Help! (1965) Poster


Leo McKern: Clang



  • Clang : [offering a bagful of gold]  Psst! Hey, Be-a-tle! You shall have fun, yes?

    John : No thanks, I'm rhythm guitar and mouth organ.

  • [Offering gold to Paul] 

    Clang : Hey, Be-a-tle! How about this, eh? Shufty gold! All of it pure gold in easy-to-handle denominational nuggets. Not marked, not a mark on 'em, eh?

    Paul : No, I hate them.

    Ahme : No!

    Paul : I I do! I mean, they make your fingers go green.

    Ahme : It is not the Beatle with the ring, he.

    Paul : Aren't I?

    Ahme : No unfortunately!

    [laughs as Paul gives her a dirty look] 

  • Clang : Something must be done. Without the ring, there will be no sacrifice. Without the sacrifice, there will be no congregation. Without the congregation no more me.

    Bhuta : This is so.

    [Clang hits Bhuta] 

  • [Hypnotism attempt over the phone from a public phone box] 

    Clang : Go to the window.

    John : Hey! It's them!

    [the Beatles block their ears] 

    Clang : Go to the window, Go to the window, Go to the window, Go to the window.

  • Clang : [realizing the ring is gone]  The ring!

    Ahme : The ring!

    Bhuta : Has nobody looked in the wash basin?

  • Clang : Take this hastily scribbled note, hastily to acting Lance Corporal Bhuta. Off!

  • Clang : Quickly, quickly.

    Bhuta : Yes, yes.

    Clang : In, in.

    Bhuta : Right, right.

    Clang : All in together now Sir.

    [Harrods van won't start] 

    Clang : What! Arrgghh!

    Bhuta : Shilling

    Clang : Shilling?

    Bhuta : Oh, Shilling.

    Clang : Shilling, now.

    Bhuta : Off, off.

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