They have a nasty habit of dying on her. Interestingly enough, Frankenstein's daughter relocated to the American West to take advantage of the frequency of lightning. Anybody who has heard the commentary track on the Kurt Russell movie "Tombstone" may recall the director commenting on the abundance of lightning on their movie set in Arizona, so "Jesse James" contains a modicum of plausibility. The infamous outlaw is trying to lay low when he hooks up with Butch Curry and the Wild Bunch. (Obviously, Butch Curry is Butch Cassidy, but the producers must have felt that one real-life outlaw was sufficient.)Anyway, Butch's greedy brother Lonny alerts Marshall MacPhee about Jesse's whereabouts. During an abortive stagecoach robbery, Jesse's partner Hank catches a slug in the shoulder, and Jesse takes him to the House of Frankenstein to get patched up. Naturally, evil Maria takes them in, because muscle-bound Hank qualifies as the perfect specimen for her blasphemous experiments. See what I mean about the bedrock of plausiblity? This horror horse opera appears to have been shot on a shoe-string budget, since Beaudine stages the action largely in master shots. A mustached John Lupton makes a bland Jesse James. Other than an accurate alias, Jesse's character has been white-washed beyond recognition, and he utters lines about himself that only a censor would pen to dissuade anybody from following in his footsteps. After Hank's transformation to Igor, the camp factor in the action picks up, but there is simply not enough camp to keep this western fired up. Not as hilariously awful as you might imagine, but nevertheless this hybrid-genre hokum is tame, without fireworks. Maria dons a multi-colored G.I. helmet during the transformation sequences, and her laboratory pales in comparison with even a Hammer entry. At one point in the film, she refers to herself as Frankenstein's granddaughter. The producers really should have made up their minds. If there is anything truly execrable about this superficial, saddle-sore sagebrusher, scrutinize the long shots of Frankenstein's monastery: it's an obvious matte painting! Maria Frankenstein is a hoot as a character. In a lackluster cast, veteran character actor Jim Davis of "Dallas" fame stands out as a stalwart lawman, while long-time heavy Rayford Barnes provides the most excitement as he tries to collect the reward on Jesse's head. Worthwhile only as a curiosity piece, "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter" (* out of ****)lacks the audacity of "Lady Frankenstein." The year after Beaudine made this nonsense, he helmed "Billy the Kid Versus Dracula."
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Unintentionally hilarious
shakawtwf24 February 2004
This is one of those movies that "Mystery Science Theatre" was made for (I don't know if MST3K ever did one on this). All of the fun is asking questions that nobody who made the movie ever did. Why is there only one bed in the Mexican household? Who gets to sleep in it? Do they take turns? Why is Lady Frankenstein's brother so much older than she is? Juanita leaves her parents in the wilderness and doesn't she ever worry about them? When Jesse goes to the pharmacist to get some medicine, the pharmacist goes in the back room and exits out a back door to get the sheriff. When he gets back, he starts preparing the medicine. What was his justification for going into the back room?

(Perhaps I overthink things. . .)

This is a movie to goof on and in that respect it triumphs tremendously.
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don't it make you curious???
KDWms20 June 2003
With a title like this, the audience is being "put on" before the first frame of the film is seen. And, if you don't like being the brunt of the joke, you ain't gonna have anything good to say about this flick - not that there's anything good to say if it were called Gone With The Wind. But - come on - Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter...what do you expect? We DESERVE a dud if we watch it. Stetson's off to whoever came up with the combination, let alone had the gumption to try to depict the two on the same celluloid - like Billy the Kid and Dracula, which proves that, if you don't get it right the first time, you probably won't get it right the SECOND time, either. If you're like me, you'll take in this movie just to find out HOW the two get together and HOW a monster fits in there. All of the other elements are immaterial, which is important, 'cause they all contribute laughably to this effort. If that's your intention with your dime and your time - and you're easily amused - you MAY be able to tolerate this epic.
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Not so bad!Even very good!
chafdeneg31 July 2005
I remember seeing it for the first time in 1977,thursday august 5,1:oopm.I was enthralled,terrified and nauseous(especially at the brain in the plastic recipient).And the bloody stitches around the head of Cal Bolder.Other memories of mine include the mat-painting of the "Frankenstein's castle/western farm".I recently had the chance to view it again on a local t.v.station,in the middle of a night.And,lo and behold,i will order a DVD version of it.Because 38 years later,i still have the same reactions i felt about this movie,not hampered after all these years.Come on!It's a piece by veteran horror genre director William Beaudine.John Lupton,Cal Bolder and Narda Onyx did a good acting job in this "not so worst,not so bad,still watchable horror/western classic.
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This Crackpot Gothic Horror Western Is a Hoot!
FightingWesterner11 January 2010
Thought dead, Jesse James joins the Wild Bunch (!) for a stagecoach robbery. Double crossed, he escapes an ambush and takes his wounded partner Hank (Harry?) Tracy to the house of Frankenstein's granddaughter for treatment. She instead plans on turning the hulking Tracy into the newest Frankenstein monster.

