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Claudine Auger: Domino



  • James Bond : My dear, uncooperative Domino.

    Domino : How do you know that? How do you know my friends call me Domino?

    James Bond : It's on the bracelet on your ankle.

    Domino : So... what sharp little eyes you've got.

    James Bond : Wait 'til you get to my teeth.

  • [Largo dies] 

    Domino : I'm glad I killed him.

    James Bond : *You're* glad?

  • Domino : Vargas's behind you.

    James Bond : Really...

    Domino : He must have followed us.

    James Bond : [shoots Vargas with a spear gun]  I think he got the point.

    Domino : It should have been Largo.

  • Bond : I understand you're Mr. Largo's niece?

    Domino : Sounds better than - what would you say? Mistress? Kept woman?

  • Domino : Thank you, Mister...?

    Bond : James Bond. I arrived soon after you went down. I've been admiring your form.

    Domino : Have you, now? You're name's James Bond and you've been admiring my form?

    Bond : Mm, most girls just paddle around. You swim like a man.

    Domino : So do you.

    Bond : Well, I've had quite a bit of practice. Do you come here often?

    Domino : Whenever I am bored. Practically every day.

    Bond : Mm hmm.

  • Domino : He's a wonderful person. The trouble is, I never meet anyone like him.

    Bond : Only men like Largo and myself.

    Domino : You are not like Largo.

    Bond : Why do you say that?

    Domino : The way you - hold me.

  • Bond : Have some of my conch chowder.

    Domino : You've been reading the wrong books, Mr. Bond.

    Bond : About conch chowder?

    Domino : About being an aphrodisiac.

    Bond : Well, it just so happens that I like conch chowder.

    Domino : Oh!

  • Emilio Largo : *Every* man has his passion. Mine is fishing. What is yours, Mr. Bond?

    Bond : Well, I'm not what you'd call a passionate man.

    [eyes Domino] 

    Domino : [chuckles]  I think it's time I went to change.

    Emilio Largo : You must let me show you around.

    Bond : Oh, I'd love that!

    Emilio Largo : I *thought* you might.

  • Domino : Oh, something I remembered. It may not be important.

    Bond : Tell me. Everything's important.

    Domino : There's a small bridge over the canal. Largo never allows strangers to go near it. By the canal there's a flight of steps.

    Bond : Where to the steps lead to?

    Domino : Down into the sea, on the far side of Palmyra. Perhaps it *is* important, after all.

  • Domino : Emilio, lunch is ready.

    Emilio Largo : Thank you, my darling.

    Domino : Come along, Mr. Bond. The conch chowder smells delicious.

    Emilio Largo : Uh, Domino.

    Domino : Yes?

    Emilio Largo : I was just thinking... As I'll be busy this evening, perhaps Mr. Bond will be kind enough to take you to the Junkanoo. It's our local Mardi Gras. You'll be my guest tonight, Mr. Bond.

    Bond : Well, that's very kind of you.

    Emilio Largo : It will be my pleasure.

  • Bond : That much we do know. But there's something we don't. The bombs: when they're being loaded aboard the Disco Volante.

    Domino : How could I know that?

    Bond : That you'll have to find out. It won't be easy. Could be very dangerous.

    Domino : What can he do to me he hasn't already done?

  • Bond : What else do you do, and where?

    Domino : You don't waste time. Do you?

    Bond : No.

    Domino : [places her sea star against his chest, like a badge]  For effort.

    Bond : Oh, thank you. I'll wear it so you'll know me next time.

  • Bond : [spots the two moles on her left thigh]  I was right. Couldn't miss.

    Domino : I'm not with you.

    Bond : Oh you soon will be.

  • Bond : Are you sleeping aboard tonight?

    Domino : I *hoped* you'd not be so obvious.

    Bond : Well, when one has little time one sort of *has* to be obvious.

    Domino : You know where you can find me.

  • Bond : Domino, I need your help.

    Domino : Of course. That's why you make love to me.

  • Bond : [after noticing Domino frowning as she notices Quist]  Friend of yours?

    Domino : He works for my guardian.

    Bond : Your guardian has you watched?

    Domino : He likes to know where I am.

    Bond : I don't blame him.

  • Domino : He's going to be impossible if his luck doesn't change.

    Bond : Somehow I don't think it will, tonight.

  • [James Bond is about to tell Domino about her brother's death, and she thinks he is about to tell her that he is leaving] 

    Domino : [as she is taking out a cigarette; casually]  You're going away? Well, it's all over and done with...

    James Bond : No, it's about your brother.

    Domino : [facing him]  What about him?

    [James holds out Francoise's dog-tag necklace and watch for Domino to see. Domino reacts in surprise as she recognizes her brother's jewelry] 

    Domino : [as she takes her brother's dog tag in a gingerly manner and looks at it in sorrow]  Francoise...

    [Domino then takes the watch and finally realizes what happened to her brother] 

    Domino : [with tears in her eyes; Bond looks down at the ground, feeling her pain]  He's... he's dead...

    [Domino wipes a tear] 

    Domino : [stalwart]  What happened?

    James Bond : It's a long story, that involves your friend... Largo.

  • Bond : I hope we didn't frighten the fish.

    Domino : [they begin to walk ashore]  Ow! Sea egg spines. They're poisonous!

    Bond : Here, give me your arm.

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