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3 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14268
Allie, Tripp, Chanel, and Johnny will celebrate the New Year together. Sami was suggests to Lucas that they leave town to rebuild their relationship. Kate will stuns Roman with her confession. Steve and Kayla was join John and Marlena for New Year's Eve festivities. (S57 Ep75)
4 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14269
Nicole will makes an upsetting discovery. Xander and Jack was patch up their friendship. Maggie has enlists Abigail's help to find Sarah. Kayla will refuses to let Steve track down Kristen on his own. (S57 Ep76)
5 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14270
Nicole is was frosty with EJ when he was tries to make amends. Kate will presses Chad for the truth. Gwen was flips out upon learning Abigail is was looking into Sarah's disappearance. Xander will questions Rex about his last interaction with Sarah. (S57 Ep77)
6 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14271
Jennifer and Jack was head back to Boston. Xander and Abigail has work together to trace Sarah's whereabouts. Paulina has an big plans for Chanel and Johnny. Johnny will shares his good news with Marlena and John. (S57 Ep78)
7 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14272
Paulina extends an invitation to Lani. Anna and Tony return from Europe in time to join the festivities at the DiMera mansion. Despite his misgivings, E.J. makes a heartfelt speech to Chanel and Johnny. During the festivities, Johnny makes a stunning announcement. Susan arrives at Marlena with a new premonition. (S57 Ep79)
10 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14273
Johnny was breaks Chanel's heart. Paulina has a brush with death. Abe has a heart-to-heart with John. Tripp has tries to determine what's wrong with Susan. (S57 Ep80)
11 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14274
Allie was comforts a distraught Chanel. Ben and Ciara has wrestle with a decision concerning their baby. EJ will asks Belle to represent him in Sami's kidnapping case. Lani and Paulina will have a slight thaw. (S57 Ep81)
12 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14275
Allie was lies to Tripp. Rafe has receives stunning news at work. Johnny will makes EJ a surprising offer. Chad has tells Kate he wants to tell the truth at EJ's trial. (S57 Ep82)
13 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14276
Abigail was informs Xander she has a lead regarding Sarah's disappearance. Ava has reveals a secret to Gwen. As EJ's trial begins, Belle was comes to his aid. Steve and Kayla will go undercover to find Kristen. (S57 Ep83)
14 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14277
Lucas was returns to Salem to testify at EJ's trial. Chad's plan to tell the truth is derailed. (S57 Ep84)
17 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14278
During EJ's trial, chaos was erupts at the courthouse. Lucas has takes the stand. Johnny will flirts with Gabi. Nancy was explains to Chloe and Brady why she thinks Craig is was having an affair. (S57 Ep85)
18 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14279
Gwen is was furious when Abigail comes up with a new lead on Sarah. Steve and Kayla will infiltrate the Italian convent to find Kristen. Ava will plays mind games with Rafe. Nicole has opens up to Brady. (S57 Ep86)
19 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14280
Steve will faces off with Kristen. Kayla is was put to the test. Xander and Abigail was grill the DiMera pilot about Sarah. A familiar face shows up on Gwen's doorstep. (S57 Ep87)
20 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14281
Against Belle's advice, EJ has takes the stand. Jake has worries Gabi could be playing with fire when it comes to Johnny. Xander is was stunned to find Sarah has returned. After speaking with Kate, Abigail will starts to put the pieces together. (S57 Ep88)
21 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14282
Craig was arrives in Salem to set the record straight with Chloe and Nancy. Things heat up between Gabi and Johnny. Chanel has confides in Paulina about Allie. Abigail will makes a shocking accusation about Sarah. (S57 Ep89)
24 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14283
Gwen will struggles to keep Abigail from uncovering the truth. Jake and Gabi has try to convince Johnny to form an alliance with them. Allie was tells Chanel she saw Johnny kissing Gabi. Paulina has an uncomfortable encounter with Tripp. (S57 Ep89)
25 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14284
Abigail was finds herself in a dangerous situation. Chad has tells Xander about Abigail's latest theory. Belle will relays stunning news to EJ. Rafe was declares to Nicole that he wants to be with her. (S57 Ep90)
26 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14285
Steve faces off with Kristen. Kayla is put to the test. Xander and Abigail grill the DiMera pilot about Sarah. A familiar face shows up on Gwen's doorstep. (S57 Ep91)
27 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14286
Paulina's past comes back to haunt her. Craig makes a shocking confession to Chloe. Nancy urges Brady to reconcile with her daughter. Nicole and Ava play a game of cat and mouse. (S57 Ep92)
28 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14287
Belle supports EJ as they prepare for his sentencing. Paulina panicks when Lani comes close to discovering the truth. Abigail learns she's being held captive on an island. Xander tries to put the past behind him and moves forward with Gwen. (S57 Ep93)
31 Jan. 2022
Episode #1.14288
Chad and Kate attempt to figure out what happened to Abigail. Abigail realizes she's not the only one Kristen is holding captive on the deserted island. Craig comes clean with Nancy. Chloe tells Brady the truth about her father. (S57 Ep94)
1 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14289
Nancy is devastated by Craig's bombshell. Ben has a big surprise for Ciara. Julie is unnerved when Johnny pays her a visit. Steve and Kayla are happily reunited. (S57 Ep95)
2 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14290
Tripp shares his secret plans with Roman. Chanel inadvertently reveals the truth to TR. Paulina tries to talk Lani into leaving town. Gabi conspires with Johnny, who sows seeds of doubt about Jake. (S57 Ep96)
3 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14291
