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60 Years of Godzilla: A History and Critique of the Greatest Monster Movie Series in Cinema

**Massive spoilers for every Godzilla movie, with the exception of the 2014 reboot, and Mothra follow**

August 6th and 9th, 1945 forever changed the course of history. When the first nuclear bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, World War II ended, but a new fear was born that dominated the thoughts of all men, women, and children for decades to come. The Cold War, atomic bomb testing, a cartoon turtle telling children to “duck and cover”, and this new technology that had the actual potential to literally end the world changed the perception of what was scary. Art reflects life, so cinema began to capitalize on these fears. Gone were the days of creepy castles, cobwebs, bats, vampires, werewolves, and the other iconic images that ruled genre cinema in film’s earliest decades. Science fiction was larger than ever and giant ants, giant octopi, terror from beyond the stars, and
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Gamera Finally Getting Some Blu-ray Love Just in Time for Godzilla's Big Screen Return

With the mega-sized Godzilla reboot less than three months away, it's no surprise to see some classic King of the Monsters flicks getting Blu-ray releases. Zilla’s big screen return can no doubt be the inspiration for all of Gamera’s classic adventures getting their first-ever Us Blu-ray releases.

The films of Daiei Studios’ monster series Gamera are unleashed and available on Blu-ray for the first time! Your favorite giant turtle returns to Earth, leaving no fire-spitting scene behind.

Beautifully captured to their lavish original cuts, viewers can experience four times the thrills of these legendary sci-fi classics like they have never seen before!

Mill Creek Entertainment is releasing what they’re billing as the Gamera: Ultimate Collection on April 29th. The good news is that this is the first time ever any of the eight Showa-era Gamera movies have been released on Region 1 Blu-ray. The bad news is that
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James Reviews MST3K Vs. Gamera: Mystery Science Theater 3000, Vol. Xxi [DVD Review]

The gang from the Satellite of Love are back, and this time their tackling the first five Gamera films. When being sent the new set (in a glorious tin, to boot!) I really couldn’t believe my eyes. Some of the crown jewels in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 line were the Gamera films, which were the Sandy Frank produced dubs of the films that he sold to American cinemas. Considering he sued them, there was little to no chance we fans thought we’d ever get these films on DVD unless we were at a convention of some sort and had to buy the bootlegs. But not anymore, thanks to Shout! Factory. And they hold up as fresh as when they first aired.

It all began in season three of the show, when they took on the black and white classic Gamera in the season’s second episode. The
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Shout! Factory Next Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD Set is All Gamera

Gamera is really neat. Gamera is filled with meat. We'll all be eating Gamera this August when Shout! Factory releases the latest "Mystery Science Theater 3000" box set comprised entirely of the five old school Gamera movies featured on the show back in its prime.

The announcement that the "Mystery Science Theater 3000" Gamera episodes will finally be getting their long-anticipated DVD release is news many hardcore "MST3K" fans had begun to think they'd never hear. There was a long running rumor that syndicator Sandy Frank wouldn't allow them to renew the distribution rights for any episodes featuring his movies because he was angry over some good-natured ribbing he received from the series, but "MST3K" writer Kevin Murphy confirmed it was always just a dispute over money. With Shout! Factory releasing special editions of all of the old Gamera movies, it should come as no surprise they could put this DVD set together.
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Shout! Factory releases the final two Gamera films soon

Wahoo! Man, Shout! Factory is doing a swell job on not only the Roger Corman films on new special edition Blu-rays/DVDs, but also their amazing reissues of the classic Showa Gamera films. I’ve personally reviewed each of the six prior releases (here, here, here, and here), and on March 15th, 2011 Shout! Factory will release the final two films on DVD, in Gamera vs. Zigra and Gamera: The Super Monster.

Extras are slim and are much like the prior double-billed DVDs, with new transfers, trailers, and publicity galleries. From the press release: The wait is over! On March 15, 2011, Shout! Factory will unleash the final two films in the illustrious Gamera franchise: Gamera vs. Zigra and Gamera: The Super Monster!

