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William Phipps Dies: Voice Of Prince Charming In ‘Cinderella’ Was 96

William Phipps Dies: Voice Of Prince Charming In ‘Cinderella’ Was 96
William Phipps, the voice of Prince Charming in the animated Disney film Cinderella and a prolific actor who appeared in more than 200 film and television productions, has died. Phipps passed Friday at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica at age 96 from lung cancer complications, according to his friend, author Tom Weaver.

Phipps had an interesting career in film, debuting in the Oscar-nominated Crossfire, which was a Best Picture candidate that year. But he was best known for his many roles in 1950s science fiction films, where he was one of the genre’s main players.

Among his appearances were the films Five, The War of the Worlds, Invaders From Mars, Cat Women of the Moon, and The Snow Creature.

Phipps voice-over gig as Prince Charming was a direct hire by Walt Disney himself. It brought Phipps a whopping $100 for an afternoon’s work. He later made a live appearance as
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Don Rickles, Legendary Insult Comic, Dies at 90

Don Rickles, Legendary Insult Comic, Dies at 90
Abrasive comic Don Rickles, the honorary Rat Pack member and celebrity roast guest whose career spanned six decades, has died. He was 90.

Rickles died Thursday morning at his home in Los Angeles from kidney failure, his longtime publicist Paul Shefrin confirmed. He would have turned 91 on May 8.

Though he appeared in films and on television, Rickles’ mainstay was always nightclub performances, appearing in Las Vegas and elsewhere into his late 80s. He also found late success as the voice of Mr. Potato Head in the “Toy Story” films, which were exceptional box office performers, and popped up frequently on latenight talkshows.

Rickles’ career had its ups and downs as comedic tastes changed, and his curmudgeonly persona was sometimes out of kilter with audience tastes, but he survived long after many of his contemporaries had disappeared into retirement. And when he was hot, he was a potent club headliner, insulting his
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The Glory Guys

Do you like my choice of leading image?  'We're the Glory Guys! Eee-Yow!' What is surely the most generic cavalry western of all time is actually from a screenplay by Sam Peckinpah. Twilight Time's extras have a lot to say about that, and so does Savant. The Glory Guys Blu-ray Twilight Time 1965 / Color / 2:35 widescreen / 113 min. / Street Date September 6, 2016 / Available from the Twilight Time Movies Store / 29.95 Starring Tom Tryon, Harve Presnell, Senta Berger, James Caan, Andrew Duggan, Slim Pickens, Peter Breck, Jeanne Cooper, Michael Anderson Jr., Adam Williams, Wayne Rogers, Michael Forest, Paul Birch, Stephen Chase, Claudio Brook. Cinematography James Wong Howe Cinematography Ernst R. (Tom) Rolf, Melvin Shapiro Original Music Riz Ortolani Written by Sam Peckinpah from the novel by Hoffman Birney Produced by Arthur Gardner, Arnold Laven, Jules V. Levy Directed by Arnold Laven

Reviewed by Glenn Erickson

The Glory Guys is as generic and standard-issue
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The Brady Kids: Animated Series Finally Coming to DVD

A complete set of The Brady Kids animated TV show is finally being released on DVD. The Brady Kids is an animated spin-off of The Brady Bunch. The cartoon ran for 22 episodes over the course of two seasons, before being cancelled in 1973. Talk about a long wait! The ever-useful website, TV Shows on DVD reports the three-disk set will be available February 16, 2016.

The Brady Kids was part of ABC's Saturday morning cartoon block. In the first season of The Brady Kids, Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland, Maureen McCormick, Susan Olsen, Eve Plumb, and Barry Williams all voiced the roles they played on the live-action series. Williams, Knight, and McCormick left The Brady Kids at the end of season one, and the Greg, Peter, and Marcia voice-roles were recast. F Troop star, Larry Storch, voiced Greg's classmates Chuck White and Fleetwood, as
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F Troop's Melody Patterson Dead at 66, Played 'Wrangler Jane'

F Troop's Melody Patterson Dead at 66, Played 'Wrangler Jane'
Melody Patterson, who played “Wrangler Jane” Angelica Thrift on the Old West comedy F Troop, died on Friday at age 66.

Patterson’s passing was reported by the official Facebook page for F Troop costar Larry Storch.

Running for two seasons on ABC (from 1965-67), F Troop followed the post-American Civil War antics at the remote Army outpost Fort Courage. Patterson’s Wrangler Jane was the tomboyish, shopkeeper and sharpshooter girlfriend of Captain Wilton Parmenter (played by Ken Berry).