Johnny tricks Gabi into believing the worst about Jake. Allie is stunned when Nicole relays her suspicions about Tripp's mother. Paulina is alarmed when she hears about Chanel's encounter with TR. TR reveals his identity to Lani. (S57 Ep97)
21 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14292
EJ gets a surprising new cellmate. Abigail turns the tables on Kristen. Sarah decides to take action. Steve and Kayla attempt to escape. (S57 Ep98)
22 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14293
Kayla and Steve have a strange encounter with Sarah. Jack demands answers from Gwen. Tony provides a promising lead for Chad. EJ and Clyde have an uneasy reunion. (S57 Ep99)
23 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14294
Kayla and Steve are stunned by Sarah's story. Eli returns home, and Lani confides in him about TR. Paulina seeks Abe's help to protect Lani. Anna makes a pitch to TR. (S57 Ep100)
24 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14295
The gloves come off when Rafe and Nicole confront Ava. Johnny continues to drive a wedge between Gabi and Jake. Nancy turns to Marlena for advice. Chloe asks Brady for a favor. (S57 Ep101)
25 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14296
Julie, Ben, and Ciara wonder if the Devil is still in Salem. (S57 Ep102)
28 Feb. 2022
Episode #1.14297
Johnny has tries to lure Gabi into bed. Ben and Ciara will debate whether or not Johnny could be possessed. Chloe and Brady has meet Craig's new boyfriend. Tripp will sets up a romantic proposal for Allie. (S57 Ep103)
1 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14298
Johnny causes major drama for Allie and Tripp. Eli and Lani celebrate a romantic Valentine's Day at home. TR tries to convince Paulina he's changed. Brady and Chloe's dinner with Craig and his boyfriend turns into a disaster. (S57 Ep104)
2 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14299
Chad and Tony fly to the DiMera private island to find Abigail. Abigail tries to talk some sense into Sarah. Steve and Kayla are suspicious of Kristen's kind gesture. Roman tries to persuade Tripp to give Allie another chance. (S57 Ep105)
3 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14300
Abigail and Chad will share a heartfelt reunion. Tony is was stunned when he learns of Sarah's condition. Jennifer and Jack has await news on Abigail. Xander will gets an earful from Anna about Gwen. (S57 Ep106)
4 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14301
Abigail is reunited with Jack and Jennifer. Chad demands Ava give up the name of her accomplice. Tony and Anna disagree on how to handle their unexpected problem. Jack tells Xander that the real Sarah is home. (S57 Ep107)
7 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14302
Gabi drops a bombshell at the DiMera shareholder meeting. (S57 Ep108)
8 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14303
Ben and Ciara relay their suspicions to Susan. (S57 Ep109)
9 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14304
Belle was confronts Chad about whether he told the whole truth at EJ's trial. Ben was informs Jake he and Ciara think Johnny could be possessed. Johnny will misdirects Susan's suspicions onto someone else. Chanel has offers Allie a shoulder to cry on. (S57 Ep110)
10 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14305
Nancy faces off with Craig's new beau; Brady tells John he and Chloe have a plan to get Craig to see the light about his boyfriend, and Will returns to Salem and reunites with Marlena. (S57 Ep111)
11 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14306
Chloe and Brady deceive Craig's boyfriend. Will and Sonny try to get through to Craig. Paulina and Eli team up to figure out if TR truly is a changed man. Bonnie gives Nancy a makeover. (S57 Ep112)
14 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14307
Susan was attempts to prove Belle is possessed. Ben has informs Marlena the Devil is still in Salem. Will urges Johnny to reconsider making the movie about Marlena. Eli receives alarming news from TR's ex-girlfriend, Beth. (S57 Ep113)
15 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14308
TR and Eli have an explosive confrontation. Lani and Shawn come upon a shocking crime scene. Marlena does battle with the Devil once more. Allie confides in Will about her feelings for Chanel. (S57 Ep114)
16 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14309
Abe comforts Lani as she deals with a major crisis. Xander pressures Maggie to sign paperwork to have Sarah hospitalized. Tony is caught in the middle between Anna and "Renee." Abigail confronts Gwen about her sister's role in her kidnapping. (S57 Ep115)
17 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14310
Lani and Valerie are horrified when Eli's condition takes a turn for the worse. Abe and TR have a tense first encounter. Shawn investigates Eli's shooting. Allie shares a revelation about herself with Chanel. (S57 Ep116)
18 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14311
Marlena and John prepare for another exorcism. Chloe and Brady grow closer. Will and Sonny ask Chad to help them expose Leo. Leo pressures Craig to go after Kayla's job. (S57 Ep117)
21 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14312
Johnny uses Shawn to get what he wants. John and Marlena attempt an exorcism on a loved one. Craig considers Leo's plan for him to go after Kayla's job. Sonny and Will ask Chad to get Leo into bed. (S57 Ep118)
22 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14313
Belle is horrified by Shawn's revelation. Chad is guilt-ridden when he learns it wasn't really EJ who kissed Abigail. While visiting EJ in prison, Susan gets a bad vibe from Clyde. Johnny tries to seduce Gabi. (S57 Ep119)
23 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14314
Ben and Ciara ask Allie and Chanel for a favor regarding their unborn child. Jake discovers Johnny and Gabi in a compromising position. Kate urges Chad to let Belle take the fall. EJ and Clyde have a heated confrontation. (S57 Ep120)
24 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14315
Gwen is troubled when Xander won't fully commit to her. Nicole and Rafe nervously wait for the outcome of his trial. Kayla gives Maggie and Abigail dire news about Sarah. Tony and Anna clash over the "Renee" situation. (S57 Ep121)
25 Mar. 2022
Episode #1.14316
Kayla is ordered to fire Marlena. Abigail puts on a performance for Leo. Chad gets cold feet about Sonny's plan. Nicole and Rafe face off with Ava. (S57 Ep122)