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  • While investigating a distress signal from the mysterious, fog-covered planet of Aura, two spaceships--the Galliott and the Argos--are pulled down to the planet at 40Gs. Once on the ground, the Argos crew begins to attack each other, stopped only by the intervention of Captain Mark Markay (Barry Sullivan). When the Argos crew locates the Galliott, they discover that the entire Galliott crew has killed each other. One by one, however, the crew of the Galliott begin to appear to the crew of the Argos. Gradually, they come to realize that a race of bodiless aliens who live on a different vibratory plane need their bodies in order to escape from Aura before the sun goes nova. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Planet of the Vampires is based on the short story, 'Un nolte de 21 orc' ('One Night of 21 Hours'), by Italian scifi writer Renato Pestriniero. Originally shot as an Italian-Spanish film titled Terrore nello spazio, the script was written by Italian director Mario Bava along with Italian screenwriters Alberto Bevilacqua and Callisto Cosulich and Spanish screenwriters Antonio Roman and Rafael J. Salvia. The English-language version was written by American screenwriters Ib Melchio and Louis M. Heyward. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It's been reported that each of the actors said their lines in their native tongue. Thus, Captain Markay (Sullivan) is speaking English, Wes (Ángel Aranda) is speaking Spanish, Sanya (Norma Bengell) is speaking Portuguese, and Tiona (Evi Marandi) is speaking Italian. As was typical for Italian films in this era, dubbing was later done post-production for the respective markets. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Mark and Sanya successfully retrieve the meteor rejector from the Galliott and return it to the Argos where Wess is waiting to take off. Once in the air, Mark tells Wess to get some sleep, since he hasn't slept in two nights. As Wess is falling asleep, he notices Mark standing outside his door and holding his field ray gun. Wess reports Mark's strange behavior to Sanya who reveals that both she and Mark are controlled by aliens. Mark gives Wess a chance to join them, but he refuses and destroys the meteor rejector, electrocuting himself in the process. Mark and Sanya realize that they will never be able to reach home without the meteor rejector, so Mark decides to land on the closest planet -- a small, primitive planet called Earth. 'How will they accept us?' Sanya wonders. 'I hope well,' Mark replies, '...for them.' Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Readers have interpreted the ending--when Mark tells Sanya that they can't get 'home' without the meteor rejectors and decides to land on Earth instead--in two ways. One is that it's a twist indicating that the crew of the Argos were not originally from Earth and are aliens themselves. To support this view, viewers point out that they count time units in 'fractions of Megon'. Other viewers interpret 'home' to refer to the invisible aliens' original planet and point out that the alien inhabiting the body of Captain Sallas (Massimo Righi) tells Mark 'On your planet, I know you HUMANS have fought and killed down through the centuries...' With no clear proof of which interpretation is correct, it is up to each viewer to decide for himself. Edit (Coming Soon)


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