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When off off Hollywood came out of the closet on a sub-shoestring
Macholic8 April 2004
It is difficult to prepare people exactly for what they are going to see, this movie is a class act of its own: Made by the sixties maestro of improvisation, Ray Dennis Steckler, and this is his true masterpiece. It is jawdroppingly hilarious at every turn and totally inept at the same time, but it is FUN. Much better than most self-confessed comedies. Director Steckler, who always worked without a script, started this little monochrome movie as a dark, sinister thriller about 3 thugs harassing and stalking his gorgeous real-life wife, Carolyn Brandt. For reasons unknown he becomes pretty quickly fed up with the thriller, so our two protagonists are rushed in to a closet and stumbles out in Batman and Robin-like attires as the crimefighting duo, Rat Pfink and his assistant Boo Boo. At this point Rat Pfink feels that needs to remind Boo Boo that they have one weakness: Bullets! And then they are ready to rock. Highspeed chases at 20mph follows, speeded up by the oldest movietrick in the world: Fast motion. An incredibly inept fistfight in a backyard ensues, where poor Boo Boo stumbles and falls all over the place and in between all this our hero just whips out a guitar to sing a song for no reason whatsoever and everyone starts dancing. Steckler hijacked a local town parade for his movie, as his sub-shoestring otherwise wouldn't allow for such extravaganza. Time to round up your buddies for a good laugh, the more, the marrier. Like the crows sing in Disney's Dumbo: "I have seen everything, when I see an elephant fly" 9/10
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Words Cannot Express the Wonder and Splendor of This Film!!!
hokeybutt29 July 2004
RAT PFINK A BOO BOO (5 outta 5 stars)

I have been dreaming about seeing this movie ever since I heard it mentioned in an old issue of Castle of Frankenstein Magazine when I was like 10 years old. It never plays on TV, never ever made it to any repertory cinemas in my neck of the woods... and not even the more eclectic video stores around here ever carried it. God bless the amazingly fast growth of DVD technology which allowed me to finally *purchase* the movie for my very own at a ridiculously low price! Even so... after purchasing it, I was scared to watch it at first. After having dreamed about this movie for so long could it possibly live up to my expectations? Or would it be just another in a long list of disappointments? Well, I needn't have worried... this movie... as low-budget and cheesy and downright STRANGE it is... it is absolutely brilliant! Infused with incredible passion from the director and the cast... it transcends its monetary limitations and is wildly infectious in its creativity! Rat Pfink and Boo Boo, our two low-rent superheroes, are obviously inspired by Batman and Robin... but actually created and filmed BEFORE the popular 60s TV show! A bunch of psycho delinquents are terrorizing women... when they begin to pick on the girlfriend of rockabilly musician Lonnie Lord (secret identity of Rat Pfink) they cross the line and incur the wrath of our heroes! Genius filmmaking! Just imagine what director Ray Dennis Steckler could do with a budget!
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A brilliant piece of improvisation
smarty-1130 April 1999
When one considers all that went into the making of this film, it truly takes one's breath away. It started out as a "serious" film about two college age chaps whose girlfriends are abducted; it is up to these fellows to come to the rescue. Steckler, like most of us do during "serious" films, grew bored and decided to spice things up a little: his heroes stepped into a closet and came out as Rat Pfink and Boo Boo, caped crusaders. Steckler even coopted a real parade by marching his heroes in front of it. Improvisation, found art, fun trash: call it what you will, it's a great way to spend an afternoon that might otherwise be wasted frolicking wholesomely in the great outdoors.
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Kubrick's Favorite Film
scatman-22 September 1999
OK, but it made you look. He would have had a good laugh though...because it's so much GODdamned fun...& because he was Kubrick...contemporary of ed wood, steckler shot a take & moved on...but he took this guerrilla filmmaking just one wee step further...he didn't actually use a script or have much of a story...they'd just find themselves shooting a beach blanket scene & he'd think, "cool. a beach. what if a gang of hoods in dune buggies & capes ripped over the field just as the hurricane swept in? that'd be dynamite!"...& so a second & third plot would develop...ignore the namby-pambies who prattle on about pedestrian crap such as, well, you know, Plot, Theme, Vision, and uhm, Coherence...rigid t**ts, who needs 'em...check it out...if you're reading this, you're interested anyway...the movie was given it's title because steckler sent in the credit specifics to the fellow who was shooting them & it was still then titled "Rat Pfink AND Boo-Boo"...his boy goofed & when ray got them back & heart-droppingly saw "Rat Pfink A Boo-Boo," did he curse? did he welp? hell no... he shouted out in ecstasy, "That's the new name of my damned film!"...well, he probably didn't...& he only kept the title because he couldn't afford to reshoot the credits...& the world's a better place for it...& your world will be amusingly broader for having rented it...and so will stanley's, when he thinks to watch it again, smiling on the beaches of jupiter with sun-ra...cheers, Snr. Steckler.
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It blew my mind...
macb3th24 December 1999
Despite the fact that I missed the first ten minutes of this movie, I was still downright amazed by the sheer absurdity of the plot and the Batman-like fight scenes. I'm not saying this was a bad movie. It was a great movie. It has a certain quality to it that many movies don't... it's an abomination, but you can't tear yourself away from it. The characters are both absurd and captivating at the same time. It's certainly pushing the envelope for the "bad but incredibly amusing" category. And as for the costumes... Boo Boo's hat deserves a review of its own.
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sheer stupidity (and I mean that as a compliment)
Jonny_Numb22 October 2003
I have to say, I popped "Rat Pfink" in the VCR last night after watching "Blade Runner" for the first time, and I found it a lot more entertaining and fun. Ray Dennis Steckler's bottom-drawer ripoff of "Batman" (it even owes a lot to Jerry Warren's "Wild World of Batwoman") is actually entertaining in that exclusive, so-bad-it's-good way, with cheesy homemade costumes (Rat Pfink looks like a burglar in his ski-mask) and an overlong fight sequence that takes place in what is probably the producer's backyard. The presence of the luminous Carolyn Brandt (Steckler's girlfriend) livens things up nicely; like another reviewer stated, she's not much of an actress, but she's certainly easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, like a lot of the director's other films, "Rat Pfink" is padded out to an insufferable degree, to the point where it almost put me to sleep (but maybe that's a compliment in itself).

