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  • No. Isaac Asimov wrote a novelization of this film's screenplay. The book was released six months before the movie. You can buy the book at Amazon here. Note that Asimov also wrote Fantastic Voyage II: Destination Brain, published in 1987. That book is not a sequel to the original story; it's more of a remake. Asimov retains the central premise and creates a new story around it.

  • 36 minutes into the film, which is one hour and 36 minutes long.

  • The movie doesn't make it clear whether the operation was a success or not. But in the movie's series of events, Benes would be doomed either way. Even if the blood clot were cleared, the crushed Proteus submarine, the corpse of Dr. Michaels, the discarded laser, the many gallons of water or saline solution from the huge syringe, and the air molecules released by the Proteus' air valve malfunction would all expand to their normal size while still inside Benes. This would bring Benes' life to a rather untidy end and probably destroy the fairly small operating room as well. In Asimov's novelization of the story, the crew lures the white blood corpuscle containing the crushed Proteus to follow them to the tear duct. Thus the expanding Proteus and crew are removed together, and the expansion continues outside Benes, sparing his life.


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