The actress’ TV credits also included appearances on The Monkees, Green Acres, Adam-12 and the original Hawaii Five-0.

Here, an atypically dressy
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Obsessed with Pop Culture: Best of the Week

Film ‘Jupiter Ascending’ rises to absurd and hilarious heights

That sound you’re hearing is a massive sigh of relief from David Lynch. He no longer holds the dubious distinction of producing the most expensive B-movie in the history of Hollywood. That honor now belongs to The Wachowskis, whose Jupiter Ascending has officially displacedDune at the top (or bottom) of the heap. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however. Jupiter Ascending not only looks spectacular, it’s a laugh riot. Ridiculous dialogue, hammy performances, and enough mythology to baffle Zeus make this disaster a must-see for all lovers of cheese… read the full article.

The Conversation: Drew Morton and Landon Palmer Discuss ‘The Killing’

Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing (1956) is not my favorite work by the visionary director. In fact, the film probably wouldn’t even make it onto a list of my top five Kubrick films. Yet, with
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The Televerse #179- The Phil Silvers Show and F Troop with Michael Price

Between finales, pilots, and premieres, there’s plenty of TV to talk about this week on the podcast. First we look at the week in comedy, including Key & Peele’s Superbowl special and a contentious Man Seeking Woman. Then Kate looks at some genre before Simon joins her to discuss The 100, and we round out our week with the dramas, including the series finale of Parenthood, the pilot of Fortitude, and the long-awaited season premiere of The Americans. Afterward, Emmy Award winner (and current writer for The Simpsons) Michael Price returns to join Kate at the DVD Shelf to discuss multi-cam comedy and two classics of the genre, The Phil Silvers Show (aka Sgt. Bilko) and F Troop.

Our Week in Comedy (13:42-43:33): Parks and Rec, Key & Peele Superbowl Special, Archer, Man Seeking Woman, Broad City, Adventure Time, Jane the Virgin

Our Week in Genre (44:28-
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[Comic-Con 2014] Scream Factory Announces ‘Inside Look’ Panel, Limited Edition T-Shirt & Posters

From a suburban werewolf to a farmer who plants people, Scream Factory will continue to deliver cult horror films to viewers’ doorsteps throughout this Summer of Fear. Those attending Sdcc next week will get a taste of their terror treats firsthand at booth #4248, where a number of Blu-rays will be available, as well a limited edition t-shirt, posters, and an “inside look” panel that will include special announcements and sneak peeks of upcoming Blu-ray releases.

The panel, titled An Inside Look at Shout! Factory, Shout! Kids and Scream Factory, will take place on Friday, July 25th, 2014 at 7pm in Room 23Abc. In addition to exclusive panel announcements, a Comic-Con exclusive blood-red Scream Factory t-shirt will be available at their booth, as well as a free 2014 button pack, collectible keychains, screen wipes, and more. Also available at booth #4248 will be the following batch of Scream Factory Blu-rays, each one coming with
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Recap: 'True Blood' - 'Fire in the Hole'

  • Hitfix
Recap: 'True Blood' - 'Fire in the Hole'
The guiding principle behind “Fire in the Hole” seems to be that if the show can cover enough physical ground and extend its reach over a great enough span of time, that will make up for a set of relationships that have ceased to evolve and a plot that’s freezing up. There’s a lot of inert dialogue scenes where people try to work out their thoughts and feelings, including one in which Violet expresses her disappointment in her “warrior” Jason for even having thoughts and feelings. (Remembering the day they met, she says that she could tell right away that “you were a man like they used to make them, who lived by a code of honor and dignity, and with an iron-forged c**k!” Stick that on your next Father’s Day card.) These philosophical debates don’t do much for the audience, but hey—there are flashbacks!
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Without Warning Blu-ray & DVD Release Details and Cover Art

“It preys on human fear. It feeds on human flesh.” Scream Factory has officially announced their August 5th release of Without Warning to Blu-ray & DVD. The cover art and special features on this first-ever home media release of Without Warning should excite fans of the 1980 sci-fi thriller.

