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Meet the 2013 SXSW Filmmakers #11: Penny Lane Takes a Personal Look at Nixon and His Conspirators in 'Our Nixon'

Meet the 2013 SXSW Filmmakers #11: Penny Lane Takes a Personal Look at Nixon and His Conspirators in 'Our Nixon'
The historical documentary "Our Nixon" is Penny Lane's debut feature film. Having made short films for a long time using appropriated materials, she forays into new territory with the help of her co-producer Brian L. Frye. Penny credits him for developing the original concept. With some convincing, they were able to bring it to fruition. What it's about: "'Our Nixon' is a found footage doc featuring Super 8 home movies filmed by Dick Nixonʼs closest aides – and fellow Watergate conspirators." What makes the film different: "Everything in the film is archival – in other words, we didn’t shoot anything or add voice-overs or record any of the interviews. We relied entirely on the historical record to tell this story." On films that inspired her: "For All Mankind", "Senna", "The Black Power Mixtape", "Point of Order" and "The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu." What she hopes audiences will take
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"American Idol" Top 5: A Hottie In Peril!

I told you we'd be better off without raspy frump superstar Elise Testone in the competition. Now we have five contenders who could -- unless Phil Phillips is truly obliterating the home vote, which is possible -- win the damn contest. I like a grudge match. I like my American Idols roiling in the pit and beating each other up like hard-bodied slaves in the "Express Yourself" video. I want to see Hollie Cavanagh climbing up Joshua Ledet's limbs like a gibbon and ripping out his vocal cords with her pearly incisors. Do we have any graphic novelists in the house? Storyboard this for me and I swear to God I'll pimp you for weeks on AfterElton.

This week's set of themes included the 1960s and British pop. Because those don't overlap at all, idiots. Why is Idol like this sometimes? Make these kids do disparate genres I care about,
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‘I’m The Chairman!’ Congressmen Brawl Over Subpoenaing Koch Brothers To Testify On Keystone Pipeline

In a heated hearing Wednesday on Capitol Hill, Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman called upon the billionaire Koch brothers to be subpoenaed over their alleged monetary interests in the controversial Keystone Xl pipeline. Republican Congressman Ed Whitfield angrily cut off Waxman. “We’re not going to be subpoenaing the Koch brothers … because the Koch brothers have nothing to do with this project,” Whitfield snapped. "Point of order!" Waxman exclaimed. "You cut me out in the middle of a sentence!"
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'50 Documentaries To See Before You Die': Do you agree?

For the last four weeks, Current TV has been running down its list of 50 documentaries every person must see in his/her lifetime. Tomorrow night, the series unveils its No. 1 documentary: Hoop Dreams. Steve James’ moving portrayal of inner city athletes is a safe choice to top the list of docs, though its only Oscar nomination at the time was for editing. Still, there are some glaring omissions that made room for host Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me (#5) and network honcho Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth (#8), not to mention more dubious inclusions like last year’s Catfish. See what
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Secret Storm's Peter Hobbs Has Died At Age 92

According to the Los Angeles Times, Peter Hobbs passed away peacefully at his home in Santa Monica surrounded by family after a brief illness.

Born in Etretat, France, to Dr. Austin L. Hobbs and Mabel Foote Hobbs, Peter was raised in New York City, attended Solebury School in Pa, and graduated in Drama from Bard College. In World War II he served in Europe as a Sergeant in Combat Engineering and fought at the Battle of the Bulge. Peter was especially proud of his role in safeguarding the lives of the men in his platoon. Peter enjoyed a 50-year career as an actor in theater, TV, and film. He played on Broadway (notably, "Teahouse of the August Moon" and "Billy Budd"); on TV (from his role as Peter Ames in The Secret Storm from 1954 to 1962, to Perry Mason, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Andy Griffith Show, Bonanza, All In The Family,
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'RuPaul's Drag Race': One big red velvet mis-cake

"RuPaul's Drag Race" took the contest to new catty heights as the queens took off more than their earrings to battle it out on Monday's (Feb. 28) episode.

There wasn't one touchy-feely moment this week for front-runner Raja as she declared that the "Heathers" have arrived to RuVille. Based on the "B's" from the cult movie, the "Heathers" include Raja, Delta, Carmen and Manila. 

As Delta puts it, "We're basically the pretty girls, the top four. And then there's the other girls." Okay?

This week's mini challenge had the queens posing nude for their meals. This ended up being a very telling challenge. Of course, the skinny gals couldn't wait to tear off their clothes for the camera - well, not all of them... Alexis announced to the world that she hasn't dated in a very long time and we're about to find out why. Is Alexis a grower, not a shower?
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