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Bad Girls Of "Batman" And Legendary Movie Poster Artist Robert Tanenbaum To Appear At Los Angeles Comic Book And Science Fiction Con

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Cinema Retro has received the following press release:

The Los Angeles Comic Book And Science Fiction Convention presents Classic Movie Poster Artist Robert Tanenbaum, Jean Hale (In Like Flint), Sharyn Wynters (The Female Bunch), and Donna Loren (Bikini Beach) at the August 20, 2017 Show.

Robert Tanenbaum is a Movie Poster Artist with an over 50 year career illustrating every film genre such as Science Fiction, Horror, Comedy, War, Drama and Martial Arts. Robert has illustrated such Classic Movie Posters as A Christmas Story, Battle For The Planet Of The Apes, Cujo, Five Fingers Of Death, Black Christmas, Super Fly, The Color Of Money, My Bodyguard, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, The Iron Cross, The Eagle Has Landed, Ransom, Cleopatra Jones And The Casino Of Gold, Hot Potato, Mel Brooks High Anxiety and Silent Night, Evil Night. Robert’s art is featured on the first announcement that Jaws was being made into a Movie.
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Don Rickles Remembered as Hollywood Mourns the Loss of a Comedy Genius

Don Rickles Remembered as Hollywood Mourns the Loss of a Comedy Genius
Earlier today, we reportedly the sad news that Hollywood has lost another legend, with comedian Don Rickles passing away at the age of 90. His publicist confirmed that the iconic insult comic passed in his Los Angeles home, from kidney failure. As word of his passing spread, Hollywood icons left and right paid tribute to the late comedian through social media, to honor this late legend.

While most sent out their tributes through Twitter, others released lengthier tributes elsewhere. Rolling Stone caught up with Gilbert Gottfried, who summed up the the late comedian's legacy with a heartfelt statement that explained why Rickles will go down in history as one of the best comedians ever. Here's what Gilbert Gottfried had to say.

"Don Rickles was never politically correct, and he would never apologize for any of it. He was totally unapologetic about his comedy. So I admired that and looked at him
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Don Rickles, Legendary Comedian, Passes Away at 90

Don Rickles, Legendary Comedian, Passes Away at 90
The Hollywood community is in morning once again, with another iconic performer passing away. Don Rickles, the legendary insult comedian and actor, died at the age of 90, in his Los Angeles home. The actor/comedian's publicist, Paul Shefrin, confirmed that his client had succumbed to kidney failure earlier today.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the funeral services will be private, and that donations can be made in the late comedian's name to his son's organization, the Larry Rickles Endowment Fund at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Don Rickles was born May 8, 1926 in New York City, raised in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens. He graduated from Newtown High School and served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, after which, he returned home and graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Don Rickles got his start in the entertainment business by performing as a stand-up comedian for several years.
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Drive-In Dust Offs: X: The Man With The X-ray Eyes

Undisputed Fact: Roger Corman is the greatest B picture producer of all time. His ability to find (and exploit, if we’re being honest) amazing talent and pull together movie miracles on miniscule budgets is nothing short of astonishing. However, it’s often downplayed what a smart, succinct director he was on many a project. X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes (1963) is a stellar example of his talent behind the lens.

Released by Aip in September, X turned a tidy profit on top of its $250,000 budget. Critics were generally kind, but dismissive, calling X well made hokum, essentially. And due to its meager fundage X certainly shows its pedigree through petty set design. But…there’s a kinetic buzz that permeates every frame of X, a swirling colorgasm that bleeds through with Corman’s gift for storytelling. X rises from pulp to a lucid perfection.

Dr. Xavier (Ray Milland
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'Grizzly Adams' Star Dan Haggerty Passes Away at 74

'Grizzly Adams' Star Dan Haggerty Passes Away at 74
It's been a rough week for the entertainment industry, with several beloved icons passing away in just a few short days, such as Angus Scrimm, David Bowie, David Margulies and, just yesterday, Alan Rickman. Today, ABC News has confirmed the passing of another beloved entertainer, The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams star Dan Haggerty, who passed away early this morning at the age of 74. The actor's manager confirmed his client's passing, after a long battle with cancer.

