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23 Jun. 1966
A Vintage Year for Scoundrels
In 1902, Adam Adamant is lured into a trap by his arch nemesis 'The Face' and frozen in ice for eternity. That is until he is accidentally freed by workmen in 1966. Bewildered to find himself in the Swinging Sixties, Adamant is taken in by mod girl and lifelong fan Georgina Jones. When Georgie's grandfather is killed by a couple of thugs, Adamant decides his services are once again needed.
30 Jun. 1966
Death Has a Thousand Faces
Adamant rescues Georgie from two motorcyclists who were chasing her because of a stick of rock candy. Inside they find a incomprehensible diagram which leads them to Blackpool to investigate. When Punch and Judy man William E. Simms overhears the villains plotting to kill Adamant, he decides to intervene.
7 Jul. 1966
More Deadly Than the Sword
A highly placed intelligence officer has been Jeopardised by oriental blackmailers. Adamant is sent to Tokyo and finds a Giesha house where clients are regularly compromised by hidden cameras.
14 Jul. 1966
The Sweet Smell of Disaster
Benjamin Kinthly steals a secret formula with the intention of making the entire UK addicted to the smell of his washing detergent 'Cloud 7'. Even Georgie and Simms become infatuated, leaving it to Adam Adamant to find the antidote before it's too late.
21 Jul. 1966
Allah Is Not Always with You
After a strange girl comes to Adam, dying, from a gambling club, he goes there, and Miss Jones takes a job as a waitress. The owner is scheming to next kill an Arab sheik and set his weak son up to replace him.
4 Aug. 1966
The Terribly Happy Embalmers
The conveniently-timed deaths of a number of rich businessmen appear to have taken place shortly before they were due to receive large tax demands, arousing the suspicions of the Inland Revenue. The only common factor seems to have been their psychiatrist; Adam Adamant, posing as a harassed financier, makes an appointment with the man, who concludes from his patient's unusual mental history that he is suffering severe delusions and takes the opportunity to prescribe a stay at a sinister health resort.
11 Aug. 1966
To Set a Deadly Fashion
The Italian Vice Consul's wife drops dead in Adam Adamant's arms, leading him to investigate a string of similar deaths. It soon transpires her dress was bugged and booby-trapped by fashion designer Roger Clair. But by the time Adam learns this, Georgina is already wearing one of Roger's creations.
25 Aug. 1966
The Last Sacrifice
Lord Pearmains exclusive parties routinely end with sacrificial ceremonies and lead to blackmail of high ranking government employees. When Adamant investigates and Georgina takes a job as a domestic at Pearmain Hall, both end up in danger of being the next victim.
25 Aug. 1966
Sing a Song of Murder
Georgie's afternoon bottled party turns into a group bank robbery followed by amnesia for all concerned. After posting bail for Miss Jones, Adam Adamant investigates the cause of the subliminal criminal instructions: a single record produced by Hypersonic.
1 Sep. 1966
The Doomsday Plan
BBC equipment is being stolen and some newscasters are kidnapped, only to return speaking of the end of the world. Dr. Mort, who's profession is predicting the apocalypse, sets the date of his latest prophesy to September 30th.
8 Sep. 1966
Death by Appointment Only
Adamant's investigation of the murder of several businessmen leads him to investigate the Eve Escort Agency. Against his wishes, Georgie also tries to infiltrate the agency as an employee.
15 Sep. 1966
Beauty Is an Ugly Word
A deadly virus has been discovered by accident and naturally it is almost immediately stolen. Adamants only clue requires him to witness the tail end of a beauty contest won by none other than Georgina Jones. Sinoda, owner of the Café Val Deum and organizer of the monthly contest offers Georgie a chance to build the world anew after the virus cleanses it of ugliness.
22 Sep. 1966
The League of Uncharitable Ladies
The deaths of several important men leads Adamant to the Gentlewomen's Charity League. Georgie finds employment in the club's cloak room. But despite Adamant serving as a bodyguard, the League still manages to execute their next target.
29 Sep. 1966
Ticket to Terror
Four hundred commuters - including Simms - disappear without trace on an underground line, in one of the most sinister conspiracies in British criminal history.
6 Oct. 1966
The Village of Evil
On holiday in the country, Adam comes to a mysterious old inn near a rundown village, where the residents are secretly members of a murderous coven of Satan-worshiping witches and warlocks.
13 Oct. 1966
D for Destruction
His old regiment plagued by mysterious deaths, Adamant is made C.O., when he discovers a plot to take over a nuclear missile installation.
31 Dec. 1966
A Slight Case of Reincarnation
Adam is determined to free an African leader from the spell of the Face.

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