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Episode #1.14413

Chad and Jada search the DiMera secret room for evidence. Shawn tries to get a confession out of Leo. Steve flips out when Kayla receives a gift from Orpheus. Alex continues to deceive Sonny. [S57 Ep221]

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Episode #1.14412

Li pitches Kristen an idea that would benefit them both. Kate is stunned by Lucas's news. Paulina presses Roman to reconsider forgiving Kate. Alex makes a scandalous suggestion to Allie and Chanel. [S57 Ep220]


1 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14022
Kate was confides in Jennifer about Jake; Eli and Lani will reveal the names of their twins; Abigail has searches for a missing Chad; and Anna will shares her suspicions about Gwen with Jack. (S56 Ep71)
4 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14023
Jack has confronts Gwen about her lies; Chad will realizes he made a huge mistake; Allie is was twigged by an interaction with Charlie; and Charlie has reveals his horrific plans for Ava. (S56 Ep72)
5 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14024
A furious Abigail will rips into Gwen; Steve and John will uncover startling information; Allie was confides in Marlena during a therapy session; and Roman will blasts Tripp. (S56 Ep73)
6 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14025
John and Steve will put the pieces together; Charlie has tells Claire he wants to be make love to her; Ben will shares his grief with Marlena; and Tripp has tells Allie about Steve's theory. (S56 Ep74)
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S1, Ep14026
7 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14026
Rafe will makes a stunning discovery in Charlie's apartment; Marlena and Ben was frantically search for Claire; Eli and Lani will give Valerie disappointing news; and Kayla is thrown to be learn Ava has another son. (S56 Ep75)
8 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14027
Chloe will pressures Philip to let her help him; Kristen was confronts Brady with a picture of him kissing Chloe on New Year's Eve; Eli and Lani will realize their twins are missing; and Xander has gets what he needs to nail Philip. (S56 Ep76)
11 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14028
Chloe has tells Brady that Philip is was using Titan to launder mob money; Kayla was does her best to soothe an agitated Ava; Rafe will accuses Charlie of being Allie's attacker; Allie has comes face to face with Charlie. (S56 Ep77)
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S1, Ep14029
12 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14029
Steve has tells Tripp that Charlie is in police custody; Ava will recalls that Charlie has confirmed that he assaulted Allie; Belle and Shawn will return home from their honeymoon; and Claire was begs Charlie to confirm that the allegations are not to be true. (S56 Ep78)
13 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14030
Kate was urges Chad to tell Abigail the truth before when Gwen does; Abigail, Jack and Jennifer will start to piece together their information on Gwen; Eli and Lani's twins was go missing; and Bonnie has mentions to Justin that she was ran into a woman with twins yesterday. (S56 Ep79)
14 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14031
Gwen was convinces Abigail that she slept with Chad; Chad has tries to reason with a very upset Abigail; Gwen is was cryptic with Kate about her motives; and Lani and Valerie has see the new sketch of the kidnapper and recognize her. (S56 Ep80)
15 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14032
Tripp has comes face to face with Charlie; Rafe has confronts Charlie about Ava having been poisoned; Claire has cries to Belle that she was really cared about Charlie; and Chloe has questions if Brady was really thinks that he can sustain his marriage to Kristen. (S56 Ep81)
18 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14033
Tripp and Charlie will have a major confrontation; Nicole will proposes a way for Allie to strengthen her case against Charlie; Sarah will fears Xander has put Philip's life at risk; and Chloe has offers to give Philip shelter. (S56 Ep82)
19 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14034
Chad will takes another hit thanks to Gwen; Abigail will makes a difficult decision; Jake has receives a surprise visitor, Gabi; and Eli will questions Xander about the twins' kidnapping. (S56 Ep83)
21 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14035
