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Sex & Nudity

  • A dead man and woman are found in bed together after an implied night's affair. Although they are naked, elements in the bed chamber such as bed posts and curtains obscure shots of any private areas. They are eventually covered up by a curtain torn off the bed.
  • A young village woman is attacked by hunting hounds while she watered her group of pigs. She loses most of her peasant gown and is forced to hide in a pond as she is unable to recover her clothes. She later leaves the pond but is still exposed. Only her arms and back are shown as she keeps her arms crossed over her chest. She is later seen returning home holding her torn gown over her chest again.
  • There is a conversation describing an ancient pagan custom involving virgin brides on the eve of their wedding dates being mated outside their future wedlock to promote fertility. The main character, although a Christian, partakes in the pagan custom from out of his love of a pagan village girl he's seen throughout his time in the region. They are later shown in varying instances of post-sex, including the man and woman wearing nothing more than fur cloaks. After another night together, the woman is implied to be standing atop a tower completely naked as only her head and shoulders are visible and her lover notices how she is cold and shivering and wraps her in his own heavy cloak. For the remainder of their time together, they share passionate kisses and/or embraces in each other's arms.

Violence & Gore

  • The battle sequences are considerably more violent and bloodier than in most other medieval film epics of the time. Many fighters on both sides of the battles are shown bloodied by various weapons. Others are seen killed by arrows and falling from extreme heights to their deaths.
  • Blood is often seen on many weapons used in battle, including axes and swords. Some victims are seen with blood on their heads and faces.
  • Several warriors are seen caught on fire and slowly dying.
  • One warrior has his face burned by a torch during battle.
  • A knight threatens an enemy lord of beheading his captive little boy if he refused to pay ransom or else withdraw from his attempted siege of the knight's tower.
  • The same knight that threatened to behead a captive boy-prince, later threatens to trade him to his siege lord father piece-by-piece starting with an ear. Almost moments later, threatens his brother's woman to return his father's family ring to him or lose her finger along with it.
  • A knight is stabbed by his brother with a dagger in his side. He slowly backs away towards a ledge and throws himself over, falling from an extreme height to his death. It might also be viewed as a suicide as the dagger did not immediately kill him.
  • A man pounces from the top of a tree, stabbing a knight with his sickle hook. There is blood on his sickle as he tries to attack the knight's woman. The man instead is charged into a low-hanging tree branch with a quick cut-away, implying he had been fatally impaled. It is most disturbing to the woman who witnessed his death.


  • Generally light. Includes uses of "hell", "damn", "bastard" and surprisingly the word "whore" on an occasion to refer to a certain woman that broke her marriage engagement to hold a love affair with a knight.

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