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9 Sep. 1966
The Silent Gun
When a person is killed with a gun that doesn't make a sound or flash, the Green Hornet tries to find it before it does any more harm.
16 Sep. 1966
Give 'Em Enough Rope
Publisher Britt Reid employs his alter ego The Green Hornet to bail him out when a overzealous reporter, exposing a fake injury insurance scam, leaves Reid's newspaper vulnerable to a libel suit. A masked man in a black costume swoops down on a rope, strangling the reporter's source, and the reporter alleges the Green Hornet's behind the racket. Reid sweet-talks a luscious libel attorney, while The Hornet and sidekick Kato pretend to horn in on the racket. Al Hirt's blaring jazz trumpet backs the action.
23 Sep. 1966
Programmed for Death
Pat Allen, a Daily Sentinel reporter, is mysteriously killed by a leopard. While cleaning out his desk, Britt Reid discovers a large diamond that turns out to be a perfectly-manufactured fake, and wonders if Allen uncovered something bigger than he expected. He also finds a transmitter that emits a supersonic tone - the type audible to cats. Britt Reid suspects the leopard must have been trained by someone to kill at that signal. Donning his Green Hornet gear, he sets out to visit Frank Miller, a shady gemologist, for clues leading to Pat Allen's death.
30 Sep. 1966
Crime Wave
The Green Hornet is framed for a jewelry heist he didn't commit. Not long after, the Daily Sentinel receives a letter from Able Marcus, describing the robbery in detail before it ever happened and claiming he can predict every crime of the Green Hornet's. Daily Sentinel owner and publisher Britt Reid suspects Marcus may be behind the crimes and pays him a visit in his Green Hornet guise. Marcus' plan soon becomes clear. He intends to build up the police's confidence with his "predictions" so he can send them on a false lead during his big caper. Marcus offers to cut ...
7 Oct. 1966
The Frog Is a Deadly Weapon
A sleazy PI basking on a yacht is dragged under and drowned by frogmen. The PI had just visited Britt Reid, alleging that a dead gangster who framed Reid's father had faked his death and is now back in town, and offering to sell the publisher further information. Reid didn't believe him THEN, but now suspects a zillionaire confined to a yacht is involved. The coroner rules the drowning accidental, tying the DA's hands and forcing Reid to adopt his Green Hornet criminal persona to apply pressure. Reid also dispatches his secretary to rifle the PI's office for what he ...
14 Oct. 1966
Eat, Drink, and Be Dead
Bombs dropped from an insect-like helicopter obliterate 2 hoods in a sedan. Britt is after the bootlegging operation behind the killing, so as The Green Hornet he puts pressure on by demanding a share of the moonshiners' proceeds for protection. From their car The Black Beauty, Kato dispatches a "scanner" (small flying remote TV camera) which tracks the undertaking to a dairy farm run by Dirk.
21 Oct. 1966
Beautiful Dreamer: Part 1
A wave of thefts by prominent citizens, & a car explosion which kills a psychology professor baffle police. The citizens claim to remember nothing of their heists. But The Green Hornet discovers an armored car rammed the professor's auto, and a tipster steers him to the Vale of Eden, an upscale spa. As Britt, he tours the health club, becoming suspicious that the rejuvenation method includes individualized relaxation audiotapes, and the clientèle includes some of the thieves.
28 Oct. 1966
Beautiful Dreamer: Part 2
After Eden tried to have Britt killed by brainwashing Casey, Britt as the Green Hornet goes to Eden and tells him that he knows what he's doing and that he wants in. Eden tells him where his next job is. But instead he brainwashes Vanessa and sends her to see him and places some explosive in her purse.
11 Nov. 1966
The Ray Is for Killing
Valuable paintings are stolen from a charity art exhibit at Britt Reid's home. The thieves make a successful getaway, thanks to a powerful laser beam weapon, and demand one million dollars or else the paintings will be destroyed. Reid goes undercover as the Green Hornet to get to the bottom of their scheme. After a surprising discovery of who is behind the crime, he demands a piece of the action in usual Green Hornet style. And while he prepares to meet their ransom demands as Britt Reid, he also readies the Green Hornet's car, the Black Beauty, for an encounter with ...
18 Nov. 1966
The Preying Mantis
When a Tong war breaks out in Chinatown, Britt and the paper investigate and think that it's actually a protection racket moving into Chinatown. When someone calls him telling him is he wants to know what's going on he will send someone to a restaurant in Chinatown. When they get there they find a man knocked out in front of the restaurant and the place trashed and the owner beaten up. Britt tells Scanlon he has to find the man, Jimmy Kee cause he knows what's going on. Later Mike discovers that a known protection man meeting with one of the Tongs. Later a friend of ...
25 Nov. 1966
The Hunters and the Hunted
A number of top-level racketeers are murdered, each one with a different, unusual weapon. The Green Hornet is contacted about a known list of targets, but before any more information is divulged, his racketeering informant is also killed. The Green Hornet realizes that the key to this mystery is in that list. With his aid Kato, he sets out to discover where it originated and soon finds himself investigating the elite Explorers Club. It quickly becomes obvious that a group of criminals meeting there are the ones behind the murders; and furthermore, that they intend to ...
2 Dec. 1966
Deadline for Death
A wave of robberies is committed, all linked by the fact that each victim was interviewed by reporter Mike Axford. When Axford is found at one of the crime scenes and jailed on charges of murder, his boss Britt Reid sets out to uncover the truth. In his Green Hornet guise, Reid investigates a lead beginning with Ardis Ralston, a photographer working with Axford, and soon works his way up to the head of the operation. Testimony from Ralston could easily free Axford and convict the true criminal. However, capturing the crook without destroying their witness proves to be...