Not for all tastes, this is actually pretty good if you catch it in the right mood and if you have a sense of humor.

Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter is neither the best Jesse James nor Frankenstein movies ever made. However, it's a lot of kookie fun. Also, it's slightly better than the infamous companion film Billy The Kid Versus Dracula.

Under the supervision of of veteran director William Beaudine, this is a pretty even mixture of the old poverty row western and horror films, slathered in a thick coat of 1960's color and shot in widescreen.

Giving credit where credit is due - unlike many other Jesse James flicks, this one actually cast an actor that looks like James!
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It's all in the title
Chuck Straub3 April 2005
"Jesse James meets Frankenstein's Daughter". Who can resist a title like that? A Frankenstein monster in the old west. You have to wonder how they are going to mesh the two together and what the result will be. The name of this movie tells you right off the bat that you can't really expect much in the way of a very serious movie. I mean, come on, what did you think? The plot has a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of unrealistic scenes, I was fully expecting that. This is the type of movie that you have to go with the flow. Don't ask too many questions. It's not that kind of a film. This was probably been made with kids as the intended audience in 1966. The movie combines cowboys, Indians, old west robbers, a sheriff, Mexican villagers, Jesse James and his partner, a European brother and sister mad scientist team, and a monster. With all that, you should have an exciting although strange movie. That's what I was expecting, a lot of action. That's not what I got. Surprisingly, there isn't that much excitement. The movie moves slowly and is pretty tame. The so called monster is also a bit of a dud. Not that scary and could have been done so much better. Although this film was actually quite bland, I'm still glad I watched it. It's all in the title. I just had to see what this movie was all about. For any fan of the older monster movies, this should be on your list, maybe quite far down on the list, but never the less on the list all the same.
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Highly entertaining campfest
ace-15024 November 2015
This was much more entertaining than I expected. The overacting is in a class of its own. The actress who plays Frau Frankenstein chews up the scenery, but the actress who plays Juanita is even more over the top. The wide-eyed reaction shots are beyond what you could expect from even the worst street mime. The fact that her makeup was applied with a wide-tip Sharpie helps. And the vengeful cowboy is no slouch either when it comes to hamming it up. The production values are obviously not high-quality, but better than you'd expect thanks to getting the lab equipment from the original Frankenstein films. The Frankenhouse is the absolutely worst matte painting that I have ever seen. Cal Bolden is everything that you could want in a giant, zombie, muscle slave. When Frau F says, "Igor, go to your room!," she really should have said, "Igor, go to MY room!" And in the scene when she's bitterly complaining about being romantically spurned by Mr. James... and standing next to a musclegod who obeys her every whim... and there's a bed in the background... she really needs to sort out her priorities. I watched it without Mr. Briggs commentary and had a blast.
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It's Alive!!! ... And it's crap!
Coventry14 November 2006
Of course you can't expect too much from something that proudly presents itself as a low-budgeted hybrid of two entirely different classic film genres and their main icons. Director William Beaudine was clearly exploring the possibilities of exploitation cinema and considered it a great idea to shoot two films back-to-back (the other one being "Billy the Kid Vs. Dracula") that blend legendary horror premises with gunslinger heroes of the Wild Wild West. The result is neither fish nor flesh, but I must admit I expected this film to be a whole lot worse. "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter" is a bunch of silly nonsense, but it's fairly well made and the acting performances are far superior than you usually see in this type of productions. The title is wrong, for starters, since it isn't really Frankenstein's daughter Jesse James encounters, but his granddaughter. She – Maria - emigrated towards the States, along with her cowardly brother, to continue her experiments of resurrecting lifeless human tissue. Their unsuccessful tests already wiped out an entire community of poor farmers that lived around their castle and only the adorable Juanita and her family are left. Meanwhile, the wanted outlaw Jesse James and his strong but simple-minded sidekick Hank escape from an ambush and seek refuge in Lady Frankenstein's castle. She sees in the severely wounded Hank the ideal guinea pig for her demented experiments, while Jesse falls in love with the poor farmer's daughter and battles some bounty hunters. There are absolutely no horrific sequences in the script – Frankenstein's victims are resurrected by placing colorful motorcycle helmets on their heads – and the western aspects aren't exactly spectacular neither. All of a sudden, Jesse James is a noble outlaw who steals from the rich to give to the poor (give me a break!) and risks his own freedom to go out and buy medication for his dying partner. Right! Narda Onyx is a joy to observe as the mad scientist who clearly has no idea what she's doing and the Cuban born actress Rodriguez is sweet in her role of Jesse James' love interest. She died prematurely in the same year as the film's release.
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I haven't laughed this hard in a loooong time...Juan---ni---ta!
msejedi11 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie earns a 10 for being so bad that it is one of the best unintentional comedies I have ever seen. From the 40-year-old woman playing a supposedly beautiful young girl, the inconsistent accents of the villains, to the random Indian attacks, cardboard doors, and a even bottle of poison marked "POISON", this western-horror splice is a keeper. It's on the 50 Chilling Classics released by Mill Creek Entertainment, which has many movies for those with a taste for the schlocky.

