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Season 6

18 Sep. 1971
A doctor temporarily blinds Phelps in order for him to convincingly pose as an alcoholic, washed up, ex- federal agent who's eager to sell information identifying an FBI mole deep within an organized crime boss' inner circle.
25 Sep. 1971
In order to solve a cold case the IMF and scores of actors go to extreme lengths to convince one of the killers, Thomas Kroll, that he is reliving the day of the murder - June 30, 1937.
2 Oct. 1971
The Tram
Organized crime bosses from across the country are meeting at a secluded mountain lodge to form an off shore corporation that will launder their money, and allow them to make legitimate investments. The IMF have an afternoon to turn the crooks against each other, and get the number of the Swiss bank account containing $50 million in mob cash.
9 Oct. 1971
Criminal mastermind Pierson employs Dr. Burke who brainwashes fugitives to carry out political assassinations. Barney takes the place of the next fugitive to be used by Burke. But, when he can't take the drug to counteract Burke's procedure Barney succumbs to the brainwashing. In addition to completing the assigned mission, the IMF must now find their colleague who's somewhere in the city searching for his target.
16 Oct. 1971
The IMF topple the man who runs a dockyard for organized crime by making it seem that he's losing his mind.
23 Oct. 1971
The Miracle
It won't be easy to turn a highly proficient and well-rewarded hit man against his boss. But let's give this a try. After he's gunned down, arrange for a world renowned surgeon, Barney, to give him a heart transplant. Then have his newbie girlfriend, Lisa, provide some not so subtle hints that the new heart has changed his personality and he's all washed up as a hit man. Then have a gangster, Jim, who's trying to muscle in on his boss's operation, make him an offer he can't refuse.
30 Oct. 1971
Lisa impersonates a mobster's alcoholic wife to raise her prestige from embarrassment to dangerous informant. That puts Lisa as well as her husband at risk of a mob hit which Jim expects to force the mobster into a rash decision to turn against the mob.
6 Nov. 1971
The mission: intercept an exchange of smuggled diamonds for $75 million cash. Capture the crooks, the cash and the diamonds. A simple job for the IMF except one of the crooks stole the diamonds. Now Jim has to convince a multi-millionaire diamond thief to give up his retirement plan.
13 Nov. 1971
Defense Department analyst Whitmore Channing has stolen microfilm detailing temporary blind spots in the nation's Defense Early Warning system. The information will be picked up from an unknown dead drop in less than 24 hours. In order to locate the drop, the IMF convinces Channing that the enemy attack has already begun. But, they don't know about an assassin being sent to kill the spy before he can talk.
20 Nov. 1971
The IMF team is charged with getting the goods on a corrupt music producer who murdered a singer he had under contract. After five years of thwarting cold war spies, this one should be easy; especially since the producer has an equally disreputable partner that that can be manipulated to turn against him. So why don't we let Barney and Willy have the fun of playing the mind games this time while Jim coordinates in the background.
27 Nov. 1971
The Visitors
Bad guys with eccentric ideas are just too easy. The IMF's next victim believes aliens are visiting the earth. So Jim, Lisa and Willy become aliens to convince him that he is their "chosen one" so he will expose candidates running for office that are in the pocket of organized crime.
4 Dec. 1971
To get close to a vindictive and paranoid criminal who stole a canister of nerve gas, Lisa poses as a career criminal in a jailbreak. A new IMF member, Bill Williams, impersonates the villain's brother to get close to him. Unknown to the criminal the canister is corroding, and will leak if it's not recovered in time. But that would suit him just fine.
11 Dec. 1971
Run for the Money
The IMF team play the sport of kings in order to stop a ruthless syndicate. The syndicate is looking to corner the 'off track betting' market by violently disposing of their competitors, and any customers who happen to be in the way. But, with Jim's plan, the IMF is betting on his dark horse to win and there's no horse named Sure Thing.
18 Dec. 1971
The Connection
The IMF becomes a heroin manufacturer to sabotage a major drug deal and leave the dealers holding the cellophane bag when the police move in.
1 Jan. 1972
The Bride
Lisa plays mail-order corpse bride to frame a money launderer. But if Jim's timing isn't perfect she may finder herself embalmed or cremated.
8 Jan. 1972
Stone Pillow
When the game is blackmail one must protect the trump card, especially when the victim is a mobster. But when the IMF wants a piece of the action just be glad they want the mobster more.
15 Jan. 1972
Crime boss Emil Gadsen is about to leave the country with a list of corrupt politicians and law enforcement officers in his pay. Barney poses as a mystic who convinces Gadsen that his partner is out to eliminate him. However, he must also deal with Emil's practical minded son, Tony, who doesn't believe any of this nonsense.
22 Jan. 1972
Nora Dawson is the only person willing to testify against underworld boss Leon Chandler. Chandler has used his political connections to have Dawson committed to a corrupt mental institution where she is being drugged to destroy her credibility. The team must rescue Dawson in time for her to testify against Chandler.
29 Jan. 1972
Bag Woman
Murphy's Law catches up with the IMF: Casey's handcuffed to a suitcase full of TNT meant to kill her and a politician on the take, and Barney is wounded when his cover is blown. Phelps must quickly improvise a scenario that will give him Casey's location.
12 Feb. 1972
Double Dead
The IMF is charged with discouraging the mob's expansion plans. But Murphy's Law makes another unexpected appearance and Willy is captured. Now Jim has to improvise a plan that includes rescuing Willy. Never has Jim so confused his adversaries, but will that make them predictable or just create more chaos?
19 Feb. 1972
To persuade a casino operator to expose mob connections within the gambling industry, Jim frames him so the mob's rivalries and lethal management methods will do his talking. To get "inside" Willy plays a crooked Black Jack dealer for Jim and Casey, a pair of gambling addicts, while Barney heists the take with a collection of gadgets to die for.
26 Feb. 1972
The impossible mission this time is to recover the multi-million dollar booty stolen by a family of smugglers. But when the action gets hot, Jim sustains a head injury and wakes up with amnesia and nothing but a fake ID to tell him who he is.

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