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Really funny
CaligulaAzrael29 August 2011
This movie is some kind of a underestimated classic. I'm sure of that. Man chasing naked women in a suit of gorilla - whoa! The acting is so bad, that you cannot even blame the people that they can't play. It's just unbearably funny. It's edited from a bunch of totally idiotic scenes, with nonsense dialogues, fatal lightning..., oh, let's just say that everything in here is very, very bad. Just take the scene of a "belly dance": see how they're clapping to the rhythm, while the director is giving them signs from beyond the camera - you have to see it to believe. And that's the case - it's so campy that you can just love it or leave it. I loved it. Great comedy for a bad mood.
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If you just HAVE TO see a "nudie-cutie" flick . . .
lazarillo19 June 2006
The "nudie-cutie" is without a doubt one of the campiest genres in the history of American cinema. Prevented by the censors from doing anything stronger, 60's exploitation filmmakers like David Freiedman, Herschel Gordon Lewis, and Barry Mahon resorted to making "nature documentaries"--basically home movies shot at nudist camps (although the actual nudists were usually told to take a hike and attractive and voluptuous nude models were put in their place). Naturally, the acting and production values were atrocious and the films were much more silly than erotic. It is always refreshing to see naked women before the modern era of institutionalized anorexia and silicone implants, but you'd do better with the later 70's sexploitation films like the "roughies" or the "ghoulies" which often featured the same kinds of women but were far sleazier and had actual (and often mind-warping) plots. You see one nudie-cutie film on the other hand you've seen them all.

If you MUST see one though of these movies though, this is a good choice. It ranks somewhere between "The House on Bare Mountain" and similar "The Monster at Camp Sunshine", but unlike both those earlier films it is in color. It really should be called "The Beast that Killed Woman" as only one woman is killed (and probably owing to censorship, she is fully clothed at the time). The beast also throws a guy in a lake and most of the movie is taken up with the police interviewing this second "victim" in his hospital bed or with various nude or semi-nude women discussing how scared they are and whether they should leave the resort. My favorite scene is where a woman is screaming for help and one of these bimbos responds by jumping out of her top bunk and hopping into the lower bunk with her friend (yeah, that makes a lot more sense than calling the police). The "beast" by the way turns out to be an escaped gorilla (or rather a man in a very unconvincing gorilla suit). What is a murderous escaped gorilla doing in a Florida nudist resort? You know, they never really do say. Oh well.
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Oh Brother...
suspiria1029 May 2004
Here we go, back to those swinging sixties.This nudist / horror hybrid is so bad that you can't help but smile and enjoy it all the way through. All the standard prerequisites of a bad movie are here. You get in abundance horrible acting. I have seen people read cue cards with better panache. A bevy of bare boobs and butts parade around for ambiance (after all this is a nudist camp). Let us not forget that the titular title `monster' is a man in a dime store knock off gorilla suit. You know that you are talented when you make a film this bad, no one would think a film like this could be taken seriously.. But the biggest part of a bad film is unintentional laughs and this one has them in abundance. This movie will work well with the bad movie lover. Thankfully it runs about 60 minutes. But even at that it looses steam about 25 minutes before that.
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Dead From the Neck Down
BaronBl00d26 January 2005
Shame, shame, shame. This little "horror" film is basically a nudist camp film with the awkward appearance of a guy in an ape suit thrown in as an afterthought. It should not be called the "The Beast That Killed Women," but rather "The Beast That Killed a Woman." Maybe ten minutes of the sixty minute running time(which felt like it was two hours!)is devoted to the ape guy chasing a woman and then finally being dealt with by the police. What do you get for the rest of the film? Bare bottoms and bosoms parading through the woods. Playing volleyball. Swimming. Playing shuffleboard. Talking in bunk beds. Sitting around a campfire. All the while the most appalling music plays. The film has no actors. There are really no characters developed. There is little direction aside from a guy following the movements of nudists in a nudist camp. The film fails miserably as a horror film in any way. It lacks drama. It lacks humour. It is only remotely intriguing from a nostalgic viewpoint(perhaps).
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The Beast That Killed Women
Scarecrow-8816 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The fine folks at Something Weird Video bring us this piece of tedious hokum, shot at a Miami Beach nudist colony, strictly of the "point and shoot" variety, with director Barry Mahon implementing a documentary approach that basically follows the reactions and conversations of customers camping responding to a "monster on the loose" (essentially a dude in a monkey costume), attacking folks. Look, the cast of this "picture" (and I use the term "picture" loosely since I think these non-actors would prefer just to get naked than be bothered with reciting lines fed to them by director Mahon and writer Clelle Mahon) aren't trained actors, and it shows painfully. Often, "The Beast That Killed Women" (a gross misuse of a title if there ever was one) consists of women chattering (the audio is pitiful) about the obvious (do we really need endless scenes where naked women, crotches covered, tits exposed, discuss what we have already seen?), with only three true scenes showing the monster of the title and those aren't worth waiting for. The best scenes feature the "star" of this waste of time, Byron Mabe, a patient in a hospital bed, having "suffered shock" after being tossed into a lake by the monkey-costumed Mahon (the director was also the beast!), lamenting the prospects of swallowing jello and crackers as his meal. Coca Cola gets plenty of product placement as a machine shows up consistently during police interrogation scenes. While I had a hard time staying awake during this, I am glad such things exist if just as examples of an era long gone. I was amused at the nudist camp owner's smiling face as he greets with delight returning customers after the beast meets his fate; life returns to normal and the naked are free to bask in the sun without the worry of judgmental eyes bothering them.
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Utterly terrible with few amusing moments.
HumanoidOfFlesh17 August 2008
Delores Carlos and Byron Mabe play a couple,who is visiting a Miami nudist camp.Unfortunately for them an escaped gorilla chooses to show up on grounds of camp and start killing female nudists,one woman to be precise.How the beast in gorilla suit escaped or why it's attacking nudists in their grass huts at night is never explained though we're given a soundless scene near the end of the film where the cops arrest an unnamed woman with a large cage in her home.I have seen my share of bad horror movies and "The Beast That Killed Women" is no exception.It has tons of naked flesh,but no full-frontal nudity.The acting is terrible,the plot is extremely dull and the beast looks laughable.Still the scenes with gorilla are strangely amusing.3 out of 10.
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'Aunt Peg''s first movie, but not as 'Aunt Peg' nor a porn film
movieman_kev12 March 2005
A man recuperating in a hospital recounts how he got there when an ape terrorized a nudist camp. This was marginally better then "Monster at Camp Sunshine", the other feature on Something Weird's double-feature DVD. Obviously, this film only exists to show flesh, and don't get me wrong, the movie is pretty damn bad. But at just an hour it's not THAT awful. Thanks in part to being Juliet Anderson's first film role. Juliet of course would become a porn star in the 80's thanks to her 'Aunt Peg' character, and roles in other Golden Age porn classics.