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Fight crime!
John Seal29 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Ray Dennis Steckler usually gets lumped together with Ed Wood in the pantheon of legendary 'bad directors'. That's unfortunate and unfair, because at his best Steckler is a talented and unique stylist. His best film, The Thrill Killers, is a taut melodrama set in the remote canyons of Los Angeles County, but for pure, unadulterated cinema nuttiness, Rat Pfink A Boo Boo is the one to see. It's a film of two parts: the first half is a heady blend of elements lifted from New York-lensed roughies such as The Defilers, Godard's Breathless, and every rock n roll movie of the late 50s, whilst the second half is a slapstick comedy influenced in equal measure by Batman and Beach Party. The film looks great: Steckler knows how to frame and light a shot, though he's less adept with action sequences, and the hyper-reality of the Los Angeles locations are effectively contrasted with the sur-reality of the comic sequences. It's also a well-paced 67 minutes, and Steckler effectively keeps your interest by constantly stirring new and unexpected ingredients into the pot. The cast are terrific: Carolyn Brandt is gorgeous as lady in distress Cee Bee Beaumont (who keeps a copy of The Autobiography of Malcolm X by her telephone!), Titus Moede does the best Royal Dano imitation you'll ever see as Titus/Boo Boo, and real-life rocker Ron Haydock makes for a convincing Lonnie Lord/Rat Pfink, who, we are told, has sold an astounding ten million records to his adoring fans. It's no one's idea of Great Cinema, but Rat Pfink A Boo Boo is a thoroughly enjoyable piece of outsider art.
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Incredibly strange and mixed-up "superheroes"...
Infofreak2 November 2001
If you've seen Ray Dennis Steckler's cult classic 'The Incredibly Strange Creatures...' and thought it was a silly, unbelievably bad mess, you haven't seen anything yet!! 'Rat Phink a Boo Boo' actually surpasses it! It is even sillier, more incoherent, cheaper and basically makes absolutely NO SENSE at all. At least '..Creatures..' had a semblance of a plot, 'Rat Phink..' doesn't even bother trying! The movie begins like a thriller with the kidnapping of a rock singer's girlfriend by some heavies then... well I won't spoil the experience for you! Let's just say things don't turn out QUITE like you might think...

This is one of the strangest low (and I mean LOW!) budget movies of the 1960s. Watching it is like watching a car crash. You know you should stop looking at some point but you just can't tear your eyes away!

