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  • Twenty-two (22) years old and never been kissed, Georgina "Georgy" Parkin (Lynn Redgrave) is tall, plump, frumpy, and feels like a Brontosaurus next to her svelte and sexy roommate Meredith Montgomery (Charlotte Rampling). But Georgy has something that Meredith doesn't have. She is vivacious, funny, and loves children whereas Meredith is cold, ill-tempered, and has already had two abortions. When Meredith gets pregnant for the third time, Georgy decides to live with Meredith and her husband Jos Jones (Alan Bates) and help raise baby Sara rather than accept another offer to become mistress to her father's boss, the wealthy, 49-year-old James Leamington (James Mason). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Georgy Girl based on a 1965 novel, also titled Georgy Girl, by British author Margaret Forster. Forster also co-authored the screenplay along with English playwright Peter Nichols. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • James notices Georgy walking down the street and asks her to ride with him. At first Geory is hesitant but eventually agrees. As they roll slowly down the street, Georgy confesses that, now that Jos is gone, the authorities are going to take Sara away from her. James suggests that they amend the terms of the contract he offered six months ago. Not wanting to talk about the contract again, Georgy gets out of the car and starts running down the street. James follows, still trying to talk with her. Suddenly, Georgy stops running, turns to him, and smiles. "Say it properly," she says. James takes off his hat and begins, "Georgina..." In the next scene, James and Georgy clothed in wedding dress are standing outside of a church, family and friends around them. They run to a waiting car, and Georgy's mom hands Sara to her through the window. In the final scene, Georgy cuddles Sara while James looks on, apparently forgotten in Georgy's affection for the baby. The ending song says it all: ...who needs a perfect lover when you're a mother at heart? That's all you've wanted right from the start, well didn't you? Hey there, Georgy Girl, now that you're no longer on the shelf, better try to tell yourself that you've got your've made it! Hey there, Georgy Girl, now you've got a future planned for you, though it's not a dream come true, at least he's a're rich, Georgy Girl! Edit (Coming Soon)


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