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Season 2

12 Sep. 1965
Judge Not
After hitching a ride on a stage coach bound for Fort Worth, Jason gets in the middle of a gunfight. Before all is said and done, the driver, shotgun man, and Texas Ranger are all dead. Jason must now take charge of the prisoner, but that task is easier said than done!
19 Sep. 1965
Now Join the Human Race
Jason sets out to help an Indian friend, Red Hand, escape death by an a Major filled with hate. He sets out to help Red Hand prove he is a human, with a judge's help; but the Major's hate stands in his way.
26 Sep. 1965
Mightier Than the Sword
Jason rides into a town to visit an old friend who stood up for him at his court martial, but he soon learns that his friend has died and his daughter is alone fighting against a town who's being controlled by one man - power hungry Paul Mandell.
3 Oct. 1965
I Killed Jason McCord
Jason is hit in the head with a rock by an outlaw while getting a drink of water at the lake, and his horse is stolen. Upon arriving in town, he quickly learns his assaulter and thief is dead, and a man is being credited for killing Jason McCord.
10 Oct. 1965
The Bar Sinister
Jason helps a woman and her young charge, Jimmy Whitlaw after Jimmy's father dies of the fever. Sam Whitlaw owned a lot of water rights, and Jason believes that is the reason Mayor Caleb Reymer is trying to take Jimmy away from the Indian woman who was helping raise him. But Jason is in for a surprise, and must then prepare Jimmy for it as well.
17 Oct. 1965
Seward's Folly
Jason travels to Seattle to give William Henry Seward and Leslie Gregg his report of the survey results of Alaska. But his friend, Rufus I. Pitkin, gets drunk and spills the beans to two men who could destroy the 'American Dream.'
24 Oct. 1965
Salute the Soldier Briefly
While looking for work, Jason comes upon some miners performing a Kangaroo court on a man who they believed killed a fellow miner after a poker game went sour the night before. But Jason soon learns that the man may have witnessed the entire massacre at Bitter Creek.
31 Oct. 1965
The Richest Man in Boot Hill
Jason meets up with an old friend, and together they must deal with Jason's reputation as a coward if they are to put an end to a bank robbery.
7 Nov. 1965
Fill No Glass for Me: Part 1
After trying to rescue Jason, Corporal Macon finds himself facing the biggest trial of his life. The Indians now have both the white and black soldier captured, and the test of the hawk versus the eagle will mean sure death to one of them.
14 Nov. 1965
Fill No Glass for Me: Part 2
After trying to rescue Jason, Corporal Macon finds himself facing the biggest trial of his life. The Indians now have both the white and black soldier captured, and the test of the hawk versus the eagle will mean sure death to one of them.
21 Nov. 1965
The Greatest Coward on Earth
While attending a circus performance, Jason impresses P. T. Barnum after licking the wrestling champion, but refuses his offer as the new champion. Later, Jason learns Bernum has a new performance: a reenactment of Bitter Creek.
28 Nov. 1965
$10,000 for Durango
After selling a herd of cattle for his boss, Jason goes into town to cash the check for #10,000 dollars, only to meet a damsel in distress. Then the bank is held up while he, the damsel, and the sheriff are in the bank. Jason rids out after the outlaws to get his $10,000 back and rides in to more trouble.
5 Dec. 1965
Romany Roundup: Part 1
Jason announces to a rich land owner that the governor had sent him to survey his land. The governor get's angry, but states it's nothing personal. That is until Jason makes it personal by stepping in to defend a gypsy Shields was punishing for courting his daughter. Jason suddenly finds himself on the side of the gypsies, fighting against Shields.
12 Dec. 1965
Romany Roundup: Part 2
After Kolyan trades his jewel box for $300 with Robin Shields, Aaron Shields is infuriated and wants the gypsies to leave immediately, but Jason soon finds he needs to intervene if he's to stop the gypsies from making a terrible mistake.
19 Dec. 1965
A Proud Town
After Jason meets two children on a cold winter day, two days before Christmas, he takes them back to where they had run away from and helps the boy get to the truth about Randy Stoddard and exactly how he was shot. Along with that, Jason helps Julius Perrin, running a makeshift orphanage, fight Randy's father, Martin, who is trying to run Perrin out of town.
2 Jan. 1966
The Golden Fleece
McCord is picked up by a group of soldiers who say they will try him not only for cowardice in the deadly Indian raid that killed everyone but him, but for complicity in planning it! However, the action is a ruse set up by President Ulysses S. Grant himself (Grant and McCord's father are longtime Army buddies and Grant believes in McCord). The object is to fool a fellow prisoner, a treasury agent for the long-gone Confederate government, into revealing the location of some $300,000 in gold bullion which he secreted and which the national government desperately needs ...