TIP: Watch this movie on MUTE and insert your own dialog for an added treat!
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It's So Bad That It's Good
elpaz7990312 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Well It's Been Quite A While That I Have Reviewed A Movie Here, So Forgive Me If I'm A Little Rusty. The Movie Here Is JESSE JAMES MEETS FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER, A Movie So Bad That It's Good. Of Course It Is Really Frankenstein's Granddaughter We See Here, But Nonetheless A Cult Classic Like BILLY THE KID MEETS Dracula. The Thing I Liked About This Movie Is How In The Sixties Movies Like This Were Phenomenal and It Was A Hoot To See Jesse James Take On The Monster "Igor" Toward The End. Also, I Like The Fact That This Movie Is A Rare Film To Find In Any Video Store. The film Is About 90 Minutes In Length and Fun If You Like Movies Like This.
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For Keeping A Straight Face
bkoganbing10 May 2008
I've always thought that there should be awards given out to players who manage to trundle through an impossibly bad film while keeping a straight face through all the hokey dialog and situations. I propose a group award be given to the cast of Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter.

The title alone should tell you how bad it is. In fact Jesse as played by John Lupton doesn't even meet the Baron's daughter, he meets in fact a pair of grandchildren, Narda Onyx and Stefan Schnabel.

Now how did all this occur you ask? It seems as though Lupton is fleeing from the disastrous Northfield, Minnesota raid in which his gang was pretty well decimated. Jesse managed to make it all the way to the Arizona desert with another of his gang, 6'5" Cal Bolder.

I read a little of Bolder's biography. In addition to his height, he sported a 52" chest and a set of biceps to make Hercules drool. Bolder gets wounded when another outlaw betrays them and that sends Jesse in search of a doctor.

So who do they find, but the Frankensteins who've fled Europe because the family name is somewhat tarnished and have set up experimenting in the Arizona desert in a village inhabited mostly with Mexican people. The Frankensteins start experimenting on the populace and the place becomes deserted which is how Lupton and Bolder find it.

Well I have to tell you that she takes one look at the wounded Bolder and decides he'll make a perfect subject. The way she eyes him, not only will he do her killing for her, but she's thinking great big man toy in the off hours.

A whole lot of people die in this one, either at Jesse's hands or at the monster's hands before the film ends. But this unbelievably bad horror film is so deliciously campy it has an honored place as a classic of its kind.