Dan Haggerty was born Gene Jajonski on November 19, 1941, in Pound, Wisconsin, raised by a family who ran a wildlife animal attraction. During his childhood, he helped raise wild animals such as a black bear that performed tricks, before moving to Southern California to pursue acting. While pursuing his acting career, he was also a bodybuilder on Muscle Beach in Venice, California, which lead to his first film role in 1964's Muscle Beach Party.
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Dan Haggerty Dies: ‘Grizzly Adams’ Star Was 74

Former Grizzly Adams star Dan Haggerty died today from cancer at the age of 74, his manager Terry Bomar confirmed to Deadline. A Wisconsin native, Haggerty started out his long film and TV career with a non-speaking role as a bodybuilder in the 1964 film Muscle Beach Party. He then went on to appear in several films including Easy Rider, Angels Die Hard, The Adventures of Frontier Fremont and Terror Out of the Sky. But his breakthrough came with the title role in the 1974…
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Watch: What Do You Know About 'Johnny Cool'?

Watch: What Do You Know About 'Johnny Cool'?
Henry Silva’s gaunt face and implacable demeanor made him the perfect villain for a host of films in the 50’s and 60’s but it wasn’t until "Johnny Cool" that he was awarded leading man status. William Asher ("Muscle Beach Party") directed this visceral revenge thriller and cast his then-wife, Elizabeth Montgomery, opposite Silva’s malevolent hitman. Produced by Peter Lawford and co-starring Joey Bishop and Sammy Davis, Jr., the picture occasionally plays like a rat-pack movie without the rat-pack.
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Johnny Cool

Henry Silva’s gaunt face and implacable demeanor made him the perfect villain for a host of films in the 50’s and 60’s but it wasn’t until Johnny Cool that he was awarded leading man status. William Asher (Muscle Beach Party) directed this visceral revenge thriller and cast his then-wife, Elizabeth Montgomery, opposite Silva’s malevolent hitman. Produced by Peter Lawford and co-starring Joey Bishop and Sammy Davis, Jr., the picture occasionally plays like a rat-pack movie without the rat-pack.
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Annette Funicello obituary

Mickey Mouse Club favourite who appeared with Frankie Avalon in 60s Beach Party musicals

Annette Funicello, who has died of complications from multiple sclerosis aged 70, was instantly associated with two names: Mickey Mouse and Frankie Avalon, both of whom were squeaky clean. As a child, Funicello was one of the first Mouseketeers on the original Mickey Mouse Club, the hugely popular Walt Disney children's television programme. In her early 20s, Funicello co-starred with the pop singer Avalon in five "Beach Party" musicals, in which they played wholesome "teenage" sweethearts called Dee Dee and Frankie, always testing each other's fidelity.

Born in Utica, New York, Funicello took ballet dancing lessons as a child to overcome shyness. In 1955, some years after her family had moved to southern California, the 12-year-old was chosen by Disney himself from 200 children auditioning for the first season of the Mickey Mouse Club. From 1955 to 1957, she danced, sang
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Annette Funicello Passes Away at Age 70

Annette Funicello Passes Away at Age 70
Annette Funicello, who starred in a series of beach movies with Frankie Avalon in the 1960s, passed away at the age of 70. The actress had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1987 and soon thereafter became a spokesperson for the treatment of this disease that attacks the central nervous system.

The actress was first discovered by Walt Disney at the age of 12 during a Burbank dance recital in 1955. Later that year, she joined the cast of Disney's new TV show The Mickey Mouse Club, where she became the biggest star of that cast. After the show ended in 1958, she remained under contract at Disney and starred in her first feature, The Shaggy Dog, in 1959. This lead to a string of Disney films such as Babes in Toyland and The Misadventures of Merlin Jones.

