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  • Lilith is a about a mysterious young woman in an elite sanitarium in Maryland, who seems to weave a magical spell all around her. A restless, but sincere young man with an equally obscure past is seemingly drawn into her web. As time passes, their relationship deepens and intensifies, and the differences between them begin to blur, leading to a shocking, but oddly logical conclusion.

  • Ex-soldier Vincent returns home and takes a job at the nearby insane asylum. He enjoys the work and the in-mates like his open friendliness. A particular relationship develops with the beautiful and intelligent Lilith, one that the doctors encourage as it starts to bring Lilith out of her shell. Attractive but withdrawn she has proved something of an enigma for them and they have perhaps not understood that her past and present use and misuse of this same attractiveness could be the key to her problems. They may also be failing to recognise that as Vincent comes under her spell his own behaviour could become dangerously obsessive.

  • A war veteran gets work at a mental institution where he meets the beautiful, but strange Lilith.

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  • Vincent Bruce, a young Korean War veteran, returns to his Maryland hometown and begins working as an occupational therapist at a nearby elite sanitarium for the wealthy. There he meets the beautiful and seductive Lilith Arthur, who lives in a secret world of her own creation. He soon falls in love with her, which is against sanitarium policy and they have a secret affair. But, he soon discovers that she is also having a lesbian affair with Yvonne Meaghan, another patient, and that their pursuit of love is often dangerous. While at a medieval fair, there are a brief few moments of Lilith kissing and whispering into the ear of a young boy who has given her a chip of ice. Vincent just watches from a distance, not stopping her or even saying anything to her. He is so in "lust" with Lilith that he overlooks this behavior as he does with the lesbian affair. Stephen Evshevsky, yet another patient who is in love with Lilith, commits suicide after he gives her a handmade gift and Vincent returns it knowing Stephen will assume Lilith has rejected him. His death destroys Lilith, severing her last connection with reality, and she retreats into complete madness. The experience also shatters Vincent, and he decides to quit his job. But, instead of simply leaving the hospital, he asks a doctor for psychiatric help.

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