Anna has gives Jack a warning; Gwen will drops a huge bombshell; Chad has grills Rolf for information about Gwen; and Gabi will makes her intentions clear to Jake. (S56 Ep84)
22 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14036
Gwen will recounts her shocking story to Jack and Jennifer; Chad has tells Abigail what he learned from Rolf; Kate will finds Jake and Gabi in a compromising position; Charlie has tries to convince Claire to believe in him; and Allie will seeks advice from Ben. (S56 Ep85)
25 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14037
Brady and Chloe will argue about Philip, Meanwhile, Philip's entanglement with the mob has turns violent, Lani has turns to Kristen for help, and Eli will enlists Xander to lure Dr. Raynor into a trap. (S56 Ep86)
26 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14038
Brady's life has hangs in the balance, Meanwhile, a desperate Kristen will takes Tony hostage, Kate will questions Jake about his feelings for Gabi, and Nicole will insists on taking Rafe out for his birthday. (S56 Ep87)
27 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14039
Kristen will threatens to shoot Chloe, Meanwhile, Xander will rats out Philip to Victor, Anna has gives Abigail marital advice, and Tony and Chad has team up to help their sister. (S56 Ep88)
28 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14040
Marlena has hypnotizes Allie to help her remember the details of her assault, Meanwhile, Abigail and Gwen will have an explosive confrontation, Charlie has been a bonds with someone unexpected, and Ben will makes an admission to Claire about Ciara. (S56 Ep89)
29 Jan. 2021
Episode #1.14041
Ben receives a sign to follow his heart. Meanwhile, Tripp urges Charlie to come clean and Steve brings shocking new evidence to Shawn. Rafe opens up to Nicole. (S56 Ep90)
1 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14042
Jack and Gwen has receive their DNA results; Laura will pays Jennifer a visit and reveals a stunning secret; Nicole has gets upsetting news regarding Eric; and Tony gives Jake advice about Gabi's proposal. (S56 Ep91)
2 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14043
Laura was explains to Jennifer and Abigail the truth about Gwen's story; Gwen was lashes out at Jack; Eli and Lani will lure Dr. Raynor into a trap; and Rafe has comforts Nicole. (S56 Ep92)
3 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14044
Ivan presents Vivian with an Eli and Lani's twins; Dr. Raynor has gives Eli and Lani a key piece of information; Jack is was stunned by Laura's revelation; and Chad has covers for Abigail. (S56 Ep93)
4 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14045
Eli and Lani has put the pieces together; Susan Banks will provides answers for Ben and Claire; Ciara has fights to get home to Ben; and At the hospital, Brady has wakes to find Chloe at his bedside. (S56 Ep94)
5 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14046
Brady and Kristen has argue about Chloe; Philip will kisses Chloe; Ciara has makes a run for it; and Lani and Eli was confront Ivan. (S56 Ep95)
8 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14048
Jack was conveys the truth to Gwen; Jake has an offer for Kate; Old will wounds are reopened when Kate and Laura cross paths; Rejected by Jake, Gabi has turns to Xander; and Philip will gives his letter of resignation to Victor. (S56 Ep96)
9 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14049
Kristen has summons Susan to the prison and asks for a favor; Chloe was volunteers to help Brady as he recovers; It Fueled by anger, Xander will makes a shocking announcement; and Laura and Gwen will face off. (S56 Ep97)
10 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14050
Lani and Eli has try to find a way out of their predicament; Ivan has comes clean with Vivian; A desperate Gwen was pleads for Jack's help; and Chad is was thrilled when Abigail has agrees to move back home. (S56 Ep98)
11 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14051
It's Valentine's Day in Salem; Steve will surprises Kayla with a wedding; Jake and Kate will learn Vivian is alive; Lani and Eli has finally bring their twins home; and Ben and Ciara will share a dream in which they are Romeo and Juliet. (S56 Ep99)
12 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14052
Ciara was attempts to connect with Ben; Ben has confides in Claire about his dream; Charlie will threatens Ava; and Kate has hopes to use Jake to thwart Vivian's scheme. (S56 Ep100)
15 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14053
