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Toshirô Mifune: Dr. Kyojô Niide



  • Dr. Kyojô Niide : [At dinner with the other staff: the newly-arrived Yasumoto refuses to eat]  Why don't you eat, Yasumoto?

    Dr. Noboru Yasumoto : I don't want to!

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : Does it mean that you're not hungry, or that the food doesn't suit you?

    Dr. Noboru Yasumoto : It means this place doesn't suit me.

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : Even bad food tastes good if you chew it well. Same with our work here if you try hard.

  • Dr. Kyojô Niide : Poverty's a political problem they say. But what has politics ever done for the poor? Has a law been passed to get rid of poverty and ignorance?

    Dr. Noboru Yasumoto : But this place! Government funds-...

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : Better this than nothing. The problem is deeper than that. If it weren't for poverty, half of these people wouldn't be sick. I know. There is always some story of great misfortune behind illness.

  • Dr. Kyojô Niide : [At Lord Matsudaira's mansion: the overweight lord and his chamberlain are being counseled by Dr. Niide]  As I've said, you're not ill, my lord. But you're in much worse condition. It is due to a life of luxury and ease. You indulge in rich food, you hold nothing heavier than chopsticks. Fat gathers, intake and discharge lose their balance.

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : [Now reviewing the lord's menu with the chamberlain]  I told you that white rice is detrimental to his health... One bowl of seven parts wheat and three parts rice at each meal... No fowl, meat or eggs... And not too much fish or salt...

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : [the overweight lord looks on, obviously distressed that he's being put on a strict diet]  Keep to this for 100 days.

  • Tokubei Izumiya : Pardon my abrupt question, but is it true that doctors play no part in life and death?

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : It seems so.

    Tokubei Izumiya : The people meant to live recover, and those meant to die pass away? Doctors have nothing to do with it?

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : It may mean that.

    Tokubei Izumiya : Bad and good doctors are the same, then? Expensive medicines and those sold in pharmacies are the same? Of course, an eminent doctor like yourself is different, I am sure...

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : Don't make me an exception. Don't hold back. Say what's on your mind.

    Tokubei Izumiya : I'm afraid I have displeased you.

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : Of course not. All doctors have to butter up rich men.

  • Dr. Kyojô Niide : You were drunk and men have a weakness for pretty girls. That's all. Don't be ashamed, but let it be a lesson to you.

  • Dr. Kyojô Niide : Medical science doesn't know everything. We know the symptoms and how things go. If the patient has a chance, we try to help. But that's about all.

  • Dr. Kyojô Niide : Nothing's so solemn as a man's last moments.

  • Dr. Noboru Yasumoto : I'm no good at all! I'm selfish. And self-satisfied. How am I unfortunate? Rokusuke and Sahachi were, but they died without complaint. Look at Otoyo. I'm so fortunate it's almost embarrassing. I'm no good! I blamed Chigusa and yet almost let that mad girl kill me. I was vain, proud of being a doctor just back from Nagasaki. I was too good for this clinic. I even held you in contempt, despised you. I'm a despicable man. I'm conceited and insincere.

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : Yasumoto, you're tired.

  • Dr. Kyojô Niide : Your daughter's more and more sane now. That's why she wanted to die. Perhaps it was kinder to let her, but I'm a doctor.

  • Dr. Kyojô Niide : Don't touch her. Your hand will rot.

    Kin, the madam : Rot? What do you mean?

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : You're rotten to the core! Smell yourself! Sickening!

    Kin, the madam : What's this? I'm not!

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : Your nose must have rotted too!

  • Dr. Noboru Yasumoto : You taught me the road to take. So I will take it.

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : You overestimate me.

  • [last lines] 

    Dr. Noboru Yasumoto : You're a fool!

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : I owe it to you.

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : You're young, so you talk like that. You'll regret it.

    Dr. Noboru Yasumoto : So you give me your permission?

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : I repeat: You'll regret it!

    Dr. Noboru Yasumoto : I'll have to find that out myself. Thank you.

    Dr. Kyojô Niide : Hmmp!

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