Witness twice the excitement as Gamera takes on the malevolent underwater alien creature Zigra and then revists each of his deadliest foes on by one while trying to save the word!
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The Final Two Films in the Original Gamera Franchise Stomp Their Way to DVD

It's hard to believe that we're already at the end of Shout! Factory's release of the original Gamera franchise. The final two films are here, and we have to admit we're a little sad but happy to have every film looking and sounding better than ever! If only there were Blu-rays on the horizon ...

From the Press Release

The wait is over! On March 15, 2011, Shout! Factory will unleash the final two films in the illustrious Gamera franchise: Gamera vs. Zigra and Gamera: The Super Monster!

Witness twice the excitement as Gamera takes on the malevolent underwater alien creature Zigra and then revists each of his deadliest foes on by one while trying to save the word! Both films feature newly remstered transfers in their original Japanese language as well as Enlighs dubs.

Until the partnership of Shout! Factory and Kadokawa Pictures in May 2010, the original Gamera films were woefully underrepresented
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to give or to keep: Gamera DVDs

Until I run out of cool giftable stuff to tell you about or until we run out of days till Christmas, I’ll be sharing some neat-o things that your geeky pals might enjoy, or that you might want to give to yourself, if you’ve been especially good this year. Shout! Factory, the venerable DVD distributor of all things wonderfully cheesy and geeky, is out with a new line of DVDs celebrating all things Gamera. Early Gamera, anyway. You remember Gamera -- you saw him once in a while on Mystery Science Theater 3000. He’s the cheap knockoff Godzilla, a giant nukular mutantized prehistoric turtle who started out, in the early 1960s, as a monster who destroys cities but rapidly morphed into a defender of Japan and a friend to children. On four DVDs -- all available separately -- you get six Gamera movies: Gamera, Gamera vs. Barugon,
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James Reviews Gamera Vs. Gyaos / Gamera Vs. Viras Double Feature [DVD Review]

Shout! Factory has come back strong this week with two new DVDs in their recent acquisition of the Gamera franchise. And they’ve taken the next four films in the series and made two double feature DVDs, which makes for a fun and balanced viewing session.

Gamera Vs. Gyaos (or Gamera Vs. Gaos here in the States) from 1967 is the direct sequel to Gamera Vs. Barugon has Gamera playing more of a hero role this time around, helping Japan fight a new threat to the land, Gyaos, who is a huge bat creature. How could you go wrong with Gamera fighting a gigantic vampire bat? You really can’t, to be honest, and we have some typical battles between the two throughout the film. As usual, mankind somehow awakens/irritates this evil and it starts to devour people and destroy anything in its path. Gamera tries to protect Eiichi Kanamura,
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More Gamera Goodness Crashes its Way Home from Shout! Factory

The good folks over at Shout! Factory are blessing us with four new Gamera classics on two double feature DVD's and we've got all the goods you need to keep you in the know.

Special Features

If you loved the first two Special Edition home entertainment releases of the original Gamera movies – Gamera, The Giant Monster and Gamera Vs. Barugon, prepare yourself for four times the fun! On September 21, 2010, Shout! Factory will further unleash four more Gamera movies (the original Japanese version) from the Showa series in two Double-Feature Collector’s Edition DVD sets: Gamera Vs. Gyaos/ Gamera Vs. Viras and Gamera Vs. Guiron/Gamera Vs. Jiger. Featuring all-new anamorphic widescreen transfers, each Double-Feature DVD set includes both the original Japanese and infamous English dubbed versions of each film along with publicity galleries. A must-have for film enthusiasts and collectors, aggregate your Gamera movie collection with these two Double-Feature Collector’s Edition DVD sets.
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James Reviews Shigeo Tanaka’s Gamera Vs Barugon [DVD Review]

When I was a kid and I saw Gamera Vs. Barugon for the first time, I was a bit confused. Not by the film itself, but I had to ask my uncle if this Barugon was the same as the Baragon that battled rival Godzilla. My uncle looked at me, smiled and said some words that still stick with me to this day. He said, “You know way too much about films. You’ve learned well and will probably surpass me soon enough.” Cut to 20 some odd years later and I’m giving my uncle tips on which films he needs to check out. So when I told him I was reviewing Gamera Vs. Barugon, the second film in the classic Gamera series, he patted me on the shoulder and said he couldn’t wait to read it.

