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Season 4

27 Sep. 1968
The Night of the Big Blackmail
While President Grant attends a fencing contest at the German consulate, he is invited by Baron Hinterstoisser to a reception and special presentation afterward. Agent West learns that the Baron plans to show a bogus kinetoscope film (see Goofs) revealing Grant signing a secret agreement with a nation of questionable character. Because an embassy is considered protected foreign soil, West and Gordon need to disrupt the Baron's plot by substituting their own fake film without being discovered, thereby causing an international incident.
4 Oct. 1968
The Night of the Doomsday Formula
When arms dealer kidnaps the inventor of a powerful new explosive, Jim and Artie attempt to rescue him before his formula's sold to the highest bidder.
11 Oct. 1968
The Night of the Juggernaut
Jim and Artie are ordered to find out who or what is running homesteaders off their land.
18 Oct. 1968
The Night of the Sedgewick Curse
Jim and Artemus are asked by a beautiful young woman, Lavinia Sedgewick, to help her mute grandfather. Both Sedgewickes seem to be under control of a controversial physician in their own mansion.
25 Oct. 1968
The Night of the Gruesome Games
Racing the clock to recover a stolen vial of deadly germs, Jim and Artie stumble upon a party hosted by an eccentric millionaire who delights in playing lethal parlor games.
1 Nov. 1968
The Night of the Kraken
A religious fanatic (played by Ted Knight) warns passersby at the San Francisco harbor that the city will be destroyed because of its citizens' wild ways. When a kraken (a sea monster) attacks at a pier, agent West tear off a piece of its tail, which is man-made ! Agent Gordon investigates by going undercover as an old salt, while West works with the U.S. Navy,
8 Nov. 1968
The Night of the Fugitives
To break a powerful crime syndicate, Jim and Arte must capture its wily bookkeeper before Diamond Dave gets him first..
15 Nov. 1968
The Night of the Egyptian Queen
A priceless ruby is stolen from an Egyptian exhibit at the San Franciso Museum. When West and Gordon are commissioned to recover the jewel, they led to a waterfront bar where they notice the ruby on the toe of a beautiful young woman dancing on the table. Gordon, disguised as a sea captain, chases the dancer but fails to capture her or the ruby. As West gets closer to the dancer, he discovers that he has competition from two other unsavory characters who will stop at noting to get their hands on the valuable gem.
22 Nov. 1968
The Night of Fire and Brimstone
Claiming to have made a discovery of major importance, a professor summons Jim and Artie to the deserted mining town of Brimstone.
29 Nov. 1968
The Night of the Camera
To take down an opium-smuggling ring, Jim West and Jeremy Pike join forces with Bosley Cranston, a timid secret service agent with some extraordinary skills.
6 Dec. 1968
The Night of the Avaricious Actuary
When vibrations from a giant tuning fork destroy the palatial homes of extremely wealthy businessmen, Jim and Artie are called in to investigate.
13 Dec. 1968
The Night of Miguelito's Revenge
While West gets a shave at the barbershop, he becomes anesthetized by a hot towel and awakens in a fun-house. West soon learns of a series of kidnappings with clues leading to a traveling circus. There, West encounters the demented Dr. Miguelito Loveless with his latest invention, a powerful mechanized man. After the mechanical man knocks out West, places him in a coffin and throws the agent into a river, Loveless plans to hold a mock trial for his abducted victims and sentence them to death.
27 Dec. 1968
The Night of the Pelican
West and his temporary partner Jeremy Pike investigate a Chinese gangster's theft of rare explosives from a San Francisco armory. Artemus Gordon (Martin) is said to be on desk duty in Washington. The dying words of a murdered Chinese informant, leads Pike to go undercover in China Town searching for the thief, while West masquerades as a military prisoner at forbidding Ft. Alcatraz.
3 Jan. 1969
The Night of the Spanish Curse
Crossing the border into Mexico, Jim and Artie pursue a group of bandits posing as the ghosts of Cortez and his conquistadors.
17 Jan. 1969
The Night of the Winged Terror: Part 1
James West is dispatched to a town after the U.S. receives a warning of an impending catastrophe. The Secret Service agent is unable to prevent the town's mayor from blowing up a new railroad trestle. West is assigned to work with agent Frank Harper on the case. Harper arrives too late to prevent a museum official from slashing paintings and destroying other artwork. President Grant departs Washington to personally brief the agents about the case, in which prominent people inexplicably commit acts of destruction. West arrives just in time to stop a dedicated sheriff ...
24 Jan. 1969
The Night of the Winged Terror: Part II
West departs Raven's headquarters in a bid to ruin the organization's plot to kill a Mexican official. The Secret Service agent, though, doesn't realize he has been programmed to assassinate the official -- and it appears he has done just that. However, fellow agent Frank Harper disguised himself as the official and wore a bulletproof vest, enabling him to survive the attack by the brainwashed West. Meanwhile, West bides his time, pretending to join Raven until he could find out more about Raven leader Tycho who claims to know "all that ever was." Harper, meantime, ...
7 Feb. 1969
The Night of the Sabatini Death
Johnny Sabatini makes a dying request of his adversary James West: ensure a special young woman receives the gift he is bequeathing her. The mission of mercy takes West and able assistant Ned Brown to the spooky ghost town of Calliope, Missouri.
14 Feb. 1969
The Night of the Janus
While solving the murder of a fellow Secret Service agent, Jim West and Jeremy Pike must uncover a traitor at the service academy with their only clue a sheet of music left by the dead agent.
21 Feb. 1969
The Night of the Pistoleros
Arriving at a lonely border outpost, Jim and Artie attempt to stop a terrorist gang from provoking a war with Mexico
7 Mar. 1969
The Night of the Diva
West and Gordon receive orders to protect Rosa Montebello, a famous Italian opera diva and niece of the ambassador from Italy. Artemus gets nothing but grief from the difficult diva. When the curtain goes down in the middle of the opera performance, West suspects foul play and jumps to the stage just in time to stop the diva's kidnapping. With subsequent attempts on her life, Montebello soon realizes just how much she needs the protection from the agents.
14 Mar. 1969
The Night of the Bleak Island
On Bleak Island, James West travels to retrieve to a diamond that was left to the National Museum and teams up with his former associate Sir Nigel Scott of Scotland Yard to defeat a master criminal named Calendar.
21 Mar. 1969
The Night of the Cossacks
Following an assassination attempt, the royal family of Karovnia escapes to America where Jim and Artie attempt to save them from an evil count who's following in pursuit.
4 Apr. 1969
The Night of the Plague
While Jim attempts to rescue the governor's daughter from a band of kidnappers, Artie discovers one of the bandits is the carrier of a deadly plague.
11 Apr. 1969
The Night of the Tycoons
James West investigates the deaths of members of the board of directors of the Jupiter Corporation with the help of the son of one of the deceased. They both encounter both stock fraud and an odd bar with a circus theme.

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