“The hunting season has begun. Earth is the new hunting ground for an alien life form that preys on human fear and feeds on human flesh. Beyond any known terror, mankind is about to become the next endangered species in the 1980 sci-fi horror cult classic Without Warning, also known as It Came Without Warning, from celebrated exploitation filmmaker Greydon Clark (Joysticks, Satan’s Cheerleaders). A non-stop ride into extra-terror-strial mayhem, this highly sought-after sci-fi creature thriller stars Oscar® winners Jack Palance (Batman) and Martin Landau (Ed Wood), Tarah Nutter (Bitter Harvest), Christopher S. Nelson (Roller Boogie), Cameron Mitchell (Blood and Black Lace), Neville Brand
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Scream Factory Brings Without Warning to Home Video for the Very First Time

Released in 1980, the low-budget sci-fi horror flick Without Warning has faded into relative obscurity over the course of the last several years, never managing to find itself on any home video format. That all changes this summer, when Scream Factory breathes new life into a lost and undiscovered gem. Read on for full release details!

From the Press Release

The hunting season has begun. Earth is the new hunting ground for an alien life form that preys on human fear and feeds on human flesh. Beyond any known terror, mankind is about to become the next endangered species in the 1980 sci-fi horror cult classic Without Warning, also known as It Came Without Warning, from celebrated exploitation filmmaker Greydon Clark (Joysticks, Satan’s Cheerleaders). A non-stop ride into extra-terror-strial mayhem, this highly sought-after sci-fi creature thriller stars Oscar® winners Jack Palance (Batman) and Martin Landau (Ed Wood), Tarah Nutter (Bitter Harvest
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"Quick Draw": Funny Frontier Justice

  • SneakPeek
Sneak Peek footage, images and synopsis, from the new 'Old West' comedy series "Quick Draw", starring writer, actor John Lehr as 'John Henry Hoyle', a new sheriff in the 1875 Kansas town of 'Great Bend', premiering August 5, 2013 on Hulu.

Not since TV's "F Troop" and Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles" has there been an attempt at a film parody of the 'cowboy' genre, as Lehr satirizes "Deadwood" with the forensic procedures of "CSI":

"...a 'Harvard' graduate who studied forensic science, as well as being a remarkably good shot, 'Sheriff Hoyle' (Lehr) is also kind of a dummy, in a hilarious way. 

"Joined by a cast of characters that includes 'Deputy Eli Brocias' (Nicholas Brown), a madam/saloon-owner named 'Honey Shaw' (Allison Dunbar), and a hodgepodge of colorful locals, outlaws, and ladies of the night, Sheriff Hoyle is tasked with bringing law and order to 'Great Bend'...

"...earning the respect of the townspeople,
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Slideshow: Stars Align at ‘The Hollywood Show’ in Chicago

Chicago – One of the most unique happenings in Chicago every year is “The Hollywood Show.” This annual event presents celebrities from TV and film, both from the nostalgic past and the current scene. In September of 2012, the show included Loni Anderson (“Wkrp in Cincinnati”), Oscar Winner Martin Landau and the reunited cast of “Lost in Space,” all meeting fans and signing autographs.

HollywoodChicago.com covered the event, and photographer Joe Arce put the show’s participants in front of the lens. “The Hollywood Show” will be back in Chicago in September, 2013. Click “Next” and “Previous” to scan through the slideshow or jump directly to individual photos with the captioned links below. All images © Joe Arce of Starstruck Foto for HollywoodChicago.com.

HOLSHOW1: Loni Anderson of ‘Wkrp in Cincinnati.’ HOLSHOW2: Another view of Loni Anderson. HOLSHOW3: Oscar winner Martin Landau of ‘Ed Wood’ and ‘The Majestic.’ HOLSHOW4:
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Interviews: 1960s Celebrities of TV, Film at ‘The Hollywood Show’

Chicago – In the 1960s, network television became the ‘cool fire’ that families gathered around, and the array of trends and shows in that era had an odd but flavorful variety. Lee Meriwether (Catwoman from the 1966 ‘Batman movie), Kathy Garver (Cissy in the sitcom ‘Family Affair’) and Robert Colbert (ensemble player on the TV drama ‘The Time Tunnel’) represented those shows.

They appeared last March at ‘The Hollywood Show,’ a twice-a-year event in which fans can mingle, take photographs and get autographs from the celebrities – like the 1960s TV and film actors – who appear there. There is also a great opportunity to purchase memorabilia from a host of showbiz vendors, all in one room. The fall session of The Hollywood Show will take place at the Hilton Rosemont Hotel on River Road in Rosemont, Ill, on September 7th, 8th and 9th, 2012. For complete details click here.

HollywoodChicago.com was at the
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Martha Thomases: Heroes and Big Hair

  • Comicmix
For no reasons that are indefensible intellectually, I went to see Rock of Ages the other day. I like Alec Baldwin, okay? It’s loud and it’s fun, and while hair metal was never my genre, I kind of like the power ballads that dominate the soundtrack.