Makes Ed Wood look like Sam Fuller.
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They have only one weakness.....
zmaturin11 November 1999

It starts out innocently enough- world famous rock star Lonnie Lord and his gal pal Cee Bee frolic about California in an endless whirl of touch football games and swingin' rock and roll tunes! But things go wrong when middle-aged hoodlums decide to kidnap Cee Bee and hold her for ransom! Luckily, Lonnie and his pal Titus also happen to be Rat Pfink and Boo Boo, two crime fighters with goofy costumes and no particular powers with which to fight crime. But they sure give those hoodlums a licking, albeit after a car chase that takes roughly four and a half hours to play out. But it does, and Rat Pfink and Boo Boo save Cee Bee from the evil In Cold Blood-esque gang AND a rouge gorilla named Kogar! It's all wrapped up in a swingin' beach finale where the drunken salesman from "The Incredibly Strange Creatures...." looks on!

This is definitely a strange movie, to say the least. It's from the great Ray Dennis Steckler, but despite it's amazingly silly subject matter it's not as good as his other classics; the movie lacks a starring performance from Steckler (he's great in his "Thrill Killers", the aforementioned "Creatures", and his later "Body Fever"), and some of the photography is very dark and confusing.

But the music is great, and Steckler regulars Titus Moede, Ronald Haycock, and Carolyn Brandt shine. Brandt, Steckler's one time wife, appeared in nine of his movies, but this is the one where she looks like she's having the most fun. This movie is amazing in it's own twisted way- at no point does it make sense or come close to a regular narrative, but the freedom and joy Steckler had while making it comes across in every frame, and that's why Steckler's strange body of work holds up so well today. He had a passion for film-making that most directors could never hope to grasp.
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"Fight Crime, Boo-Boo!!" :
MooCowMo30 September 1999
Proof positive that terrible "B" moovies are sometimes moore fun than mainstream Hollywood films! : Shot on less than a shoe-string budget, and padded out with stock footage from Steckler's own bottomless home-movie vaults, Rat Pfink A(nd) Boo Boo is a horrible little gem of a moovie, and a great parody of the original Batman tv series. Sexy Carolyn Brandt (Steckler's wife) is terrorized by 3 sadistic creeps who walk around with bits from a hardware store. Titus, her Okie gardener, is too dumb to help, and her famous rock-n-roll boyfriend, Lonnie Lord, can only sing rock-a-billy tunes. Enter Rat Pfink(Lord) and Boo Boo (Titus), two poorly costumed chaps who have no super abilities whatsoever. Boo Boo's costume includes a couple of red Christmas tree lights. Rat Pfink wears a dark ski mask. They chase the bad guys, spouting such lines as "Fight Crime!" and "Crime's A-foot!", from a motorcycle & sidecar. The image of these two cheaply bedecked idiots rolling thru the suburbs will make your sides split. The film features lots of fisticuffs, rockin' rock-a-billy tunes, the snuggly charms of the lovely Ms. Carolyn Brandt, and a "special appearance" by Kogar the Gorilla! What moore cud you want??

As everyone knows, the guy at the film lab blew the title, which was supposed to be Rat Pfink And Boo Boo, and Steckler didn't have the moolah, nor the desire, to get it fixed. This frisky little gobbler is a million times moore fun than the latest Jerry Bruckheimer multi-million dollar schlock-fest, so the MooCow says buy it, rent it, beg, borrow, or steal it, but add this moovie to yer cowlection now!! :=8)
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This was very Good
MIKE LAUGHLIN29 December 2006
I watched for the first time yesterday. It wasn't as bad as "Batman and Robin" it was entertaining . I like all the old cars ,Corvairs, Thunderbirds , F100 pick-up. Starts out slow with dimwit kidnappers making crank calls to the victim. The Hammer knocks out the Gardener with a hammer. There is some singing and the Rock star team up with the gardener to become "you know who". The 2 heroes chase the kidnappers and there is fist-fights. The parade I have read about too. Ray Dennis Stecker said his $20.00 shows in the film. A lot of girls in Bikinis and a gorilla sort of a cross between Batman series and Beach movies. This film shows you don't need millions of dollars to make a movie. Don't know the final total money made on it ?
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Worth 67 minutes of your life
tomgillespie200218 October 2011
A strange hybrid of contemporary movies styles, Rat Pfink a Boo Boo begins as a seemingly straight, very low budget and amateurish crime drama. Cee Dee Beaumont (Carolyn Brandt), girlfriend to rock 'n' roll star, Lonnie Lord (Ron Haydock), is being harassed on the telephone by a gang of bored hoodlums. The first half of the film plays like a pulp melodrama, but this is also mixed with some beach party scenes. The whole film is a post-modern concoction of ideas, taken from the popular youth movements of the time. A year previous to the production of the film, an incredibly saccharine and asinine movie was released, that actually began a bizarre - if short-lived - series. Beach Blanket Bingo (1965), has been pilfered for the lame beach party scenes that interject throughout the first half of the film.

