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Season 1

27 Jan. 1966
Whatever Happened to Yesterday
Hanahan needs Henry to meet with a Japanese spy to get a microfilm from him. So he trains Henry in martial arts and Japanese. But Henry freaks out when he learns that the mission is on the same day as Mrs. Kimble's birthday party which Henry organized. But Hanahan arranges for Henry to be a hero to Mrs. Kimble so she won't miss him when he goes on his mission.
10 Feb. 1966
The Reluctant Lover
Hanahan wants Henry to make contact with a pair of agents who are married, to get something from them. Problem is that the wife has the hots for U31 and the husband is insecure when he's around. And when he catches them in a compromising position, Henry tries to explain it and asks for the item which he gives to him. Henry brings it to Hanahan who was listening on the whole thing. He plays back what they heard after Henry left and what they heard was that the husband suspects Henry is not U31 so he didn't give him the actual item. They have a date later that evening ...
10 Mar. 1966
The Old Flame
Hanahan wants Henry to meet a female agent named Gina to get something she's bringing for U31. But it turns out that she's one of U31'a ladies and she has it bad for him. He gives Henry a very provocative photo of her with love inscription on the back and writes the hotel where she'll be staying and the room number. Mrs. Kimble sees it and thinks Henry is cheating on her daughter so she goes there. And she finds Henry with her. Henry then sends her to get the thing, while Hanahan makes preparations for Mrs. Kimble whom they saw.
7 Apr. 1966
Jailbird Phyfe
Hanahan tells Henry he wants him to make contact with an agent who knew U-31 known as the Butcher. Henry tells him he has a job at a military base. Hanahan reminds Henry of his duty but he gets word that they lost track of the Butcher. Henry suggests that Hanahan take a vacation and he decides to go to Hawaii. But as he is leaving the Butcher spots Henry thinking he's U-31. He follows him to the base and makes contact with him and tells him they need to steal something from the base. Henry trips the alarm and they are caught that's when Hanahan learns that Henry is in...
21 Apr. 1966
A Shot in the Dark
Hannahan wants Henry to meet with an agent known as the Crusher. So he goes to meet him and he tells Henry that he wants him to get rid of Hannahan. So Henry tells him and they decide to stage the hit. So Henry meets with Crusher while Hannahan puts a dummy in place. But Henry misinterprets the message telling him what time when he's suppose to go and finds Hannahan resting on his couch, thinking it's the dummy and takes a shot at him.

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