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Sex & Nudity

  • The film is about a serial womaniser and has a lot of dialogue about sex ("having it off" etc.) but doesn't have any direct nudity:
  • A man and a woman are making love in a misty car. Only their silhouettes are visible but it's obvious from the dialogue that they've just had sex. The woman accidently puts her legs on the horn whilst they kiss (again from the dialogue).
  • A couple discuss how she hasn't had her period yet. It later turns out that she's pregnant. The man advocates an abortion but the woman ends up having the baby and keeping it.
  • A man goes into a dry cleaner's, kisses a woman, goes with her behind a line of suits, and comes out wearing a different suit.
  • A man and a woman kiss in a darkened car. The man says in a voiceover that they were "having it off".
  • A man goes to the hospital to be examined. He takes off his shirt and talks suggestively to the female doctor about the way he spends different nights with different women.
  • In a hospital a nurse puts a curtain around a man, saying that she's going to give him an injection. Beneath the curtain we see her feet as she is obviously being seduced. Her feet leave the ground and moaning sounds come from behind the partition, disturbing a couple who are trying to have a conversation. She comes out looking flustered.
  • Later the same nurse says that she will get him "something" to make him feel better.
  • A man and a married woman are sitting by a river bank and start kissing, then fall onto the ground. The scene cuts to afterwards (she later becomes pregnant).
  • A man and a woman have just finished having sex and we see them lying back in bed in a heavily blurred shot that then clears. The man's wearing pyjama bottoms and the woman a nightie. They get out of bed and kiss.
  • A man visits a woman in her flat. They kiss passionately and then move over to the sofa. The man visits the bathroom and describes a previous time when they "splashed about" in her large bath. They say that they're going to bed but we don't see this.
  • A man visits a girl to "have a session" and ends up finding that she's cheating on him. We see a young man sitting shirtless in bed, smoking.
  • A couple kiss in the background of the final scene.

Violence & Gore

  • A man starts a fight in a bar. Another man punches him in the face and sends him flying. This sparks a mass brawl in the pub, lasting a minute or two. People are hit over the head with chairs or thrown through windows/drums (mostly shot in a fairly comic way). A few blows are exchanged but no-one is seriously hurt.


  • Alfie calls all girls 'birds' throughout and refers to them as 'it' rather than 'she'.
  • One use of 'damn', a couple of 'bleeding'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Alfie, the protagonist, smokes throughout the film. While in hospital he encourages his fellow-patient to smoke against the advice of his doctor. Alfie's health is shown to deteriorate (perhaps as a result of his smoking), however.
  • Alfie has a brown ale in a social situation in a pub.
  • A man has a beer with a woman he's seeing.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film depicts an abortion. This is never explicitly referred to as such but a man visits a couple and is described as "helping her". He is given money and goes with the girl behind a curtain.
  • After the procedure the man returns and looks at the unborn baby. The woman is very emotional. The baby isn't shown but we see his reaction. He then talks to a friend about how well-formed it was, saying that he's effectively committed murder.

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