My Grade: D+

DVD Extras: Double-Bill with "The Monster of Camp Sunshine"; 9 Shorts ( Bring 'em back nude, Expose of the Nudist Racket, Nude Ranch, Beauty and the Beast, Back to Nature, Nudist Fashion show, and 3 intermissions) ; Gallery of Exploitation art; Vintage Drive-in intermission; Theatrical Trailer; Trailers for "Eves on Skis", "Goldilocks and the Three Bares", "Nudes on Tiger Reef", "Nudist Life", and "Pussycat Paradise"

Easter Egg: Highlight Jesse James Drive-In for a bonus Trailer for "Girls Come Too"

Eye Candy: It's mostly set at a nudist camp..duh, so loads of breasts and buns, only bushes are trees tho
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Deliciously bad movie.
Boba_Fett113829 July 2010
Some movies just aren't made to impress and to sweep any awards. They are made purely to please a certain audience. And for its certain audience, at its time, this must had been simple a good fun, bad movie, with some nudity to it.

It's an sexploitation flick from the '60's but that doesn't mean that it's a very daring or exciting one. Seems that for legal reasons they were not allowed to film people below the waist and when they did they only showed the backside of people. So never any full frontal nudity in this movie, which is strange, since this entire movie is set at a nudist camp.

And what a silly nudist camp it is. They are dancing, singing and swimming together and all seem to have a very jolly time. All of the girls are very young and beautiful ones, which is of course not realistic at all, considering what type of people normally attend nudist camps. But beware though of the beast that is lurking in the woman is safe from his great strength and extreme cunningness.

There is of course very little story to this all and the story that there is, is all real ridicules. It's simply a extremely poorly done movie, with zero production value. Not sure if this was actually a serious attempt to crossover the monster genre with a sexploitation flick. The end result is hard to take serious as one, anyway.

It was obviously a very cheap movie. All of the camera-shots are extremely static and mostly consists out of people entering the frame or uttering some lines. Non of the people involved were real actors, at least they did not acted that way. It was simply horrendous. It was also extremely hard to understand what they were saying, which was due to some extreme poor sound quality at times. It was fun though at times to hear the crew talking in the background. An obvious unintentional mistake.

But well, you just don't watch a this sort of movie for its innovating, high technical qualities, it's brilliant acting or clever story. You watch it purely to have some fun with and because it's all so bad and extremely silly, you just can't help but to enjoy this movie. It doesn't make it a good movie by any means but it at least makes it a fun one to watch. And luckily it's only just an hour long so you don't feel like you are wasting too much time with it.