In 1963, she starred in her first "beach" movie with Frankie Avalon entitled Beach Party, which lead to 1964's
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Actress Annette Funicello Passes Away

She was one of the top entertainers of her generation and sadly Annette Funicello died after a battle with medical issues.

The 70-year-old actress spent the final moments of her life in a coma that was caused by her advanced multiple sclerosis ailment.

Back in the 1950s, Annette came into the limelight thanks to her role as an original Mouseketeer as well as a few pop radio singles.

From there, she starred along with Frankie Avalon in films like “Beach Blanket Bingo,” “Muscle Beach Party,” and “Beach Party.”
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Annette Funicello Dies at 70

First it was Roger Ebert, then this morning Margaret Thatcher, and now it's the sweet Annette Funicello, one of the best-known members of the original 1950s Mickey Mouse Club, the original Mouseketeer, has passed away. She was 70.

The Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases Inc. posted on Facebook this sad news.

She was just 12 when Mister Disney himself handpicked her to be one of the original Mouseketeers. She quickly became one of the most popular members. Bob Iger, chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Co. called Funicello a "true Disney Legend." Awwww....

Funicello also tried acting in movies with her first role as Frankie Avalon's marriage-minded sweetheart named Dolores (Dee Dee for short) in the 1963 flick "Beach Party." She starred again as Dee Dee opposite Avalon in 1964's "Muscle Beach Party," "Bikini Beach," and "Pajama Party." And in 1965 in films such as "Beach Blanket Bingo," "How to Stuff a Wild Bikini,
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Former 'Mickey Mouse Club' Star Dies At Age 70

Former 'Mickey Mouse Club' Star Dies At Age 70
Former child star Annette Funicello has died at the age of 70, reports "Extra."

The actress, who is best remembered for her time as a Mouseketeer on "The Mickey Mouse Club" from 1955 to 1957, died from complications related to multiple sclerosis, which she was diagnosed with more than 20 years ago.

Funicello first lost the ability to walk in 2004, and later lost the ability to speak in 2009. Family members told "Extra" that they were by her side when she was taken off life support, after being in a Ms coma for years.

The former actress was the original Disney star, getting her start as a Mouseketeer and staring in Disney films including, "The Shaggy Dog" and "Babes in Toyland," before transitioning into a teen idol. In the early 1960s Funicello starred in a series of "Beach Party" movies co-starring Frankie Avalon, that included "Beach Party," "Muscle Beach Party," "Pajama Beach Party," "Beach Blanket
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William Asher obituary

Director of I Love Lucy, Bewitched and the Beach Party movies

William Asher, who has died aged 90 after suffering from Alzheimer's disease, directed 100 episodes of I Love Lucy (1952-57) and 131 episodes of Bewitched (1964-72), far more than any other director on those two series. His name, appearing so regularly in the credits of such immensely popular Us sitcoms, became known to millions of television viewers all over the world.

Asher, who is often erroneously credited with having invented the TV sitcom – there were several adaptations of radio shows in the late 1940s – nevertheless gave a fresh impetus to the genre by using a multiple-camera setup for I Love Lucy. This enabled him to shoot the action simultaneously from different viewpoints, then select the best shots. Earlier sitcoms were broadcast live and recorded on kinescopes, or not recorded at all. Desilu Productions, founded by the comedy couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz,
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'I Love Lucy' director William Asher dies, aged 90

'I Love Lucy' director William Asher dies, aged 90
William Asher has died aged 90, it has been announced. The director passed away in Palm Desert, California, according to local daily The Desert Sun. Asher worked on I Love Lucy and Bewitched, and co-created The Patty Duke Show. He also wrote the Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon movies Beach Party, Muscle Beach Party, Beach Blanket Bingo and How to Stuff a Wild Bikini. Asher won an Emmy in 1966 for directing an episode of Bewitched, and was nominated at (more)
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Lost Film "Summer Children" To Screen Tonight At Slamdance Film Festival

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Press release received for the lost 60s film The Summer Children starring sexy blonde starlet Valora Noland of Beach Party and Muscle Beach Party fame:

The fun at Slamdance Film Festival has begun. We think you’ll see how it can also be profitable for you after you view Summer Children –Monday, January 24th, 7:00 p.m., in Park City.

