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15 May 1965
Yesterday's Enemies
Brett is known to be giving away British industrial secrets. However, when Drake confronts him, he discovers things are a lot more complicated and that Brett is not the only person being investigated.
22 May 1965
The Professionals
Mrs Pearson's upset when her husband, Desmond, seems to have disappeared from Prague. The man at the British embassy is unsympathetic, but the ambassador knows Desmond's an M9 agent. Drake's bright in to find out what's happening, by posing as an embassy employee with a weakness for spirits. As Drake digs into the social life of Prague by going to a party being organised by Milos Kaldor, he's drugged and arrested for drunk driving and seriously injuring a pedestrian. It appears Kaldor is in charge of a blackmail ring and has been keeping Desmond as a hostage. Drake ...
12 Jun. 1965
Colony Three
Drake takes the place of a defector and goes behind the iron curtain to find out what is happening when foreign agents reach England. When he gets there he finds a replica English village, which is a school where foreign agents are taught to 'be British'. Actual British subjects, such as Drake, are employed to teach the agents the finer points of the British way of life. Drake sets out to disrupt their education and stop the supply of agents from reaching England.
3 Jul. 1965
The Galloping Major
Drake is sent to Africa to protect the prime minister, who is in the midst of an election campaign. It is suspected that the opposition leader is planning to overthrow the government but Drake finds out that it is much more complicated.
17 Apr. 1965
Fair Exchange
In a poignant reminder that spies are merely people and that they often take terrible punishment when caught, Drake tries to stop a former agent from killing the East German government official who had her tortured beyond repair.
24 Apr. 1965
Fish on the Hook
M9 receives a mayday signal from an agent in an Arab country. He has been compromised and must get out. The agent is also the contact for a local spy called the Fish. Drake is sent undercover to bring the Fish out.
10 Jul. 1965
The Colonel's Daughter
Drake is in India when he is asked by an old friend, the Delhi police chief, to investigate the mysterious death of the employee of a retired colonel. The colonel sells exotic butterflies but Drake finds out that there is a lot more to it.
3 Apr. 1965
The Battle of the Cameras
A woman disguised as a clumsy tea lady steals some secret papers, which are sold to the highest bidder by a Mr Kent. M9 sends Drake to investigate a number of similar thefts by befriending the woman and infiltrating the organisation.
1 May 1965
No Marks for Servility
An international financier has come to the notice of M9, as he is believed to be an extortionist and murderer. When some important people are found dead, Drake goes undercover as a butler at the financier's rented villa in Rome.
31 Jul. 1965
A Man to Be Trusted
Two M9 agents have been tortured and murdered on a Caribbean island, and Drake's sent to find out who killed them and to determine how much information they divulged before dying.
14 Aug. 1965
Don't Nail Him Yet
An agent is selling secrets to a foreign government. How he is doing this is unclear so Drake is brought in to find out, which he does by befriending him as a bumbling teacher on stress leave.
29 May 1965
A Date with Doris
A glamorous actress is murdered and an M9 agent, whose cover has been discovered, is framed for her murder. Drake task is to get him out of jail and off the island using a submarine code-named Doris.
17 Jul. 1965
That's Two of Us Sorry
Confidential papers go missing, and Drake travels to a small island off the coast of Scotland in search of them and the culprit.
24 Jul. 1965
Such Men Are Dangerous
A prisoner is soon to be released and is offered a well-paid job that is obviously crooked. As he wants to go straight, he reports the approach. Drake takes his place in order to find out what the crime is to be, which is murder.
26 Jun. 1965
Whatever Happened to George Foster?
Drake discovers that a woman is financing political agitators in Santo Marco trying to bring down the government. He sets out to find out who employs her and why. Drake finds it is being funded by a rich member of the aristocracy.
10 Apr. 1965
A Room in the Basement
To save a friend with sensitive information who is being held in the Romanian embassy in Geneva, Drake must break into the embassy, in defiance of the British ambassador, retrieve his friend, and avoid an international incident.
7 Aug. 1965
The Affair at Castelevara
A former republican leader returns to his home country to retire. However, he is arrested by the current president and faces the death sentence, something both the British and Americans do not want to happen. Drake is sent in to stop it.
21 Aug. 1965
The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
After a driving accident, Drake finds he has a £500 gambling debt at a club he has no knowledge of, yet the staff seem to know him, and the club's manager, Mr. Alexander knows all about Drake's career with M9, and plans to blackmail him.
19 Jun. 1965
It's Up to the Lady
Glover has defected to China and M9 wants him back. Drake is ordered to try and get him. He follows Glover's wife to a remote Greek island near Albania where he encounters an Albanian agent keen on getting Glover's wife over the border.
2 Mar. 1965
Have a Glass of Wine
Drake follows a young lady, who has been selling secrets, to France where he confronts her with what he knows. Kathleen is being blackmailed and her role is to take the information to France. She offers to help Drake find who employs her.
5 Jun. 1965
The Mirror's New
Bierce is a British diplomat in France. He shoots a man, to whom he owes money, and hides the body. He then suddenly disappears. Drake is sent to try and find out what has happened to him.
1 Jan. 1966
Parallel Lines Sometimes Meet
A British husband and wife scientists disappear while on holiday on the English coast. The suspicion is they have been kidnapped and sent to Haiti, and Drake is sent to investigate.

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