And the cast not only kept a straight face, but served the audience with the biggest slice of ham in 1966.
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I had a good time watching Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter perhaps both because and despite the ridiculous premise
tavm25 August 2012
Just watched this what I'm sure was a "Drive-In"-type B/Z-grade movie directed by the one and only William "One-Shot" Beaudine. Technically, the woman of the title is the late doctor's granddaughter but never mind. Anyway, in this hybrid western/horror movie, Jesse James is once again on the run from the marshal and stumbles on a Mexican gypsy family whose grown daughter decides to ally herself with Jesse. Jesse himself has a friend who got wounded in the gun battle with the marshal so he comes to an abandoned mission where a couple of doctors have the cure. Guess who one of them is? Anyway, while what I just described was indeed ridiculous, the way it was presented was pretty entertaining especially whenever certain lines or deliveries of them were enacted as either too much on emphasis or just too straight. Anyway, one of the players, Jim Davis, acquits himself quite nicely as the marshal with that familiar authoritative voice that served him well previously in those Republic oaters and later on as Jock Ewing on the original "Dallas". So he definitely gets a pass here even though he was obviously slumming. So, yeah, Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter is worth a look if you're looking for a real howler. P.S. I previously saw Davis as Frank James in Bob Hope's comedy Alias Jesse James. Obviously, that would be the only connection these different movies would have in common with each other.
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subdued humor
Cristi_Ciopron28 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Beaudine assembled several genre tropes (Frankenstein, the western, the strongmen) to spoof gently a Gothic tale; it's like his '40s gentle comedies, relying upon story as much as upon spoof, aware that a movie needs a storyline, because Beaudine never relied on mere spoof. This quirky western is like an eerie 'Bonanza' episode, endowed with a buxom lady as a runaway physician, a scientist from the Frankenstein family, and in her the spirit of the grandfather has been rekindled, though she ostensibly has more earthly aims, whether declared or not (the story being about her sexual fantasy); Davis looked folksy, but was handsome, he plays the marshal.

Narda Onyx and Geray are a funny team; and they don't revive corpses, in the family's tradition, but transplant brains. As a scientist, she seems less dignified than ancestor; and, from reading about the need to wire two brains, she concludes she needs a strongman.

For some reason, she believes that her grandfather was a count.

Jesse wins fistfight bets using his sidekick, who later falls in love with a peasant girl; she kills him, and Jesse leaves her. So, the storyline may be gloomier, but also more sensible than usual. The plot is boosted by sexual fantasy (Maria's), unrequited loves (the girl's, the sidekick's), and indifference (Jesse's). When Maria courts Jesse, trying to win him, she compares her brother unfavorably …. Jesse is the blandest of the characters. Davis gives a straight performance as the marshal.

'Jesse …' has an awesome score.

The audiences mocked the title, or whatever they felt like, perhaps even when this movie premiered its gentle humor was generally less understood; but there's a subdued, subtle irony in Maria's quips about her being surrounded by peasants (that is, about her story being made as a low-budget western).
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Movie should have been cheesier.
Daniel Richardson26 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Here's the problem with this movie. It just wasn't cheesy enough. I wanted it to be cheesier. This was the last movie in my "AMC Monsterfest Collection: Cult Classics- Collection 2" and so far the entire set was disappointing. The set included "Dementia 13", "Frozen Alive", and "The Screaming Skull". All of which I didn't care for, however this was the movie I was waiting for. It was going to be great. I don't mean masterpiece great, I mean cheesy great. Then I watch it. The AMC set did it again! My hopes, my dreams, my expectations, all shattered. With these collections, usually I'm expecting classic horror and I get cheese. This time I was expecting the cheese and no. I get an hour of boring talk, bad acting, and above all... no cheese. First off, as you all know, Jesse James meets Frankenstein's granddaughter, not his daughter. Jesse James also meets Frankenstein's grandson but I guess that's not such a big deal. I guess I wanted a showdown in the middle of the street at high noon between James and the monster, but of course we don't get that. I am going to wrap this up, since this review is going nowhere. I don't recommend this to anyone. And I know what your thinking "But Daniel, with a title like 'Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter' how could it not be really cheesy?" Well trust me it's not. It's just a bad movie.
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Dumb--Shoot em up Frankenstein Movie
Hitchcoc24 January 2007
I guess the natural question is "Why would anyone do this?" The answer is probably that the title is so hokey that people will probably go to see it. They don't get any worse than this. Low budget, dull, uninteresting characters. Jesse is the ultimate gentleman who is being sought by the law (as usual). He gets involved in a stagecoach robbery which, in a convoluted way, sends him to the nutcase daughter (granddaughter) of the old Frankensteins. Bringing people back to life is her thing, of course, and her target is Jesse's dull witted right hand man. She uses electricity to rejuvenate corpses. It has insipid dialogue and ridiculous mugging by its cast. Jesse falls for Juanita, but he has a price on his head, so he can't stay. This is a must to avoid. By the way, are those miliitary helmets they are using for the brain transfer?
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Is it a western? Is it a horror? No! It's rubbish!
Red-Barracuda8 November 2009
This western-horror hybrid from infamous director William Beaudine doesn't really fulfil the expectations of either genre. It doesn't have the thrills of a western or the chills of a horror. It's also played surprisingly straight, so there isn't any comedy to play on the ridiculous central idea. Unfortunately, there aren't really any unintentional laughs either.

