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  • The doll was not originally in the script of this special and was added later. According to Arthur Rankin, one of the producers of this special, her problem was more "psychological than physical."

  • The original 1964 NBC telecast featured a duet reprise of a song performed earlier in the film called "We're A Couple Of Misfits", but when it was re-edited a year later it was replaced by a new song, "Fame And Fortune", a song that was seen in all subsequent telecasts through 1997. When CBS aired a restored version of the film in 1998, the "Misfits" reprise was added back in place of "Fame and Fortune", which by the way can be found on the DVD edition as a deleted scene. The "Peppermint Scene" was also a casualty of the 1965 re-edit and replaced by a new sequence where Santa rescues the toys from the Island of Misfit Toys--that was created and filmed by Rankin/Bass after people complained Santa didn't keep his promise to return to the Island. The 1998 CBS telecast has the Misfit Island finale in story context, while the DVD contains both "Peppermint Scene" and "Misfit Island" finales. Incidentally, the "Peppermint Scene" has still not aired on CBS; in fact, it has not been seen on network television since its 1964 debut on NBC.

  • Hermey & Rudolph: "Fame and fortune, fame and fortune, we're off to seek them now. Anyone can have them both, it just takes the right know how.

    Hermey: We put on our travelin' shoes today.

    Rudolph: We won't stop until we find the way.

    Hermey & Rudolph: To fame and fortune. Fame and fortune, they will be ours some day. Fame and fortune, fame and fortune, they will be ours some day.


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