After Lonnie's girlfriend is kidnapped by the previously mentioned gang, he receives a phone call giving the demands for her release. This is where the film changes. It is not a revelatory change. It simply seems that the film maker just didn't know what to do with the ending. So, as per the previous action of pilfering, I can only assume he simply switched the TV on and was introduced to two popular shows that were being aired at the time. Lonnie, along with a character we hardly noticed in the previous half, Titus Twimbly (Titus Moede), step into a cupboard. After a kerfuffle they exit wearing ludicrous outfits, and proclaiming their super-hero pseudonyms as Rat Pfink and Boo Boo. (As a note, this was the full original title. However, in post production, the titles were messed up leaving the a instead of the and.)

What proceeds is a farcical parade of the eponymous super heroes gliding through the streets on a motorcycle and side car around the streets of Hollywood. This last part plays out like the camp Batman series that clearly influenced it, and the title being adapted from another cartoon TV character, Batfink. With it's cheap credentials in place, the film still has some amateurish charm. I believe that much of the humour is intentional, and the super hero section has it's tongue placed firmly in it's cheek - much like the Batman series that it is riffing on.

The film does deserve it's 2.9 IMDb rating, but because it is so low budget, I believe it has more to offer that let's say, for example, Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011), which has less to offer as it takes itself so seriously, and was made on a budget that could probably alter the third world. Also, with a running time of only 67 minutes, does not waste 3 hours of your life, and is worth it for it's outrageous acting, preposterous settings, and the more obvious limitations of it's director, a man who clearly lost his way 40 minutes into the film, resulting in the super hero ending, shoehorned into place.

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Even the 1 stars reviews admit it's great!
crusadenow22 May 2009
I feel sorry for the former film student posting here who was fortunate enough to be in one of Steckler's classes and managed to get nothing out of it. Steckler was, and continues to be, an inspiration to those who are determined to do, as in DIY, regardless of obstacles. The negative Nelly seems to have been appalled at Steckler's lack of slickness: well, Nelly can wait for Hollywood or NY to give her the wherewithal and permission to realize her vision, but it's not going to happen. She'll die without having done anything worth remembering (brings to mind the passage in Willeford's The Woman Chaser where the narrator decides the only way to counter the brevity of life is to make a film). Steckler, on the other hand, is remembered, revered, and loved by people who never knew him.

Note that the reviews that give one star are doing it as a tribute and indicate that the film should be seen. This is one of the few films that I've seen more than fifteen times and still enjoy (the others being Apocalypse Now, Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens, and Once Upon A Time In The West).
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The Kookiness and Skewed Direction are What Makes This Film Work !!! At Least on A Goofy Level !!!
cshep8 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Rat Pfink A Boo Boo, or Rat Pfink and Boo Boo, just reading that , what would you think the film could be about ? I had no idea, but I am less confused now.

Back in the 1960's there were Independent film makers, who could put out low budget movies, that would make a few bucks to carry them over until their next venture. That is where Ray Dennis Steckler comes in. Director, Story Writer, and sometimes Actor, under many various names, i.e., Cash Flagg,. His story is one of partial success, he learned from what didn't work in his films, and improved his movie making , I suppose you could call him the Poor Man's "Woody Allen." Except, he hit the wall and never got over it , to achieve the same success.

But, this film, does have some merit, what starts out as a dark thriller about 3 young men who terrorize women for profit, and it works in a strange way, turns into improbable situations and actions ,and quickly puts doubt and credibility into the viewers mind , and that is when the story turns into farce.Steckler realizes this, and enter Rat Pfink and Boo Boo, 2 sort of regular people, who fight crime in cotton outfits that neither stretch or flatter this dynamic duo.

Lonnie Lord/Rat Pfink(Ray Haydock),and his mentally challenged gardener Titus Twimbly/Boo Boo(Tutus Moede) are called into action when girl friend /fan Cee Bee Beaumont (Carolyn Brandt) is attacked and kidnapped for ransom in BROAD daylight, in a heavily populated neighbor hood by the 3 antagonists, you''ll love these names, Linc(George Caldwell), he carries a weapon, a partial chain, wow , great plot device, Hammer(Mike Kannon) guess what his weapon is ?,and Benjie(James Bowie), whose cunning and canny ability to pop out of sealed trash cans in dead end alleys makes him the most formidable,what a HOOT !

