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4 Jan. 1970
The Falcon: Part 1
Prince Stephan's death has been faked by General Sabattini; leaving Stephan's childlike cousin Nicolai as sovereign. Sabattini is forcing Stefan's fiancée Francesca into marrying him, placing him in line to the throne. Phelps joins a group of Dutch tourists while the rest of the team infiltrate the royal palace as a magic act led by Paris. Before the show begins Barney loots the royal vault. It's the beginning of a complex scheme to rescue Stephan, Nicolai, Francesca and simultaneously eliminate Sabatini.
11 Jan. 1970
The Falcon: Part 2
Paris switches identities with Nicolai during a magic show and the real sovereign is taken to safety. Francesca, cooperating with the IMF plan, fakes her own suicide cutting off Sabattini's route to power. The theft of the royal vault is discovered, and Phelps contacts Sabattini as a former partner of Stephan's claiming that he can force the prince to reveal the location of the royal treasure.
18 Jan. 1970
The Falcon: Part 3
Barney and Phelps use an optical illusion to help them free Stephan from his cell. But, everything goes haywire when an assassination attempt against Sabattini fails and unmasks Paris in the process. Sabattini and his men begin to figure out the plan. Phelps must stay one step ahead if he's to get everyone out alive.
25 Jan. 1970
The IMF must rely on a trained terrier, named Chico, to retrieve a list of undercover agents from a drug lord's underground vault.
1 Feb. 1970
The teen-aged king of a small central European principality has been convinced, falsely, that his regent intends to harm him, and so he has taken refuge in a neighboring country where he is under the "protection" of strongman General Aragas. But Aragas in fact is the one who intends to kill the young ruler. The IMF arranges for an attempted "kidnapping" of the boy during a journey, and then to have him be "found" by a traveling group of gypsies -- putting him temporarily out of Gen. Aragas' hands, so that the IMF can show the boy that Aragas in fact intends to kill ...
8 Feb. 1970
Leo Vorka, the aging Stalin-like dictator of a Communist nation, is about to begin another purge, led by the infamous head of his secret police Georgi Kull. Phelps posing as a writer, Barney's technical know-how, and Paris' make-up skills convince Vorka's aides, that the dictator's murderous past has finally driven him mad; it's time for him to retire.
15 Feb. 1970
A notorious terrorist serving a life sentence has used a secret supporter within his nation's government to secure a pardon. The IMF must prevent his release and expose the traitor.
22 Feb. 1970
Lover's Knot
The IMF's task is to find out who is running a U.K. spy ring. The team's lead is Lady Cora Weston, who seduces men in sensitive intelligence positions. Phelps' plan calls for him to pose as a U.S. naval officer who will be Lady Cora's next target. The plan is complicated when Lady Cora falls for Paris, posing as another U.S. official. Paris also falls for Lady Cora. These entanglements become even more complicated when the IMF discovers the identify of the spy ring's leader.
1 Mar. 1970
In order to expose an assassin who will strike an unknown target within 48 hours, Phelps poses as a drug addicted intelligence officer who wants to sell information to the assassin's contact: Bergman. Meanwhile, IMF operative Valerie, approaches Bergman as an investigator sent to look for a traitor inside his organization.
8 Mar. 1970
The Crane
The team finds inspiration from Poe's "The Purloined Letter" in their plan to rescue a resistance fighter, and sow discord among the leaders of the military junta hunting him.
15 Mar. 1970
Death Squad
Jim and Barney vacation together in a Latin American country. While there, Barney falls in love with artist Alma Ross. But the brother of the local police chief obsesses over Alma and is enraged that she and Barney are dating. He goes into her room with a knife. Barney defends Alma but in the process sidesteps the jealous man, who lunges through the window, landing on the knife. Barney is now arrested and ticketed for execution by the police chief, who is operating a secret death squad. Phelps summons Paris and Willy and the IMF must act fast before Barney becomes the...
22 Mar. 1970
The Choice
The Grand Duchess Theresa of the European duchy of Trent has come under the sway of a self-proclaimed mystic, the Rasputin-like Emile Vautrain. The IMF's assignment is to prevent Vautrain from using his influence over the Grand Duchess to make himself ruler of Trent, turning it into a dictatorship that will ally itself with the enemies of the U.S. To stop Vautrain, the IMF relies on Vautrain's amazing resemblance to the IMF's agent, Paris, in order to reveal Vautrain's true nature to the Grand Duchess.