Vilmos Zsigmond, Academy award winning cinematographer, has won many awards; he ranks Summer Children as one of “my best early works” in regards to his important efforts in America after escaping from the Hungarian revolution in the 1960’s.

This American New Wave neo-noir film was produced in 1965, yet it never reached the screen.

As the original producer; I thought this film had been lost, but through a serendipitous occurrence, re-discovered Summer Children in 2008. Edie Robinette –Petarchi and I then spent two years restoring and digitizing the film. From excitement shown
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Catching Up With Salli Sachse...Years After The Beach Party Ended

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Salli in Ski Party

by Tom Lisanti

I interviewed former 60s starlet Salli Sachse about 12 years ago for my first book Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema. Her name may not be familiar, but to fans of American International Pictures’ series of beach movies her face is easily recognizable. With her waist-long honey brown hair and adorable smile, Salli, literally plucked off the beach in San Diego, appeared in almost every beach party film beginning with Muscle Beach Party (1964) through The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (1966) and everything else in between including Bikini Beach (1964), Beach Blanket Bingo (1965) and Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965).

Recalling her time with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, Salli remarked, "Frankie and Annette were very easy going and a pleasure to work with but they weren’t real beach people. Frankie was raised in Philadelphia so I don’t think he ever saw a surfboard in his life!
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Obit: Jody McCrea, 'Beach Party' Star

By Wrap Staff

Jody McCrea, best known for his roles as a muscle-bound surfer in the "Beach Party" movies in the 1960s, died on April 4 in New Mexico, of cardiac arrest. He was 74.

McCrea was the son of movie stars Joel McCrea and Frances Dee.

In addition to the "Beach Party" comedies "Muscle Beach Party," "Bikini Beach," "Beach Blanket Bingo" and "How to Stuff a Wild Bikini," he appeared in a variety of Western-themed movies and...
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The Tide Goes Out For "Beach Party" Co-star Jody McCrea - A Tribute By Tom Lisanti

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Jody McCrea, the son of Joel McCrea, passed away earlier this month. He was primarily known for his roles in cult films. In this excerpt from his book, Cinema Retro columnist pays tribute to McCrea's career.


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Tall, strapping, square-jawed Jody McCrea who became a favorite of teenage audiences during the Sixties for his amusing performances as “Deadhead” in the series of Beach Party (1963) movies starring Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello passed away on April 4 of this year. As the dumb surfer in the bunch, Deadhead could be counted on to say something idiotic in his slow drawl. Though McCrea was always assured a laugh based on how the role was written, it is to his credit that Deadhead came off as sweetly naïve rather than a complete moron.

Jody McCrea was born on September 6, 1934 in Los Angeles. His father was western star
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Real Or Imagined: Homoeroticism In 60S Beach Movies

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By Tom Lisanti

To get in a warm weather mood with summer not approaching fast enough, here is a look at Hollywood surf movies from a different and albeit biased perspective. Gay men are always looking for gay subtext in movies and TV, and I am no exception. Am I reading more into these films? Probably—but it was sure a lot of fun doing the research.

The Sixties beach movie craze began with Gidget (1959) starring Sandra Dee and James Darren, a fictionalized look at teenager Kathy Kohner’s surfing escapades in Malibu during the mid-Fifties. It was groundbreaking as the movie contributed to the mass dissention of surfers on the beaches of Malibu and started a series of surf-theme films such as Gidget Goes Hawaiian and Ride the Wild Surf. The surf movie soon morphed into the beach-party film, whose heyday was from 1963 through 1965, where surfing was only used
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