The main plot is almost identical to Get Crazy, one of the greatest movies ever made. A sincere rock club on the Sunset Strip (in this case, The Bourbon Room), run by Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand, is in the rapacious site of greedy real estate developers. Our heroes must put on a show that will sell enough tickets to raise money and thwart the evil plans. Meanwhile, a sweet young girl (Julianne Hough) from the heartland comes to Los Angeles with dreams of rock stardom, and falls in love with a boy with similar dreams (Diego Benota).

Mixed up in all
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Interview: Men in Black 3 Director Barry Sonnenfeld talks Time Travel and Writing Himself into the Film

It may seem surprising but as a film journo, one of the more difficult elements of interviewing cast and crew, perhaps the most difficult, is getting the interviewee to give an original answer.

Even if you come up with a question they’ve never heard before, they’ll still more likely than not give you something fairly dull, and well-practiced, as before you get anywhere near them, they’ve been quizzed about the film by studio executives, coached by publicists and harassed by journalists visiting the set.

Even on the day of your interview, they will probably have been by at least fifteen people before you, each with their own variation on the same question. And that’s assuming you’re at the first junket for the film – a more likely scenario is that they’ve already done press for it around the world before they come anywhere near you.
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Jon Eig: The New Abnormal: What Modern Sitcoms Can Learn From the Past

Jon Eig: The New Abnormal: What Modern Sitcoms Can Learn From the Past
The networks announced their 2012/13 seasons this week. Many years ago, this was a big event. It isn't anymore. But the media still trots out a few column inches on the new shows we can expect to see cancelled next fall. And I always look, hoping to find some vestige of brief, glorious part of America's cultural past.

Most current sitcoms can be traced to one of several family trees. You can still see the spawn of Lucy and Ricky in Mike and Molly, just as you can scratch The Middle hard enough and find Father Knows Best. The Seinfeld/Friends juggernaut is visible in the Fox hit The New Girl, among others. And workplace comedies that sprang from The Dick Van Dyke Show make up most of NBC's current line-up.

The networks' new shows mostly fall into these generic categories. Chances are, one or two will strike a chord, most will flounder.
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Why I'm willing to believe in Johnny Depp's Tonto | Dana Lone Hill

Depp claims Native American heritage, but I don't care whether he can prove it or not. His cred is his talent as an actor

When I first saw the picture of Depp playing Tonto which producer Jerry Bruckheimer sneak-tweeted last week, I was, of course, giddy as always to see Depp, because I have been a fan for most of my life. I am one of those women who feels like they "discovered" him because they have been following his career since the original 21 Jump Street. And now, as Tonto: the make-up was fierce and the head-dress a bit odd – I mean, it is a bird – but it was still "my" Johnny Depp.

I knew when that picture, with a head-dress by a costume designer and face-paint by a make-up artist, surfaced, that there was going to be a stir – an uprising, perhaps – among the American Indian community's social networks.
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'The River' bosses on their lessons from 'Lost,' four other things you should know before watching the premiere

'The River' bosses on their lessons from 'Lost,' four other things you should know before watching the premiere
ABC’s The River has garnered about as much positive buzz as any midseason show, which is to say it’s been received about ten times better than 90 percent of fall’s offerings. That’s promising. More promising? The show’s executive producers Zack Estrin and Michael Green have a collective knowledge and appreciation for so-called genre television that has well-prepared them for the impending trek down The River. And they want you to feel ready for the journey, too.

So here’s their advice and a (spoiler-free!) preview of what’s to come as you gear up for the ride:

1. You Will Get Scared…
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F Troop: Don Diamond Dies at 90; Farewell Crazy Cat

The prolific character actor best remembered for his role as Crazy Cat from F Troop has passed away at the age of 90. Don Diamond had been fighting Parkinson's disease and other medical issues.

Diamond frequently played Mexican or Native American characters but his father was a first generation immigrant from Russia. Diamond studied drama at the University of Michigan and later earned a commission in the Us Army Air Corps. He as fluent in Yiddish already and learned Spanish while stationed in New Mexico during the second World War.

When he was discharged in 1946, he started acting on radio and frequently played Mexicans or Spaniards. This led to him being cast in The Adventures of Kit Carson TV show and then as Corp. Reyes in the 1950s Zorro TV series. The latter would signal the start of his long association with Zorro.
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