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Sex & Nudity

  • A man does a handstand and his bare butt is seen.
  • A group of men and women run through the woods and wade through a river in the nude. Some of the women can be seen naked, mostly from a distance, in low-light, running around, quick shots, nothing too explicit.
  • Moaning sounds of a woman while kissing can be heard. Nothing is seen.
  • A woman is seen jumping from a stair, and her robe opens all the way in the front as she jumps. The scene is dark and a shadow of her pubic region is seen very, very briefly.
  • A man (who is tied up) discuses morality with a woman. The woman approaches and removes her coat, showing him her naked body, and kisses him against his will. This lasts only for a few seconds and only her bare back and side of her breasts are shown as she unties him. A brief glimpse of her breasts is visible a couple of minutes later.
  • A woman gets her robe pulled off by people persecuting her. We see her running naked into the water, mostly seen from the back and side.
  • A woman is seen being dragged away by men to be raped.
  • A group of soldiers watch a woman lying with her dress pulled up. This is seen briefly, from some distance, and we only see her legs as she gets up and pulls the dress down.
  • A lunatic woman pees while standing inside a monastery with her clothes on.
  • A man kisses another man on the lips at the coronation (non-sexual).
  • A general remark on all this: all of the nudity scenes are in a 11 minute segment of the movie; and although the descriptions make it seem like there is a lot of nudity being shown, the final effect is very mild, mostly used in a non-sexual manner.

Violence & Gore

  • This movie involves real animal abuse: a horse stumbles off an out door staircase and is then stabbed to death with a spear, and a cow is seen running around engulfed in flames.
  • scenes of medival related violence.
  • people are beaten and brutalized
  • people are killed with swords and other weapons during a barbarian raid.
  • a teenage boy has his neck slashed. he falls to the ground and blood flows out all over his neck.
  • many people crowded in a church are killed. we see their corpses covering the floor.
  • a mans eyes are stabbed out. we see him stumbling around with bloody holes where his eyes should be.
  • a man is briefly seen being crucified. we see the nails start to be pounded into his hands.
  • a man is tortured by barbarians. they burn him with a torch and pour boiling water down his throat. he's then pulled across the ground by a horse. his body his bloody and wounded.
  • various scenes of people being beaten and treated badly. people are carried away and are heard screming as theyre tortured.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie contains real scenes of what is now considered animal abuse, which may be unsettling to many. The death of the horse is particularly horrific.
  • The film is pretty dark and unsettling. It is very pessimistic and dark. The film touches on themes of religion. The violence in some scenes can be intense.
  • Suggested MPAA rating: Rated R for brief strong language, violence, and some nudity.

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