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Season 2

11 Sep. 1967
Let Him Die!
An entire hospital winds up under siege when an assassin who wounds a visiting dignitary plans to finish the job. Sam and Jim must find him before he blows up the entire hospital.
18 Sep. 1967
The Counterfeit Cop
A thug is killed in a shootout with police. Sam goes undercover and takes his place to bring down a ring of counterfeiters.
25 Sep. 1967
A Most Proper Killing
A British inspector is coming to work with Stone and Briggs on a case that has ties to one he is working on. They go to the airport to pick him up but as soon as the man gets off the plane, someone pulls a gun on him takes him away and then assumes the man's identity. The case involves some gems that were stolen in England and the man who stole them is in the US trying to fence them. Stone and Briggs have the cooperation of known fence. When the body of the inspector is found, Stone and Briggs go to the airport to check it out. The man then makes the fence tell the ...
2 Oct. 1967
The 30-Gram Kill
Pharmaceutical salesman Merritt and his buddy George break into chemical company and steal an experimental drug. During the theft, a security guard is killed when Merritt shoots him with a tranquilizer dart.and he falls.from a ladder. Sam and Jim are certain that these two are the culprits, but they can't seem to pin the theft and murder charges on them. Jim goes undercover at the swingers apartment complex where Merritt lives and almost gets killed when he's shot with a tranquilizer dart while swimming.
9 Oct. 1967
The Death Bag
A man who just arrived from out of town and gets in a cab and gets in an accident. And in one of his bags is a lot of money. Sam and Jim investigate by first talking to the man's wife who says she knows nothing. Later someone attacks her but Sam and Jim save her. Sam assumes that her husband owes money to some people and they offered to forget the debt if he delivers the money to them. They call the wife and tell her to bring the money. And because they know who she is, they can't put a policewoman in her place so have to let her go and need to find a way to protect ...
16 Oct. 1967
The Deadly Junkman
Ex-con Terry is now drug free but holds a grudge against the dealer who started him using. He goes to Detective Stone to get help to track the man down but after three years the trail has gone cold.
30 Oct. 1967
The Pat Hand of Death
High stakes poker takes a deadly turn after a player bets his life. The three surviving gamblers take flight with Sam and Jim in pursuit.
6 Nov. 1967
Hit and Run, Run, Run
A man confesses to Sam and Jim that he's guilty in a hit and run accident. But there is no victim yet something makes the detectives decide to investigate further.
13 Nov. 1967
Time of Trial
Ellen Vincent is the star witness in the murder trial of racket boss Arnie Kale, and Sam and Jim are assigned by D.A. Fisher to protect her. When she mysteriously disappears, Sam suspects that someone close to both her and Kale is involved.
20 Nov. 1967
Who'll Take Care of Joey
Paula, a photographer, is found brutally bludgeoned to death, and some of her expensive jewelry is missing as well. Sam notices a picture in Paula's developing tray and recognizes it as that of Joey Cahill. He was romantically involved with Joey's older sister Vicki years before and gave Joey a break on an assault rap. Paying a visit to Vicki, Sam discovers that she knows that Joey has issues controlling his violent nature and that she blames herself, thinking that she caused him to fall and suffer a severe head injury as a child. Sam is convinced that Joey is ...
27 Nov. 1967
My Mommy Got Lost
An innocent game of hide-and-seek between a young nurse and her son soon turns into a terror-filled ordeal for her when she's kidnapped by a deranged wannabe country singer. He wants the nurse to treat his wife, who was critically wounded during the commission of an armed robbery.
4 Dec. 1967
Ordeal by Terror
An armed robber forces a department store manager to let him into the store so he can rob the safe. Sam and Jim arrive on the scene, and a shootout ensues where the robber is killed. The manager informs the two cops that the robber's accomplices are holding his wife and son at gunpoint. Sam and Jim now need to get the two hostages out safely.
11 Dec. 1967
An Arrangement with Death: Part 1
Mob boss Joe Stangl is being extradited back to the United States with Sam and Jim drawing the assignment. After arriving in an unnamed South America they find assassins trying to prevent Joe's return because he's to testify.
18 Dec. 1967
An Arrangement with Death: Part 2
Jim and Sam get mobster Joe Stangl beck into the states to testify. But his ex-confederates have one more way to stop it. They kidnap Joe's seriously ill daughter and Jim 's father.
