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Best nudie-cutie ever!
ripper02720 July 2001
This is the best nudie-cutie I've ever seen. Upbeat fun comedy (really bad jokes). High camp, and tons of topless girls. Made in '64 and it shows. Very politically incorrect. Turn off your brain and enjoy. Some guys will love this movie, almost all chicks will hate it vehemently.
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Attention Kubrick fans........
monsterhead_x10 July 2000
Okay, so fans of the late Stanley Kubrick probably won't rush out to rent this film,(even so locating the film may prove difficult) it will however, more than likely amuse them.

The DR. STRANGELOVE references may be few, but its just enough to make the film watchable. Fans of nudie-cutie films of the sixties should hang their heads in shame if they haven't seen it, while church going suburbanites should pray they never hear of it!

Interesting fact: The film's director of photography, Laslo Kovacs, would go on to shoot CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, GHOSTBUSTERS, and EASY RIDER!

KISS ME QUICK! is a girrating fun time, with plenty of girls-a-poppin!
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great for its genre
mw156131 October 2009
Kiss Me Quick is a masterpiece of its genre (nudie cutie), accepting of course that the genre has fairly low standards. The film has humor, which separates it from some of its competitors. It also has attractive girls, some especially so in the mid-sixties sort of way. Somehow the women in those days managed to look attractive and voluptuous without looking slutty. Harry Novak, the Producer, said that most of the women were recruited from the Classic Cat, which was a strip club in Los Angeles. In those days strippers didn't have tattoos or body piercings or look like they could kick your butt.

This film was made during the ear of monster popularity. The Addams Family and the Munsters were big hits on television, so of course we get monsters as the male characters in the film. Short on plot, this film is basically wall-to-wall women dancing without wearing too many clothes. But more importantly, it wasn't intended to be anything more than that; its reach did not exceed its grasp.

The final scene, with the woman coming down a conveyor belt and having labels slapped on them was a stroke of pure artistic genius.
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this movie is silly but fun
john229004 February 2007
A guy from another planet is looking for women so that they can repopulate so he naturally pops up (literally) in Dr. Breedlove's laboratory.

While this has absolutely nothing to do with Stanley Kubrick's brilliant film DR. STRANGELOVE (it only borrows the name so that it can be spoofed), this is still a fun film to watch.

The woman are all uniformly very good looking and attractive, probably many of whom were top men's magazine models about the time this movie was made. The men, most of whom were under mountains of makeup (which was probably just as well) played their parts as campy as they could.

The story and plot of this film is creaky because already the basic idea had become a cliché because of countless science fiction films of the 50s and the 60's.
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One of the best in its genre.
BlackJack_B15 May 2006
Years before Peter Perry renamed himself Bethel Buckalew and started filming explicit hillbilly softcore features, he was just another Russ Meyer clone filming nudie-cuties for underground cinema, art houses and men's clubs. Unlike Meyer, who had his females portrayed as equals to the men in his films, Perry pretty much has the women portrayed here as mere sex objects and chattels. Yeah, maybe it is wrong but you wonder if that line of thought still holds true in the minds of some today.

The movie is about an alien who goes over to see the lecherous Mr. Breedlove and his cave of monsters in order to buy women for his planet for reproduction purposes. The film is just an excuse to watch fully dressed women take it all off. It's like being at a burlesque house of the era when the women were fully dressed instead of going on stage in lingerie or bikinis. While we watch them disrobe, Sterilox and Mr. Breedlove deliver some hilariously bad dialogue as they watch them from a portal.

Yes, the film is extremely cheap looking and probably cost very little to make but it probably made a huge profit. Also, the film has a little sensuality in it as by 1964 they were getting a little more daring and were not just offering up nudity without any spice like they did earlier in the decade.

It is definitely worth checking out if you want to see the evolution of the adult film. It is on DVD but is also aired on Drive-In Classics in Canada.
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Hotties meet the Monsters
vampi196026 July 2006
something weird video strikes again,this is one of those rare nudie cutie movies from the 60's.with monsters that is.its crazy and fun as an alien visits Dr. breed loves castle lab,thats full of half naked cuties.featuring a blonde go go dancer;Claudia banks who looks like jenny McCarthy.but all the girls in this 1964 comedy are very pretty and all implants here.there's cameos by Frankensteins monster, the mummy and even Dracula.there's nudity(nothing below the waist)this was produced by the always profitable harry novak.on the DVD from something weird video is another nudie cutie monster spoof;the house on bare mountain.but kiss me quick is one of those goofy movies you'll want to check favorite in this film is Claudia banks.the DVD has tons of extras.something weird video strikes again,7 out of 10 check it out.
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Stan Laurel, Dr Strangelove, The Mummy, Dacula and Frankenstien all together.
Davart8 February 2005
With a line up like that how can a movie be bad? Sterilox is sent to earth from the Buttless Galaxy to find slave girls and the perfect girl for bleeding stock from the strange lab of Dr. Bleedlove with lots and lots of topless girls. So there is a loose plot to hold together the overall mission of the film which is to show topless girls dancing around. I'm sure the budget of this film top at least $500-$600. A few left overs from the Sci_Fi prop department at use to give it a added flare. Over all is fun and makes a great open minded date film, long as you're not dating a prude. If I ever become a mad doctor in a lab, I'm getting a go-go dance to mix my beakers for me. Another great find from Something Strange Video worth having a look or adding to any 60's sexplotation collection.
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This movie is hilarious!
Wturnerbill30 June 2002
Sterilox, a Stan Laurel clone, is sent by his alien overlord to Earth to find females, not for breeding, but to serve! Where else would an alien go to find the the perfect specimen, but to the laboratory of Dr. Breedlove, whose experiments on women are quite revolutionary. A sexist, pre-women's lib comedy that has some good one-liners and hot naked women, as well as excellent color photography and cool sets. All of the classic monsters are there too! Must be seen to be believed.
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Read about it...but never thought I'd SEE it!
dukee4422 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I caught this movie on Drive-In Classics here in Canada this weekend. Interesting. I'd seen a few of the "nudist" films from about the same era...but this one was different: funny (in a "ohmigod, how corny!" way)and mildly erotic (by today's standards). The young ladies in the film seem to be enjoying themselves in a non-politically correct manner. The acting by the male characters is, well, rudimentary. The actresses all have names that suggest they spent most of their working hours disrobing. I had read about the film in a science fiction film encyclopedia I once owned, then forgot about it. So I was surprised to find it on cable TV. Dr. Breedlove was obviously a Strangelove clone but he sounds more like a very poor rendition of Bela Lugosi. The actor playing Sterilox DOES look and sound like Stan Laurel.

