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Season 3

6 Sep. 1967
Condemned of Space
The Robinsons leave their planet to escape a collision with a comet and find a ship full of frozen convicts.
13 Sep. 1967
Visit to a Hostile Planet
Passing through a time warp, the Robinsons do return to Earth in the year 1947. They are mistaken as invaders and start the UFO scare of the 1940's.
20 Sep. 1967
Kidnapped in Space
A spaceship requests medical help for their computer and Dr. Smith has to perform brain surgery on it.
27 Sep. 1967
Hunter's Moon
After killing a hostile alien, Professor Robinson comes across a "hunter" and he must replace his dead prey.
4 Oct. 1967
The Space Primevals
On a planet where a primitive people are ruled by a computer, Doctor Smith goes against character and saves Major West's life.
11 Oct. 1967
Space Destructors
Using an alien machine Doctor Smith creates an army of cyborgs to conquer the universe.
18 Oct. 1967
The Haunted Lighthouse
The Robinsons take a boy home to his planet and come across a spaceship that is a space lighthouse. The boy gets angry when they tell him they don't have enough fuel to get him home.
25 Oct. 1967
Flight Into the Future
Accidently landing on a planet, Will, Doctor Smith and the robot find the Jupiter 2 is now an archaeological site and that they are in the future.
8 Nov. 1967
Collision of Planets
A group of space hippies are going to destroy the planet the Robinsons are on.
15 Nov. 1967
Space Creature
When a gaseous creature engulfs the Jupiter 2, the other crew members disappear leaving Will and Doctor Smith alone.
22 Nov. 1967
Deadliest of the Species
The robot falls in 'love' with an evil female robot sought by two aliens.
29 Nov. 1967
A Day at the Zoo
Galaxic showman Farnum B. wants to exhibit the Robinsons in his zoo.
13 Dec. 1967
Two Weeks in Space
Two escaped thieves transform themselves into humans and pretend to be tourists as Smith turns the Jupiter 2 into a hotel.
20 Dec. 1967
Castles in Space
Will meets a princess who is escaping two bounty hunters and Will gets kidnapped instead.
27 Dec. 1967
The Anti-Matter Man
John Robinson and Don West are transported onto a strange new world where their evil opposites exist and plan to change places with them. Will, The Robot and a reluctant Dr. Smith set out to find and help the real Don and John only to be pursued by a evil John Robinson.
3 Jan. 1968
Target: Earth
Landing on a planet some shapeless beings duplicate the Robinsons and take the Jupiter 2 with the intent of conquering Earth. Will gets aboard to stop them.
10 Jan. 1968
Princess of Space
Penny is kidnapped by aliens who think that she is the missing Princess Alpha.
17 Jan. 1968
Time Merchant
After making a deal with the Time Merchant, Dr. Smith returns to earth just before the launch of the Jupiter II. If he doesn't get on it the Jupiter II will crash into an asteroid.
24 Jan. 1968
The Promised Planet
When the Robinsons nearly reach Alpha Centauri, they find a human base run by young people. They convince the adults that Penny and Will aren't their children and they leave in the Jupiter 2.
31 Jan. 1968
Fugitives in Space
Don and Doctor Smith are sent to an intergalactic prison after coming across an escapee.
14 Feb. 1968
Space Beauty
Farnum B the intergalactic showman again encounters the Robinsons as he presents the Galaxy Beauty Pageant that Judy enters.
21 Feb. 1968
The Flaming Planet
Doctor Smith disposes of a plant that grows to a gargantuan size and becomes attached to the Jupiter 2.
28 Feb. 1968
The Great Vegetable Rebellion
Smith lands the pod on a planet where plants are the highest form of intelligence next to the writer of this episode. The Robinsons lands only to be captured by Tybo a giant carrot. He plans to turn them into trees while Dr. Smith becomes a stalk of celery.
6 Mar. 1968
Junkyard in Space
With the Robinsons running out of food, Dr. Smith trades the ship and the robot to a junk man for food.

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