29 Mar. 1970
The Martyr
Premier Anton Rojek, the anti-Western head of an East Bloc state, plans to hold a "youth congress," hoping to get the young people of his country to endorse his repressive regime. The IMF's plan to prevent this involves the talents of folk singer Roxy, as well as having Paris pose as the missing son of the country's late President, Eduard Malik, whom many young people there still idolize.
19 Sep. 1970
The Killer
The IMF is up against a contract killer who makes decisions at random at the last minute to ensure his moves are unpredictable. As Barney stands in for the intended victim, the IMF must prepare for every eventuality to get close to the killer, thwart his plans, turn him against his client and stop their killing spree.
29 Sep. 1970
Flip Side
Mel Bracken is one of the largest distributors of illegal drugs on the West Coast. Pharmaceutical magnate Cameron legally sells drugs to a middleman's laboratory in Mexico who then smuggles it to Bracken in Los Angeles. In order to expose the operation the IMF forces Cameron to deal directly with Bracken on U.S. soil.
3 Oct. 1970
The Innocent
Barney has been captured infiltrating an enemy laboratory in the Middle East. To make matters worse he has been exposed to the chemical weapon being manufactured at the lab. Phelps devises a plan to rescue Barney and destroy the chemical. However, in order for the mission to succeed the IMF needs the assistance of a computer genius who wants nothing to do with the plan.
10 Oct. 1970
This time it's personal as Jim returns home to uncover who is killing his childhood friends; with the aid of the rest of the IMF team of course. But what will be worse, the death of another friend or finding that a friend is the killer.
17 Oct. 1970
The IMF must thwart a coup attempt to be triggered by a presidential assassination. The team apprehends the coup leader and employs an elaborate ruse to convince him to reveal the killer. But government security forces uncover the operation and capture Dana. So begins parallel games of cat and mouse with dire consequences for the losers.
24 Oct. 1970
My Friend, My Enemy
While en route to rendezvous with the IMF in Switzerland, Paris is captured by a team of enemy agents, brainwashed, and programmed to kill his control: Phelps. While the enemy team creates a scenario which will trigger Paris' programming, the IMF must figure out exactly what has happened to their fellow agent to save his career and life.
31 Oct. 1970
The MI team must exonerate an American businessman framed for the murder of his wife and marked for death in Japan. Undercover in the guise of various masters of Japanese art forms they dupe the true killer into confessing.
7 Nov. 1970
Brother and sister Alexi and Anna Kerkoska want to defect, and give the U.S. a list of government officials sympathetic to the West. Although Anna believes that the defection is genuine it's really a trap set by Alexi and Police Chief Petrovitch. They hope to get the list and embarrass the West in one fell swoop. Despite the trap the IMF must rescue Anna and recover the list. Meanwhile during the course of the mission Phelps and Anna begin to develop romantic feelings for each other.
14 Nov. 1970
The Amateur
A wannabe spy in an eastern European country happens upon an operation of the MI team. But, in a clever twist, as this amateur's dreams of becoming a super sleuth turn to greed the MI team manipulates him and government security forces to accomplish their mission and their escape.
21 Nov. 1970
A picture perfect extraction mission in a white dominated African country goes suddenly awry when an interrogator arrives unexpectedly. A well disguised member of the MI team is wounded but is aided by an angel of mercy with a secret past and reward seeking friend. As their fondness for each other grows, Paris serves as an all too convincing decoy while the rest of the team searches for their lost comrade.
28 Nov. 1970
The Rebel
Government security forces surprise the MI team during a routine information exchange with insurgents. Dana and two rebels are captured including the rebel who, unknown to government forces, has the secret "notebook." Jim has a plan but the rebels are skeptical. With the possibility of a traitor in their midst and the help of a local priest of uncertain reliability, the MI must rescue the captives before they break under torture, before the security forces uncover the notebook and before the rebels take matters into their own hands.
12 Dec. 1970
Squeeze Play
A drug kingpin, not long for this world, is preparing to turn over his heroin empire to his heir apparent. Paris and Dana go undercover to turn the kingpin against his heir and convince him that Paris is the better candidate to trust with the secrets of his organization.
19 Dec. 1970
The Hostage
Paris's cover identify as a wealthy and influential American proves a bit too convincing. He is kidnapped and held for the ransom by rebels demanding the release of three of their comrades. The government agrees to cooperate in Jim's plan to rescue Paris only if he will capture one of the rebel leaders. But the rebels are very careful.

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