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18 Sep. 1965
The Lady in the Bottle
American astronaut Tony Nelson splashes down near a deserted island and finds a bottle that contains a beautiful genie named Jeannie. After helping him get rescued he sets her free, but she prefers to come home with him. Besides she is very much in love with her handsome master and she will grant his every wish or desire no matter how much trouble he gets in.
25 Sep. 1965
My Hero?
Jeannie blinks Tony to ancient Persia to defend her honor while Jeannie announces to her parents that this is the man she plans to marry.
2 Oct. 1965
Guess What Happened on the Way to the Moon?
On a survival mission, Jeannie gives Tony every possible comfort.
9 Oct. 1965
Jeannie and the Marriage Caper
When Tony's future father-in-law is accepting an ambassadorship, he offers Tony a prestigious position if he leaves the Air Force.
16 Oct. 1965
G.I. Jeannie
When Jeannie says she wants to be his secretary, Tony tells Jeannie that she has to join the Air Force.
23 Oct. 1965
The Yacht Murder Case
After Tony argues with Jeannie on a yacht and she blinks home, two witnesses think that he pushed her overboard and murdered her.
30 Oct. 1965
Anybody Here Seen Jeannie?
Jeannie sabotages Tony's tests prior to his launch because she doesn't want him breaking his tether on a spacewalk and being lost in space.
6 Nov. 1965
The Americanization of Jeannie
After reading an article in a magazine, Jeannie tries to become the typical American woman.
13 Nov. 1965
The Moving Finger
When Jeannie becomes jealous of Tony dating a movie star, she tries to become one but finds out that genies cannot be photographed.
20 Nov. 1965
Djinn and Water
Jeannie brings her great-grandfather to Cocoa Beach to teach Tony how to desalinate water.
27 Nov. 1965
Whatever Became of Baby Custer?
A neighborhood boy sees Jeannie performing her magic and tells Doctor Bellows.
4 Dec. 1965
Where'd You Go-Go?
Jeannie goes out with Roger to make Tony jealous. Roger falls for her, thinking that she is a normal woman.
11 Dec. 1965
Russian Roulette
When Tony and Roger are entertaining two Russian cosmonauts, Roger inadvertently gives the female Russian Jeannie's bottle with Jeannie in it.
18 Dec. 1965
What House Across the Street?
Jeannie invites Roger Healey to visit her home that she blinks one onto a nearby vacant lot and creates parents based upon characters she sees on TV.
25 Dec. 1965
Too Many Tonys
Jeannie creates a second Tony that adores her the way she wishes her master would.
8 Jan. 1966
Get Me to Mecca on Time
Tony has a lot of work and doesn't have time for Jeannie. However, it is the day of Ramdah when masters must journey to Mecca to recite the ancient words or their genie will lose her powers and disappear.
15 Jan. 1966
Richest Astronaut in the World
Roger finally discovers that Jeannie is a genie and steals her bottle. After making him extremely wealthy, NASA has him arrested on suspicion of selling government secrets to foreign countries.
22 Jan. 1966
Is There an Extra Jeannie in the House?
Roger thinks that two stage magicians are his own two genies.
29 Jan. 1966
Never Try to Outsmart a Jeannie
Tony says that Jeannie can come to Rome with him if she travels as a normal woman and can get a passport.
5 Feb. 1966
My Master, the Doctor
When Tony mentions that he always dreamed of being a surgeon Jeannie blinks him into the operating room where Tony gets accused of impersonating a doctor.
12 Feb. 1966
Jeannie and the Kidnap Caper
Tired of Jeannie using her magic around the house he asks Jeannie to promise to not use her magic for him again. Next thing he knows is that he is captured by Red Chinese spies and all Jeannie can do is watch.
19 Feb. 1966
How Lucky Can You Get?
Unbeknownst to Tony, greedy Roger brings Jeannie with them to Reno and gets in trouble at the gambling tables.
26 Feb. 1966
Watch the Birdie
Tony becomes General Peterson's golf partner when Jeannie makes him play better than Sam Snead.
5 Mar. 1966
Permanent House Guest
After Doctor Bellows cannot prove that Major Nelson had an elephant in his house, he moves in to catch him in the act.
12 Mar. 1966
Bigger Than a Bread Box and Better Than a Genie
Tony investigates a phony fortune teller who is almost proved real with Jeannie's help.
19 Mar. 1966
My Master, the Great Rembrandt
Trouble starts when Jeannie replaces Tony's copy of a Rembrandt with the original painting.
2 Apr. 1966
My Master, the Thief
Jeannie steals a pair of slippers from a museum that were hers 2000 years ago.
9 Apr. 1966
This Is Murder
When Tony has to escort a princess around, Jeannie announces that due to a family feud she has to kill her. To save the princess Tony sends Jeannie around the world with tasks so massive that she will miss the three days of her visit.
23 Apr. 1966
My Master, the Magician
When Doctor Bellows finds Tony floating in midair, he insists that he perform that same trick at the NASA talent show.
7 May 1966
I'll Never Forget What's Her Name
Tony hits his head, forgets who Jeannie is and asks her to marry him despite Roger's objections.

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