9 Dec. 1966
The Secret of the Sally Bell
Two million dollars worth of narcotics have been smuggled into the country, and the only man who knows where they are, Gus Wander, is brought to a hospital in a coma. His associates have no clue where to begin looking. But The Green Hornet has an approximate idea, due to some earlier work. He tracks down the head of the operation in hopes of finding the narcotics and bringing the criminals to justice. On the pretense of wanting a piece of the action, he offers his help in locating the drugs. But the crooks have no plans of sharing, and set up for "Honey Boy" to finish...
16 Dec. 1966
Freeway to Death
While investigating a construction company insurance racket, Daily Sentinel reporter Mike Axford comes under attack from a bulldozer. He is rescued by the Green Hornet (who, unknown to him, is actually his boss Britt Reid). In an unusual turn of events, Axford agrees to work with the Hornet in discovering who is behind the racket. The two try to bluff their way into meeting with the organization's head. But when Mike alone is contacted about the time and location of the meeting, he decides to head off by himself to wrap up the story. Britt Reid suspects Axford may be ...
23 Dec. 1966
May the Best Man Lose
While running for re-election, District Attorney Frank Scanlon narrowly escapes a car explosion. Rumor spreads that the attack was the work of Calvin Ryland, his electoral opponent. But it is his brother, Warren Ryland, who so desperately wants Scanlon out of office. The Green Hornet manages to track Warren down and, on his usual pretense of being a shady crook, offers to help his brother by pulling a crime wave to make Scanlon look bad. But Warren has an even surer plan to guarantee Calvin's election. If successful, it may cost the Green Hornet his life.
6 Jan. 1967
Seek, Stalk, and Destroy
An old military tank is stolen, and Bradford Devlin, a war hero now on death row, believes he knows who did it. He contacts Daily Sentinel owner Britt Reid to tell him his old tank crew likely swiped the vehicle in order to spring him from jail. Reid believes Devlin is innocent and knows that an attempted jailbreak will ruin any chance for a pardon. He sets out as the Green Hornet to track down Devlin's old war crew and proposes a deal - Devlin in exchange for the vehicle. But when the crooks figure he is bluffing about Devlin, the Green Hornet and Kato are forced ...
13 Jan. 1967
Corpse of the Year: Part 1
While making its nighttime rounds, a Daily Sentinel delivery truck is fired on by an imposter Green Hornet, driving an exact duplicate of the Black Beauty. Attacks on the paper's employees continue throughout the night; it appears someone has declared war on the Sentinel. Britt Reid is soon contacted by Dan Scully, a reporter for the rival Daily Express paper, claiming that his boss Sabrina is out to destroy the Sentinel using any means necessary. That goal seems close to fulfillment when Reid attends a party of Daily Express publisher Simon Neal's. As he and Neal ...
20 Jan. 1967
Corpse of the Year: Part 2
Britt Reid believes that the death of the Daily Express publisher, Simon Neal, was no accident, and that Neal was the fake Green Hornet's target all along. When a would-be informant is killed, all clues point to Dan Scully as the phony Green Hornet. However, Scully himself had nothing to gain from Neal's death. Reid believes someone else was behind the scheme, and narrows the suspects down to two - Neal's niece Melissa, and his managing editor Sabrina Bradley. He intends to smoke out the phony Green Hornet one more time to figure out which it is.
3 Feb. 1967
Bad Bet on a 459-Silent
Two rogue cops, Bert Clark and Jim Dixon, have been moving in after robberies to collect some of the loot for themselves. Britt Reid discovers them while on patrol as the Green Hornet, but they also notice him and fire a bullet into his shoulder. With the Green Hornet being blamed for the robbery, heading to a hospital is out of the question. Reid instead fakes an injury in front of a large audience to get proper treatment. While still recuperating, he learns that his reporter, Mike Axford, has set up a trap in hopes of snaring the Green Hornet. Reid fears the snare ...
10 Feb. 1967
Ace in the Hole
After years of battling each other, Phil Trager and Steve Gant plan to merge their criminal organizations into one mob. The Green Hornet plans to use reporter Mike Axford as bait in order to sow distrust between the two gangsters and rupture their budding criminal alliance.
17 Feb. 1967
Trouble for Prince Charming
The fiancée of a visiting dignitary, Prince Rafil, is kidnapped. The crooks demand Rafil return home and announce his abdication, or else the future princess will be killed. Britt Reid knows that meeting their demands will be no guarantee of the young lady's safety, but when he is unable to dissuade the prince from returning home, he works out another strategy. In his Green Hornet guise, he kidnaps Prince Rafil and offers to free his fiancée in exchange for a fee. Suspecting she is being held by some of Rafil's own men, he sneaks into the foreign consulate to look for...
24 Feb. 1967
Alias the Scarf
The latest addition to the wax museum is the Green Hornet and Kato. But The Scarf feels threatened as he was their most famous occupant and he is a jealous tenant.
3 Mar. 1967
Hornet, Save Thyself
Britt finds himself on the run and trying to prove he did not kill a foe, with a gun he was holding as it fired the fatal shot.
10 Mar. 1967
Invasion from Outer Space: Part 1
Britt's at home, preparing to go out with Miss Case when he hears on the TV a report of aliens landing. Britt thinks it's a mistake but suddenly some people who appear to be from another planet come in to his house. And they make demands among them is for him to call Scanlon to clear the road so that their space craft can land and pick them up. Scanlon does it. They then leave but take Miss Case. They knock Britt and Kato out. Scanlon later shows up to tell them that he just heard that a military convoy is on the road they cleared carrying a warhead. Britt turns into ...
17 Mar. 1967
Invasion from Outer Space: Part 2
Mabouse gains possession of the warhead.
24 Mar. 1967
The Hornet and the Firefly
The Green Hornet and Kato try to stop an arsonist who is terrorizing the city.

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