On to the review at hand, Barugon is a great creature for Gamera to battle.
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Gamera vs. Barugon DVD Review

Gamera vs. Barugon Directed by: Shigeo Tanaka Written by: Nisan Takahashi Starring: Koji Fujiyama, Kojiro Hongo, Kyoko Enami, Takuya Fujioka Barugon is the most grounded monster in the original Showa Gamera series, a beast that shoots ice from the tip of its tongue and a rainbow from its back. That says something for what was to come next. It's important that Barugon (not to be confused with rival Toho's creation Baragon) provides something to look at, something that makes him interesting, because he dominates this film. Despite the title, the infamous flying, flame-spitting terrapin Gamera is physically on-screen for all of about ten minutes the entire movie. In fact, the opening sequence, detailing Gamera's escape from the Z-Plan rocket used to remove him from the planet in the original film, is all rather pointless in terms of story and progress, although it is quite a sight. Arriving back on Earth,
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“Gamera Vs. Barugon” (DVD Review)

  • Fangoria
“Gamera Vs. Barugon” (DVD Review)
A rubber-suited-monster franchise is an unlikely place for a sequel to improve on its original, but that’s what happens with Gamera Vs. Barugon. And Shout! Factory’s new DVD finally allows its qualities to stand out for American viewers, following the cropped and dubbed version released to television by Sandy Frank Productions in the ’80s and ’90s and, before that, the cropped, dubbed and edited cut syndicated in the ’60s and ’70s by Aip-tv as War Of The Monsters.
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Weekend Shopping Guide 7/9/10: Last Chance To See

  • Quick Stop
The weekend’s here. You’ve just been paid, and it’s burning a hole in your pocket. What’s a pop culture geek to do? In hopes of steering you in the right direction to blow some of that hard-earned cash, it’s time for the Fred Weekend Shopping Guide - your spotlight on the things you didn’t even know you wanted…

(Please support Fred by using the links below to make any impulse purchases - it helps to keep us going…)

Picking up where Douglas Adams and zoologist Mark Carwardine left off 20 years prior, Stephen Fry steps in for his good friend as he and Carwardine revisit species on the verge of extinction in Last Chance To See (Bfs, Not Rated, Blu-Ray-$39.98 Srp), 6 brilliant hours of exploration, education, conservation, and entertainment.

Everyone needs a good spork - and to have it be heat-resistant and made of a touch polycarbonate material?
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Full Comic-con 2010 Schedule For Thursday July 22nd!

Hey Gang! The full schedule for Comic-Con 2010 has been unleashed on the world today and boy, oh boy does it have a lot of great stuff! We have the full list for you below to check out. I've highlighted all of the events that we are excited about seeing. Check out the list below and start planning out your Comic-Con adventure now!

We will be doing a meet-up at the Con this year, we will fill you in on all the details once we have it all planned out. See ya there!

Special Preview Night Programming

Wednesday, July 21

Attendees at Comic-Con's Preview Night can also experience special programming, games, and Anime and Film screenings in addition to the giant Exhibit Hall! Here's a rundown of the Wednesday night fun, including the chance to get a first look at the new homes for Anime and Films in the Marriott Hotel and Marina.
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Party Favors: Feeling Junger

  • Quick Stop
Gloucester - The night Sebastian Junger arrived in town, it was a rather mild and cloudless day. There would be need to use the phrase “The Perfect Storm” to hype the writer’s talk and signing at Raleigh’s Quail Ridge Books. It was The Perfect Mild.

This appears to be a rarity in today’s journalism. Anything that happens now gets blamed on “A Perfect Storm” of calamities after Junger’s book about the doomed fishermen. Wall Street meltdown, Bp well disaster and McRib are all given The Perfect Storm treatment. Sadly enough, he does not get a nickel every time it’s said on TV.

