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  • A group of young adults trapped on a desert island find the water inhabited by a violent form of flesh-eating organisms.

  • An alcoholic actress, her personal assistant, and their pilot are downed on a secluded isle by bad weather, where a renegade Nazi scientist is using ocean life to develop a solvent for human flesh. The tiny flesh-eating sea critters that result certainly give our heroes a run for their money - and lives.

  • This thoroughly weird but truly inspired monster flick is one of the earliest gore films to splatter across drive-in screens in the years prior to Herschell Gordon Lewis' notorious Blood Trilogy. The plot finds a besotted movie star (Rita Morley) and her entourage trapped on an island surrounded by aquatic flesh-munching amoebas (represented by scratches on the film emulsion) created by mad scientist Peter Bartell (Martin Kosleck). These sparkly little death-blobs make mincemeat of most of the cast, including a dorky beatnik (Ray Tudor) who ingests a few of the little buggers in his drink -- leading to an agonizingly fatal case of indigestion. Good photography and well-designed makeup effects make the most of a shoestring budget. Film editor Radley Metzger found his own way as the director of numerous soft-porn films in the '60s and '70s.


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  • A group of young adults are stranded on an island, surrounded by a sea of peril and death. The glowing dots in the water are voracious flesh-eaters, waiting to devour any unfortunate victim. These unfortunate people happen to be stranded with a mad scientist. He collects a few of these flesh-eaters, and begins to experiment on them. Some of the castaways meet with untimely, and often viciously ugly, deaths as the scientist continues to poke at the organisms. Finally, his experiments go awry and the flesh-eaters become a large, gelatinous mass of mutation, hell-bent on devouring every living thing in sight. Our brave surviving castaways discover that blood will kill these organisms, so they inject blood into the center of the gelatinous mass and allow nature to eliminate the fiend.

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