I liked it mainly because of the young, naked women, all of whom are grandmothers by now!
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Not Bad
Michael_Elliott27 February 2008
Kiss Me Quick! (1964)

** (out of 4)

It turns out that aliens have no females so they send a male alien named Sterilox to Earth so that with the help of Dr. Breedlove he can find woman to knock up. This sexploitation film is a minor take off on Kubrick's Dr. strangelove but have no fear because the Kubrick movie isn't going to lose any viewers to this thing. I've seen quite a few of these sexploitation flicks and this here is one of the better ones but that doesn't mean it's a good movie. What this film does offer unlike others is that the director has a lot of energy in the film with the camera constantly moving and various other things coming in and out of the story. You've got a lot of naked women but a mummy, Frankenstein's monster and even Dracula show up for some silly stuff.
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Remarkable, considering it was made in 1964.
spamable27 February 2007
The main character is a Dr. Strangelove take-off with a Count Dracula accent doing some Frankenstein type stuff to girls.

The alien is a Stan Laurel impersonator.

The girls look great and the movie was filmed in color (not so common for a low budget 60s nudie cutie).

Need I say more? Clearly they tried to make a sexy comedy without spending much money. They succeeded superbly! I loved this movie – one of my favorites from SWV.

Give it a try.

Pervs like me will love it.
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Delivers exactly what you are looking for
udar5510 August 2011
Sterilox is sent from the all-male Buttless galaxy to Earth in order to pick up these things we have called women. He zaps into the castle of Dr. Breedlove, who is working on some kind of elixir that makes women dance topless and sometimes turns them into monsters. This viewing was another Video Roulette courtesy of Mr. John Charles. I like not being in control of my own fate. If you were hoping for a more complex plot from this 66 minute nudie flick, I don't know what to say. This is totally what you see is what you get and what you see is a lot of nude flesh. The camera lingers on the attractive 1960s women over and over as our two main characters supply occasionally witty puns. You also get some cheap-o famous monsters including Frankenstein, The Mummy and Dracula. It's THE MONSTER SQUAD for the nudie set! The acting is over-the-top but I actually enjoyed Max Gardens as the mad doctor with his Trans-uh-vain- eh-ahhhh accent. His look is also surprisingly modern, making it hard to believe this was made 47 years ago. He was also the producer as one Seymour Tuchus. In a weird, all-things-are-connected coincidence, Sterilox actor Frank A. Coe wrote the lyrics for the horrible UP YOUR LADDER theme song that was stuck in my head just a few days ago.
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Pinch Me! ... Even quicker!
Coventry31 July 2008
"Kiss Me Quick" enjoys the honor of being the greatest "nudie-cutie" movie ever made. Of course, this is a pretty meaningless reputation since this sub genre – if you can ever refer to it as a sub genre - of exploitation just briefly existed between the mid-60's and early 70's and only spawned a handful of thoroughly boring and horrendously incompetent titles. "Kiss Me Quick" is just as thoroughly boring and horrendously incompetent as the rest, but at least some of the tasteless jokes are funny and the story serves a couple of original gimmicks. There aren't any opening credits, for example, but instead there's a female voice-over literally mentioning the entire cast and crew list. Also, there are the irrelevant guest appearances of legendary Universal horror monsters (like Frankenstein and Dracula) and the lead character – named Dr. Breedlove – is a sheer homage to acclaimed genre actors Bela Lugosi and Peter Lorre. Any movie that hints at classic horror this much deserves some attention from me, regardless how stupid and amateurish it may be. The plot introduces on a nerdy alien – resembling Benny Hill – named Sterilox, who teleports himself from the Buttless galaxy to our planet with a mission to bring back an earthly female specimen. For you see, in Buttless there aren't any women but they observed our sexual habits long enough to develop an interest in our method of reproducing. Sterilox arrives in the laboratory of Dr. Breedlove, a completely deranged self-acclaimed genius scientist who literally fabricates women in his remote hillside castle, and together they extendedly browse through his collection of lewd creations. So, basically, this means "Kiss Me Quick" simply depicts two idiots staring at women dancing and undressing for nearly 70 minutes, and that about wraps it up completely. The only thing that keeps the film endurable are their continuous moronic remarks, as even the girls' wobbling boobs rapidly become monotonous to look at. Obviously this isn't a film for devoted feminists to watch, because the girls are literally referred to as humble and obedient objects whose only dialogs exist of repeating the title over and over again. If you should decide to watch this movie and you end up hating it, you only have yourself to blame. What kind of masterpiece do you expect when the characters' names include Barebra, GeeGee String and Gina Catchafanny?
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