This appearance didn’t include tales of the people who put seafood on your table or George Clooney’s pranks. Junger spoke of the men who fight for America in Afghanistan. The Second Platoon, B Company, 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment of the
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Shout! Factory Explodes into Comic-Con

The company that has given us countless goodies this year including a bevy of Roger Corman titles along with the resurrection of Gamera, Shout! Factory, is not only one of the first out of the gate with its San Diego Comic-Con news, but Shout! is ready to tackle the show with a vengeance!

From the Press Release

Shout! Factory returns to Comic-Con International San Diego 2010 with a stellar lineup featuring upcoming and current home entertainment juggernauts that will be showcased in a special panel discussion, media appearances, special signings, interactive fan activities and Comic-Con exclusives at the Shout! Factory booth (#3749, main show floor) throughout the convention. Fan favorite filmmakers, creators and select stars from Shout! Factory’s branded properties scheduled to attend include: Roger Corman, Julie Corman, Joe Dante (Piranha, Trailers from Hell, Gremlins), Allan Holzman (Galaxy of Terror, Forbidden World), Sid Haig (Galaxy of Terror, The Devil’s Rejects), Mary Woronov (Death Race 2000,
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DVD Details, Stills, and Artwork: Gamera vs. Barugon

Any day when we can report on a new classic Gamera flick getting the treatment that it deserves is a good one, and Shout! Factory has just dropped the 411 on upcoming release of Gamera vs. Barugon.

From the Press Release

"Returned from his exile into space, Gamera is the last survivor of a species of colossal chelonians, rumored to have originated 8,000 years ago from the lost continent of Atlantis. This titanic terrapin is feared by adults and loved by children.

Hot off the heel from the excitement of fan favorite Gamera, The Giant Monster – Special Edition DVD, Shout! Factory will unleash the second film in the original series, Gamera vs. Barugon – Special Edition on July 6, 2010. The DVD contains a collectible reversible cover, a special booklet featuring an essay by actor Kojiro Hongo, audio commentary with August Ragone and Jason Varney, publicity galleries and widescreen presentation of the original movie from
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DVDetails for new “Gamera,” “Lost Skeleton,” “Dark And Stormy”

  • Fangoria
DVDetails for new “Gamera,” “Lost Skeleton,” “Dark And Stormy”
Shout! Factory just keeps on turning out first-class disc releases of vintage genre fare, with a couple of new B-horror homages also on its slate. The company passed Fango the content info on its upcoming DVDs of Gamera Vs. Barugon, the second in the Japanese giant-turtle franchise, and Larry Blamire’s The Lost Skeleton Returns Again (pictured) and Dark And Stormy Night.
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Dress Your PC and Mac with Classic Gamera Wallpapers! More DVD News!

One of the coolest damn things about Shout! Factory's latest DVD release of Gamera: The Giant Monster (review here) is Gamera's anatomy chart. Simply put -- it's chock-full of win, and now you can sport it on your home computers and elsewhere!

In celebration of the film's release, Shout! has now given fans the opportunity to download a super hi-res version of the aforementioned kickass piece of artwork to use as wallpaper by heading over to this website!

Of even more interest is the fact that you not only get Gamera's Monster 101 anatomy chart, but you get his nemesis Barugon's as well. Why? Well, it's in support of the just announced July 6th Special Edition DVD release of Gamera vs. Barugon of course! Look for more news on that one in a bit! In the interim dig on a sampling of the downloadable goods below.

- Uncle Creepy

Visit The Evilshop @ Amazon!
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James Reviews Gamera: The Giant Monster On DVD From Shout! Factory [DVD Review]

When people mention their love for a ‘monster movie involving a big lizard rampaging through a Japanese city, wreaking havoc on all in his path’, they think of Gojira, or Godzilla as he’s known in America. But 11 years after the 1954 release of the original daikaiju eiga (or Japanese giant monster film), another giant lizard came from a rival studio to Toho to attempt to not only cash in the craze but to also be a different take on the atomic age. This film was Daiei Studios very own “Gamera”, or as it was called initially in the United States “Gammera: The Invincible” and now from Shout! Factory the title changes yet again to “Gamera: The Giant Monster“.

The film begins with an accidental atomic detonation as the result of an aerial assault by American fighter pilots attacking Soviet airships over North American airspace. This awakens our monster Gamera, who
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