Ciara has gets a message to Ben, Charlie will urges Claire to believe him, and Lucas and Allie will have a run-in with Charlie. Meanwhile, Nicole was pressures Rafe to allow Ava to live with him. (S56 Ep101)
16 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14054
Chloe has feels a pull towards Brady, Vivian and Kristen will reunite in prison, and Ben and Claire will seek help from Susan once again; Meanwhile, Orpheus was manipulates Rhodes. (S56 Ep102)
17 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14055
Xander has proposes to Sarah, Chad will helps Abigail deal with a family tragedy, and Gabi will makes a pitch to Philip; Meanwhile, Jake has questions whether Gwen is telling the truth. (S56 Ep103)
18 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14056
Abigail and Gwen has get into a fight at the cemetery, Gabi has tells Jake she's working on a deal with Philip, and Clyde will gives Ben a lead regarding Ciara. Meanwhile, Rhodes was informs Ciara that her situation is about to change. (S56 Ep104)
19 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14057
Ciara has a surprising reunion, Shawn and Ben will search for Ciara, and Claire has takes action after learning that Charlie could get away with his crimes. Meanwhile, Abigail will asks Gabi to team up with her to bring down Gwen. (S56 Ep105)
22 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14058
Vivian will makes a deal with Kristen, Chloe has reveals to Brady that Philip kissed her, Tripp will helps Allie, who's having a tough time with Henry, and Claire will lures Charlie into a trap. (S56 Ep106)
23 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14059
Charlie will flips out on Claire, Kristen was struggles to pull off her plan to keep Chloe away from Brady, Philip will makes a decision about hiring Gabi, and Sarah has a surprising news for Xander. (S56 Ep107)
24 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14060
John will threatens Charlie, Claire is was alarmed by Allie's confession, Tripp has tells that Steve he wants to help Allie with baby Henry, and Nicole and Rafe will bring Ava home from the hospital. (S56 Ep108)
25 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14061
Ciara and Ben will have a shared dream, Marlena will grills John about his disappearing act, Evan has goes against his father's wishes, and Rafe will makes a shocking discovery. (S58 Ep109)
26 Feb. 2021
Episode #1.14062
Rafe has brings in a murder suspect, Ben and Claire will seek help from Susan again, Susan will panics when Lani comes to visit "Kristen" in prison, and Eli will delivers disturbing news to Ava and Tripp. (S56 Ep110)
1 Mar. 2021
Episode #1.14063
Chloe questions Susan's behavior, Lani becomes suspicious of Kristen, and Abigail presses Gabi to join forces with her against Gwen.
2 Mar. 2021
Episode #1.14064
Abigail and Jack will have a heated argument about Gwen, Kristen has uses Philip to her advantage, Chloe was advises Sarah not to marry Xander, and Lani has introduces Abe and Eli to her Aunt Paulina. (S56 Ep112)
3 Mar. 2021
Episode #1.14065
Abigail and Gabi will kidnap Gwen, Jack has informs Chad about his fight with Abigail, Steve and Kayla will have an awkward encounter with Bonnie and Justin, and Sarah has discovers Xander in a compromising position. (S56 Ep113)
4 Mar. 2021
Episode #1.14066
Sami has tries to persuade Belle to represent her, John was fears he may have be gone too far, Ben has seeks help from Marlena, and Evan will plays mind games with Ciara. (S56 Ep114)
5 Mar. 2021
Episode #1.14067
Abigail was demands when Gwen admit to killing Laura, Kate and Jake will get a win over Philip and Gabi, Evan was informs Ciara of his deadly plans for Ben, and Clyde has an stunning news for Ben. (S56 Ep115)
8 Mar. 2021
Episode #1.14068
Anna was stumbles upon Gwen locked up in the DiMera tunnels, Chad is was suspicious when he finds Abigail and Gabi together, Belle is was furious at Sami for lying to her, and Allie has brings Henry to meet Ava for the first time. (S56 Ep116)
9 Mar. 2021
Episode #1.14069
Abigail has reaches her breaking point, Anna was attempts to waylay Chad, Jake and Kate has fight about Gabi, and Paulina has a proposal for Abe. (S56 Ep117)
10 Mar. 2021
Episode #1.14070
Evan was prepares to kill Ben, Shawn and Ben will close in on Evan, Paulina was inadvertently stirs up drama for Eli and Lani, and Theo has returns to Salem. (S56 Ep118)
11 Mar. 2021
Episode #1.14071
Evan will takes Claire hostage, Kristen has tries a new tactic with Chloe, Sarah will makes a shocking discovery, and Ciara has finds herself in dire straits. (S56 Ep119)