The story has Frankenstein's daughter Maria and her assistant living in a large house near a Mexican village. From here they conduct some nefarious experiments with the local people, leading everyone to desert the village. Enter Jesse James and his lumbering sidekick, who seek refuge at Maria Frankenstein's house. She immediately clocks Jesse's sidekick as an ideal candidate for her experiment in creating a living dead being.

Bizarrely Jesse James is portrayed as a noble Robin Hood type of criminal, in that he steals from the rich and gives to the poor! This certainly goes against the more traditional view that he was a violent murderous outlaw. But then again, to the best of my knowledge no member of the Frankenstein family set up shop on the Mexican border on the grounds of that area having good quality thunderstorms. So perhaps, any further analysis on this point is somewhat of a waste of time.

More often than not hybrid movies fail because they don't succeed in any of the genres they combine. This film, in fairness, is a good example of this. So it's difficult to know who to exactly recommend it to. Probably trash movie enthusiasts only.
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William Beaudine strikes again!
moonspinner5516 October 2007
While residing in a village in Mexico, the granddaughter of Frankenstein meets Jesse James. Director William Beaudine, who handled mostly low-rent westerns and TV serials, suffered an illness in the 1950s and nearly dropped out of sight, only to rebound in the '60s with drive-in western-horror flicks like this one. His movies usually had poor plots and B-grade actors, but great titles to lure camp aficionados. This "Jesse James" however never lives up to its silly ingredients. It is so tame and sleepy and lethargic, viewers might have a tough time laughing at it since everyone on-screen looks ready for a nap. Hardly any action, but lots of inane chit-chat. *1/2 from ****
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What can we expect next? Wyatt Eurp meets Frankenstein's mother-in-law?
sol6 October 2004
***SPOILERS*** Ridicules movie about the remnants of the "James Gang" Jesse James & Hank Tracy, John Lupton & Carl Bolder, being persuaded by Marshall MacPhee, Jim Davis, and "Wild Bunch" turncoat Lonny Curry, Rayford Bernes, to Frankenstein Manor in the wilds of Arizona circa. 1880.

Jesse and his badly wounded partner Hank are directed to the Frankenstein's by pretty local girl Juanita Lopez, Estelita Rodriguez, against her better judgment. Since the Frankenstein's are the only doctors within miles and if Hank doesn't get medical attention very soon he may very well bleed to death. Unknown to everyone involved, Jesse Hank & Juanita, the Frankenstein's Doctor's Maria & Rudolph Frankenstein, Narda Onyx & Steven Geray,are experimenting in the science of the creation of life without the benefit of sex. And as off late those experiments have been nothing but a great big and total flop. It so happens that Rudolph has been sabotaging Marie's experiments by injecting her subjects with poison in order to put them at peace instead of having them become brainless and walking zombies.

Maria at first takes a liking toward the handsome and dashing Jesse James but he turns her down, for his horse? Juanita also takes a shine for Jesse but like with Maria Jesse would rather ride into the sunset with his horsey then spent time alone with the pretty Juanita.

Maria has Hank turned into a mindless hulking monster by giving him a brain transplant with the help of what looked like an old US Army surplus WWII helmet. That transplant turned the big and likable Hank into the brutal and monstrous Igor.

"Jesse James meets Frankenstein's daughter" comes to it's predictable conclusion with Igor going on the rampage killing Rudolph. That after Maria found out he was sabotaging her experiments and sicked the monster on him. Later Igor attacks and kills Maria after she orders him to kill Jesse! Who Igor seemed to remember as his friend but a moment later he goes back to strangle Jesse only to be shot and killed by Juanita.

Jesse instead of thanking Juanita for saving his life and hiding out with her and her family is seen at the end of the movie leaving with Marshall MacPhee to face justice and possibly execution for his crimes. Thus leaving poor and distraught Juanita all alone, what a jerk! You wonder just where did Marshall MacPhee come from since moments before he was attacked by Igor and put into a massive bear hug that seemed to have killed him or at least broke all his ribs! How did the Marshall survive and if he did how did he recover so fast?