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The wildest of times at a nudist colony.
Michael O'Keefe21 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Director Barry Mahon, thank you. Exploitive T & A from the mid sixties. A pretty scary time for guests at a Miami Beach nudist colony, as a gorilla runs amok killing anyone in its reach...clothed or butt naked. Bouncy, bouncy. Bouncing boobs and bouncing buns of all shapes and sizes. One complaint is that some of the better looking babes in clothes never take them off. And who really cares that some guy in a gorilla suit is chasing naked chicks around. Typical American Drive-In Theater fare that helps rev up the libido between the popcorn and big orange drink. The director himself is listed among the cast members featuring: Julie Anderson, Sandra Sinclair, Darlene Bennett, Bryon Mabe and Gigi Darlene.
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So Bad, It's Great
earthncharacters22 October 2017
First of all, I was actually able to watch the full thing without turning it off or pausing it, which is good, I guess. Anyway, in my own opinion, it was a great film, despite the fact it lacked decent acting and the volume didn't stay consistent.

Most of the actors seemed like they could do better if they just acted as they would if cameras weren't rolling. There was one scene which had people clapping, but the claps that could be heard did not match up with the actors hand movements. There was a few bits where children (or something else) can be heard making noise, yet it could be heard outside of a building, and inside at the same volume. Furthermore, some bits didn't have speech and only music and various, seemingly random, noises can be heard.

Nevertheless, the plot, albeit not too creative, was half-decent, and it did manage to make it look like these people were actual nudists (some of the actors are nudists, which helped, a lot). The film did a great job at knowing what it was, and what it was doing. It never seemed to be taking itself too seriously, which is what makes it so good. Matter of fact, one character talks about how the 'beast' could be a man in a suit, which it, as we all know, was.

All in all, the lack of quality actually makes it an enjoyable film. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, so to speak, but I'd recommend it to anyone who likes B-Movies.
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So Incredibly Bad It's Quite Hilarious At Times
Michael_Elliott29 March 2015
The Beast That Killed Women (1965)

** (out of 4)

The setting is a nudist camp in Miami where the members have a swell time spending their days walking around naked, swimming, square dancing and playing a variety of other sports. All of this happiness quickly turns to terror when a killer gorilla shows up and starts killing people.

THE BEAST THAT KILLED WOMEN is probably one of the better known releases from Something Weird Video because it qualifies as one of the worst movies ever made but also one of the most entertaining in a so-bad-it's-good kind of way. While watching this movie the first thing that came into my mind was how much it must have sucked wanting to see nudity back in the day because you would have to submit yourself to these types of movies. The next thing that came into my mind is how thin the entire plot is but this was to be expected because the only real goal here was to show nude bodies and there's no question that we get a lot of that.

Again, everything in this movie is pretty awful from the acting to the directing to the plot to the horrible score but in all honesty no one is watching this for "that" stuff. The movie contains non-stop nudity and it's often done is such childish ways that you can't help but laugh. Just check out the first real bits of nudity where the camera pretty much just stays in place while naked people walk in front of it. I guess you can say the director was an equal opportunist nudist because it's woman, man, woman and then man again. There are countless scenes of people just walking in front of the camera and the most hilarious moment comes when there's a towel on top of a wall for some reason and two women must jump in order to try and get it. Oh, then let's not forget that the women sleep on bunk beds and near the end when the gorilla is running loose this gives them a reason to get into the same bed.

Speaking of the gorilla, the man-in-a-gorilla suit routine is never scary here and in fact it's going to get more laughs than anything else. I'm not sure what actor was inside the suit but I'm curious as to what drugs were in his system because this is one wild and crazy gorilla. The outfit is obviously fake and they never try to hide this. As you can tell, there are a lot of bad things with this film but at just 60-minutes the film moves rather good and there's no question that there are enough laughs here to keep you entertained as long as you don't take it too serious.
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dbborroughs20 January 2008
The Beast that Killed Women is terrible and terribly dull movie about a gorilla, we'll pretend that we buy its not a man in a bad gorilla suit, killing women at a nudist camp. This is painful as people wander around, play volleyball and do nothing for the first quarter of the film other than be naked. Day turns to night and everyone puts on their clothes (?) for get together. After turning in the gorilla shows up drags a woman out of her hut, takes her to a field and bounces twice on her stomach and kills her.

Morning comes and as the body is discovered I turn the DVD off because this is just painful.
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A hilariously tacky marvel of cinematic ineptitude
Woodyanders12 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
A gorilla (played by some poor slob in a laughably obvious and unconvincing ape suit) goes on the rampage in a nudist camp. Boy, does this delightfully dippy and dreadful doozy possess all the right wrong stuff to qualify as a real four star stinkeroonie: Barry Mahon's flat (non)direction, the plodding pace, the lousy acting from a lame no-name cast, Clelle Mahon's wafer thin script, the cornball stock film library score, the gloriously ridiculous premise, a priceless nude square dancing sequence (!), the choice clunky dialogue (sample line: "He was hairy -- and big!"), the exceptionally poor sound quality, and the static, yet bright and colorful cinematography all ensure that this sixty minute schlocker is an absolute sidesplitting riot from start to finish. Of course, the key reason to watch this clunker is to see such sexy 60's skin-flick regulars as Gigi Darlene, Delores Carlos, Darlene Bennet, June Roberts, and Sandra Sinclair parade about in their birthday suits. A totally gut-busting kitschy hoot and a half.
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