9 Jan. 1966
The Wolfers
Jason comes upon a woman, a white Indian, tied up and rescues her. She tells him three wolfer brothers had kidnapped her and done unspeakable things to her. Jason attempts to take her back to her people, but finds he has to kill three wolfers to get the job done.
16 Jan. 1966
This Stage of Fools
Jason get mixed up in the aftermath of President Lincoln's assassination when he agrees to take a job to protect a man out for revenge against those who 'helped' his brother, John Wilkes Booth, kill the President of the United States.
23 Jan. 1966
A Destiny Which Made Us Brothers
After soldiers enter his hotel room in the dead of night, Jason is reminded of events one night ten years ago when he was a Lieutenant in the Civil War. It was a strange bonding that would forever leave him bonded with an important General.
30 Jan. 1966
McCord's Way
Jason rides into Silverton in time to see a gunfighter kill the town Sheriff. When Jason takes control of the situation and kills the gunfighter, he's asked to hire on as the town's new Sheriff. Jason makes sure they understand it's just for two weeks before he rides on. But trouble brews when the town doesn't agree with Jason's methods.
6 Feb. 1966
Nice Day for a Hanging
After hearing his friend is about to be hung for murder, Jason rides into town in time to see the hanging and realizes he must try to heal the severed bond between a father and son before it's too late. But the father doesn't want anything to do with his son, causing pent up anger that may just turn the son to the wrong side of the law unless Jason can stop it.
13 Feb. 1966
Barbed Wire
A feud between two wealthy and powerful ranchers reaches a new level when one of them (McCord's friend) imports barbed wire from the East and plans to use it to fence in his herd. The other rancher, believing in the open range and gathering up as many unbranded "mavericks" as possible en route to market, sets up a stampede to wipe out the new fence, and who cares about the consequences. Sherry Jackson plays the young wife of the friendly rancher, who takes matters literally into her own hands with near-disastrous results.
20 Feb. 1966
Yellow for Courage
Jason brings fear on the town when he brings a sick friend in to see a female doctor, whom the town believes is not a good doctor. After his friend dies and she determines Jason is now ill, he agrees to stay under her care so she can treat him with medication that will help cure him, but Jason has many obstacles he must fight if he wants to stay alive!
27 Feb. 1966
Call to Glory: Part 1
President Grant again sends for Jason's help. While talking, Jason is told that General Custer may be performing an Indian attack soon. Jason at first refuses to deceive his friend Custer by spying on him, but after listening to Custer and Grant talk with General Sheridan, Jason is convinced he must do as Grant requested in order to save his friend from making a terrible mistake.
6 Mar. 1966
Call to Glory: Part 2
Things are heating up between Custer and the Indians. Custer is becoming a loose cannon, and things are about to come to a head. A chain of events leads Jason on a desperate journey to get to the truth of just who is trying to set General Custer up to raid the Indians.
13 Mar. 1966
Call to Glory: Part 3
Custer is on his way to fight the Sioux Indians. Jason talks to the Sioux and discovers they are not the ones guilty of the latest events at Fort Lincoln. Jason must warn Custer of the truth, but learns more truths on his way. Can Custer and Jason get to the bottom of things before it's too late?
20 Mar. 1966
The Ghost of Murietta
Jason is in Los Angeles to help Senor Ramirez from Mexico transport $25,000 in gold, but when a desperate group of teenagers learn of their plan the hash a dangerous plan of their own. The results are fatal.
27 Mar. 1966
The Assassins: Part 1
A Washington, D.C. Western? Yes. McCord and his retired-general father are called to the nation's capital by President Ulysses S. Grant, who plans to develop the West by opening up the Federally-owned (and Indian-held) Black Hills for prospecting. Grant, who by this time had numerous enemies, picks up even more from Western big shots who hoped to exploit the Black Hills on their own, which leads to an assassination attempt while he is driving his carriage one night.
3 Apr. 1966
The Assassins: Part 2
Jason connects the attempt on the President in the previous episode to operatives from Cuba connected to Sen. Ashley on the day before an energetic demonstration of fencing planned for an evening presidential costume party.
10 Apr. 1966
Headed for Doomsday
Jason arrives in Indian Territory to listen to famous newspaper reporter, Horace Greeley, give a speech. Greeley is famous for his petition that the "red man" should be treated as equal with his white brother. But Jason stops an assassination attempt and soon find himself involved in solving the mystery of who is trying to kill the reporter. Boy, is everyone shocked when they discover just WHO was involved!
17 Apr. 1966
Cowards Die Many Times
Jason arrives 'home' and gets reacquainted with Ann as he begins a job surveying land for a railroad. Ann is happy for him, but Ted Evers is not. Ted has a freight company, which he knows he will lose if the railroad comes. He sinks to very low levels to keep Jason from letting that happen. Ann fears that the love of her life she is trying to get to settle down is now gone for good.
24 Apr. 1966
A teenaged girl who, along with Jason McCord, is being held hostage by bandits.

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