Jesse James obviously got away from the Marshall, off screen, since he never stood trial or was executed for his crimes. Jesse was a fugitive from the law until the afternoon of April 3, 1882 when he was shot in the back of his head and killed at his home in St. Joseph Mo. by Bob Ford.

I have to say that John Lupton, who looked both alert and sober, did an excellent job of acting by keeping a straight face in all of his scenes in the movie. Lupton was able to do this without the use of booze or drugs or both in order for him not to lose his concentration on the script and thus keep himself from cracking up.
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Boring and stupid
preppy-325 November 2017
Jesse James (John Lupton) and his ridiculously muscled partner Hank Tracy (Cal Bolder) are on the run from the police. Hank gets shot in the arm and needs help. Luckily there's a doctor nearby who will help them. Unfortunately she happens to be Maria Frankenstein (Narda Onyx) who wants to experiment on hunky Hank and make him her slave.

This has all the makings of a camp classic--a ridiculous title, a stupid plot, bad acting and campy dialogue. Unfortunately it's also very slow and dull. I kept dozing off during it! The only interesting things about it are seeing Bolder with his shirt off (that man was BUILT) and Onyx's way over the top performance as Frankenstein. Other than those two things this is a snooze. Avoid.
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Yep, probably the worst
Eric Stevenson16 July 2016
I was interested in watching this movie because I heard it was the worst Frankenstein movie ever made. I haven't really seen THAT many Frankenstein movies, but this is certainly the worst. This made me sad with how Team Rocket weren't in this. They're probably more recognizable than the actual Jesse James nowadays. The weirdest thing is that Frankenstein's (the scientist) daughter doesn't even appear in this. She's referred to as his granddaughter. She's here with her brother, Rudolf. I really don't know why Rudolf looks twenty years older than her. Then again, the Frankenstein family probably did do some weird things sexual wise. This movie mostly suffers from being really boring.

I guess the leading actor is giving it all he's got. He can't save this pointless movie. Maria Frankenstein claims that her brother has been poisoning the people they experimented on. What? He was supposed to be the ethical of the two. So he's just going around killing people? It's mentioned that they killed three children. He'd rather do that than see his sister's experiments come alive? There's a subplot at the beginning with a gang known was the Wild Bunch which is mostly pointless and adds nothing to the film. The voices are pretty annoying in this too. Neither Victor Frankenstein nor Frankenstein's monster appear in this, so it's pretty worthless. The experiment is referred to as "Igor" even though that wasn't the name of Frankenstein's Monster and it is a completely different character. *1/2
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Very underrated and lot scarier then it is given credit for.
jacobjohntaylor125 February 2016
This movie is so underrated. It not a 2.9. There are not a lot of movies scarier then The Exorcist. And this is one of them. This is an underrated horror classic. It is a sequel to Frankenstein and It is great. This is one of the scariest movies of all time. This movie has a great story line. It also has great acting. It also has great special effects. Do not lesson to people who hate this movie it is a true horror classic. This movie is a must see. If this movie does not scary you no movie will. John Lupton was a great actor. This movie better then Frankenstein (1931). And that is not easy to do. Frankenstein (1931) is very scary. And this is scarier. The is a great movie.
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It's Different - Not To Bad
Rainey Dawn23 January 2016
This one gives us a different twist on the son/daughter of ___ type of films. It's surprising that horror films and westerns can mix and mix fairly well together - this one is better than it sounds.

I was expecting this movie to be a really dorky, cheesy film or something that I could laugh at but this one is actually pretty good, interesting which is surprising to me. This one is serious and can easily be taken that way.

This one does not have a "mysterious" feel about it like a lot of horror films of the time era (except for the Gothic castle) but an overall aura of the old west as expected. The combination seems to work well in this film as strange as that sounds.

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"That girl is Poison"
Wolfbrother19835 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
So much dialog in this film. So, so much.

The plot (such as it is) has the daughter of Victor Frankenstein and her "brother" moving to American Southwest to continue the experiments. There they run across Jesse James and Jesse's friend who was shot during a subplot. She experiments on the burly, dumb friend. Things go to pot.

Film has flaky science, random things like Jacob's Ladders running for no reason, a random Native American attack for no reason, bad accents...its a definite case of beer making fun of it film.

Drunken Zombie has a commentary for this film. It's in the public domain.
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