After Cee Bee is kidnapped , they call Lonnie Lord for a ransom demand, but they aren't aware that Rat Pfink is on the case. This is where the film totally skews, but in a fun and goofy way.

So, if you want to see how one man's visions, could have put him in the upper crust, then, see a Woody Allen film, if not , try this fare for your viewing pleasure. Runs 72 minutes. It is a Classic,at least historically. 6 out of 10 as a partial template for film students.
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Grown up adults made this?
rosscinema30 December 2002
What can you say about this infamous mess? Steckler had a strange sense of humor but he was smart enough to keep putting Carolyn Brandt in his films. Brandt couldn't act much but she was a hot piece of ass and was always sexy in her roles. The dubbing is especially bad as there was no microphone during filming so all dialogue and sound effects were put in later like the sound of a toilet flushing when they tried to start the motorcycle! Rat Pfink's voice sounds like a drunk Bullwinkle or Yogi Bear. You know your in for a cheap movie when it has a narrator for no reason at all. The fight scenes are phony and what was up with having a gorilla in the film? The gorilla handler was a real strange guy, he sounded real gay and had a big round butt. Why was Rat Pfink always pointing his finger when they rode in the motorcycle? And Boo-Boo cannot fight to save his life. And when the thugs wanted to get money all they did was make crank calls to Brandt before they kidnapped her. Why? Movies that are this low budget and inept are interesting to watch and I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said I wasn't entertained by this nonsense. Good shots of Hollywood in the mid sixties. If you love really bad films than you have to see this one!
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Friends of the friendless! Defenders of the defenseless! And Enemies of the lawless!
sol10 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
(Mild Spoilers) Underground crime fighting dynamic duel Rat Pfink and his sidekick Boo Boo were obviously styled after Batman & Robin but came across as two bumbling buffoons who you would wish were on the outer side of the law.

As rock & Roll singer Lonnie Lord and slow witted gardener Titus Twimby the two crime fighters had the perfect front in keeping their secret identifies from the public. It's when they went into action that they showed just how ridicules and off-the-wall that they really were. Dressed in these modified and souped up, with electric light blinking on and off, long-Jhons you have to look long and hard to find any other comical movie crime fighters to even come close to them in having you laugh your head off.

The two crime fighters adversaries in the movie is this trio of nut-cases whom we've seen earlier in the film attack and rob poor and helpless Irma La Streetwalker. The infamous trio is made up of the psycho-looking Link and his his hammer swinging partner Hammer with Benjie making up the trifecta. Benjie who's always giggling, even when he's getting clobbered by Rat Pfink & Bo Boo, seems to have trouble keeping a straight face and being serious throughout the film. It shows that Benjie at least, unlike everyone else in the cast, realized just how off-the-wall the film "Rat Pfink & Boo Boo" really was. It may have been that Benjie was also the only member of the cast that wasn't either drunk or on mind altering drugs like LSD.

Rat Pfink and Boo Boo get their chance to go into action when Link Hammer & Benjie kidnap Rat Pfink's girlfriend Cee Bee. Desperately needing quick cash to have a night of hot action the evil trio want $50,000.00 from Cee Bee's boyfriend Lonnie, who's secretly Rat Pfink, or else he'll never see her again. Cee Bee, or Carolyn Brandt who plays her, for her part is so unconcerned to what's happening to her you wonder why the three even bothered to kidnap Cee Bee in the first place?

As an added treat we also get both Konga the ape and his trainer Romeo involved in the, what turns out to be the best part in the film, chase that has both Rat Pfink and Boo Boo catch and bring the three villains, Link Hammer & Benjie, to justice. Cee Bee who having escaped from her kidnappers has to then contend with the hot blooded ape Konga who's got the hot's for her. It's Konga's friend and trainer Romeo who saves Cee bee from a fate worst then death by getting, which both Rat Pfink & Boo Boo couldn't, Konga to desist from his wild animal jungle instincts by throwing him, off camera, a stack of ripe bananas.

P.S Actor Ron Haydock, who played Rat Pfink/Lonnie Lord, was also a rock and roll song writer and singer who in real life was tragically killed on August 14, 1977 when he was hit by a truck while he was hitch-hiking. Haydock died just two days before his long time idol the "King of Rock and Roll" 43 year-old Elvis Presley suddenly died of a massive heart-attack at his Graceland Estate in Memphis Tenn.
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haildevilman8 April 2006
Great weirdness all over the place.

Steckler was famous for making things up as he went along and it shows here. However, Steckler could also pull it off admirably.