25 Dec. 1967
No Sad Songs for Charlie
Ex-cop Charlie Murdock asks Sam and Jim to pay a visit to his boat. They're horrified to see the boat explode with Charlie aboard. A subsequent investigation reveals that he was doing some snooping on behalf of an old friend, Tillery Gage, who was being blackmailed. When no body washes up and Gage receives another blackmail threat, the two cops begin to suspect that their old buddy played them for suckers.
1 Jan. 1968
Bed of Strangers
Charles DeClose receives a call at his office from someone telling him that his wife is having an affair with her young tennis instructor. He grabs a gun from his desk and goes to confront them near the tennis courts. The instructor manages to disarm Mr. DeClose, but a fight ensues, and while the younger man has him on the ground in a choke hold, DeClose manages to grab a nearby rock and fatally strike him. Sam andJim pursue him as he goes on a rampage involving kidnappkidnapping, assassault and car theft.
8 Jan. 1968
Killing, Country Style
Detectives Sam and Jim work to create an airtight case against mobster Gus Mills so he can be extradited. But Mills is intent on disrupting their effort by sending his gang to make the evidence disappear.
15 Jan. 1968
The Flip Side of Fear: Part 1
The manager of popular singer Julie Browne is found dead on the beach. Sam and Jim follow the trail to creepy music publisher Ollie Olds, who's out to get her contract by any means possible.
22 Jan. 1968
The Flip Side of Fear: Part 2
Jim escapes death in a burning car, intensifying his efforts to nail Olds, who's got Julie under the influence of LSD and planning to marry her.
5 Feb. 1968
The Love Victim
Con artist Tycer (sic) Edwards has beautiful young heiress Susan Douglas convinced that he wants to marry her, but he's really a kidnapper out to get a ransom from her rich father. Sam and Jim try to convince Mr. Douglas to let them handle the situation, but he refuses and sends his tough-guy chauffeur to deliver the money, resulting in the chauffeur being shot and killed.
12 Feb. 1968
The Deadly Abductors
Reformed safecracker Jonah Clifton is being transported by Sam and another cop to testify in a trial when they're ambushed by three punks. Sam and the other cop are critically wounded, Clifton is taken hostage,and Jim and Dan are on their trail.They plan to use Clifton in a burglary they're planning to commit.
19 Feb. 1968
Nightmare on a Dead-End Street
A hit man is killed by a car bomb which he planted to kill Jim. As this was the third such attempt on his life in recent days, the young cop is ordered to go into hiding while Sam tries to figure out who's after him. Determining that Mob boss Cal Wolff is behind the threats, Sam deduces that Jim saw something, possibly Wolff being in the company of a girl who washed up dead on the beach.
26 Feb. 1968
Epitaph for a Cop
Sam and Jim drop by a coffee house he likes. After they leave two men come in and kill the owner whom Sam knows. They leave a note telling Sam they're after him. Sam takes it hard. Later one of them calls Sam on the pretext of being able to give him info on who killed the owner. When they get there, they to kill him but miss. Sam is later told to stay off the streets. On info they give Dan, he thinks he knows who's after Sam.
4 Mar. 1968
Man on Fire
A mild mannered man "Bug", is a paid arsonist but fails to complete an assignment. Detectives Sam and Jim are confident he will try again and must find a way to stop him.
11 Mar. 1968
Image of Evil
Stone and Briggs are investigating the death of a man who fell out of the sky. They suspect that the man fell out of a plane. They talk to his wife who says he went to work but Stone thinks she wants to tell them something but is afraid to. They learn that the man her husband works, Virgil Haney has a private plane. They talk to him and denies that he was in the area where the man fell. Stone thinks he's lying. He talks to the pilot who says what Haney said but Stone senses he's lying. He talks to a Senator whom Haney has dealings with. The Senator on Haney's ...
18 Mar. 1968
The Human Target
Sam and Jim arrive at the scene of a warehouse robbery and murder. The dead man is the co-owner of the warehouse, andhis partner blames Sam for the death. He convinced the warehouse owner to take a chance and hire ex-con Joe Morales, whom the co-owner insists is the killer. As they search for the young fugitive, Sam can't help but be convinced that he was framed.

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