Two halves here; A creepy, menacing first half that actually raised chills a few times.

Then a comedy second half that raised laughs. Hysterical.

The non-stop dubbing just added to the fun. I swear it sounded like the voice overs were trying not to laugh.

Entertainment par excellence.

There was also quite a bit of stock footage used as filler. Steckler was known for this as well. It gives a good slice of life for the time.
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A Worthy Follow-Up To A Legendary Monster Musical
ferbs5424 August 2007
I don't think I've ever laughed more in a movie theatre than the first time I saw "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies" (1963) at NYC's Thalia some years back, and have wanted to see Ray Dennis Steckler's legendary 1965 follow-up, "Rat Pfink A Boo Boo," ever since. And the good news is that, to my not-so-great surprise, this turns out to be an extremely entertaining short film in the superhero genre. Filmed on the supercheap for only $20 (as Steckler tells us in an excellent interview on this DVD)--although every penny of that is evident on screen--the picture tells a simple story, in which Cee Bee Beaumont, girlfriend of rock star Lonnie Lord, is tormented and kidnapped by a trio of thugs. Good thing that Lonnie is actually costumed crime fighter Rat Pfink, and that Cee Bee's doofus gardener is actually his cohort Boo Boo, who hop aboard their sidecar motorcycle to rescue her from the villains, as well as an escaped gorilla! The picture features remarkably fine photography and editing, and although there is no synchronized dialogue whatsoever, I was able to quickly adapt, especially when being thrilled by some very frenetic dukeouts and no less than four upbeat rock 'n' roll numbers. The varicolored tinting of the film only enhances the already impressive lensing, and, at a mere 65 minutes or so (not the 90 minutes widely stated), the movie never even begins to wear out its welcome. By turns amusing, suspenseful, exciting and ludicrously funny, "Rat Pfink A Boo Boo" is a worthy successor to filmdom's "first monster musical." And Steckler, in his lengthy interview, proves to be just as bright and funny as his films would lead one to believe. The man has a remarkable memory, and his articulate stories round out this DVD very nicely indeed.
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Lamest Director of all time.
jjjjjjjjjjjjj-414 September 2006
In the early '80s I had the misfortune to spend a full day with Mr. Steckler and his movies in a college classroom. Included was RAT PFINK A BOO BOO. As well as filming some of the worst music videos of all time, including the unwatchable first video of the Jefferson Airplane (circa '68 I believe), he is the only person to make an airshow by the USAF Thunderbirds appear to be boring. His "Star" & girlfriend, Carolyn Brandt, is a narcoleptic "singer" who appears in his films randomly and without any notable connection to plot. The real crime of Steckler's films is the total lack of fun. They are boring. Every element of his film-making is either trite or lacking any connection to concept. He doesn't appear to really like to make movies. My impression was that it is compulsion rather than desire that drove him to film. Do yourself a favor and avoid any of his films unless you are trying to get rid of unwelcome guests in your home.
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Pam Goes Psychic
dougdoepke19 December 2017

Next time I go to the racetrack, I'm taking Pam with me. She's got her own hilarious way of picking winners. Just ask Jerry. Too bad a jockey ends up dead in the North's new car. Now our charming sleuths are drawn into another crime, and good thing for us series fans. The body leads them to the jockey's wife, brassy blonde Veda Ann Borg (Zelma), who makes any feature worth it with her don't-mess-with-me feisty manner.

Not much mystery since we know the culprit early on. Nonetheless, Pam's there to nose out the guilty party in her usual winning manner. Actually, I was hoping for a face-off between her and her personality opposite, Borg. I'd like to see how the writers handle that. No, it's not among the series best; still, there're always Denning and Britton to carry the show. Meanwhile, I'm off to the track.
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What Is It?
dougdoepke18 December 2017
So what do you do for a movie when you've got no script, no stars, and no money. First, you get a cast with tight pants and shoot them from the rear; then, you make sure everything and everybody stays in constant motion even if you get a headache; lastly, you throw in a spoof and hope it all comes out like camp. I'll say one thing for impresario Steckler--he knows how to wield a camera even if to no overall purpose. No, this isn't camp. It's more like a student film, with all the energy in the world, a pass to Griffith Park, and a 1940's gorilla suit. One thing for certain, Steckler's mania sure puts the 'motion' in motion picture. Too bad it left me with a headache, and a tug for poor Carolyn Brandt who gets one heckuva workout. Anyway, I think Steckler has proven something, I'm just not sure what.
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