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One of the best Greek films ever made
alexiaorfanidou18 September 2001
The story has to do with love, revolution, old ideas versus newer ones, conflict and finally a new world being created from the older one's ashes.

Vassilis Georgiadis was lucky enough to have a great script in his hand and a terrific cast to match it. I mostly liked the four protagonists: Nickos Kourkoulos as the rebellious, justice-adoring son who's not afraid to stand up against his family, Yiannis Voglis as his violent, tough brother, the GREAT Manos Katrakis as their wise but stubborn father and Mary Chronopoulou as Irene, a true feminist of the beginning of the 20th century. Also notice Notis Peryialis, the actor who plays the part of the only character of the story who really existed: Marinos Antypas The film was nominated for the Oscar of the Best Foreign movie. It's a pity it didn't win it...
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A tragic era, an incredible film.
paladin-5723 February 2003
This film depicts the hard and unbearable life of the poor land workers in Thessalia, Greece at the beginning of the 20th century. Few landlords controlled most of the land and therefore controlled the lives of the poor. The main character, son of an important and respected landlord, tries to improve the living conditions of the land workers, but his older brother strongly rejects such ideas. The clash of the two brothers brings in mind a story from The New Testament, the story of a son who took his part of the family money and went away but later returned and the father`s welcome enrages the older son. It is important to notice that the films does not support any political ideas but strongly highlights the ideals of justice and solidarity. Definitely one of the best Greek films.
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Quite better "Greek Western", with large GREAT CAST list.
r-fronimides2 January 2019
During the "Golden Era" of the Italian "Spaghetti" Western Films, the Greek film company ("Finos Films" and several other smaller) wanted to "copy" that "western madness" of the global film companies.

Obviously, making a real American Western film (with Mexicans, Native Indians, etc) in Greece looked quite "odd" (or ridiculous to be more exact), so the producers thought to bring to life the VERY tragic era of late of 19th / early of 20th of the "young" (newborn) Greek State. Greeks, from the moment they rioted against the Turks (1821) they didn't stopped fighting in small or large scale wars! So, around 1900, the Greek State was a VERY VERY POOR state, with very few ultra rich land-owners (purchased huge lands from the previous Turks' owners) and all the rest Greek population very poor and working AS SLAVES to their lands.

It was the "Golden Era" of the GREEK BANDITS, many many became "Captains" with bandit groups and they "divided" the Greek country to "States". Bandits like Davelis, Yagoulas, Jadjas, Koubay Brothers, Gandaras, are few of the VERY VERY FAMOUS Bandit Leaders... Also, it was the era of the low-class rioting against the land-owners, to gain their own small land states.

...So, this film is set-up on that era and on these events. Bandit groups, poor "slaves" workers, ruthless rich land-owners, police-men,... the film has them all. There is also nudity in the film, quite rare for Greek film.

...The story is with a ruthless land-owner, who has two sons. One left (can't say more, to avoid spoils), one remained with the rich father (and became also ruthless junior owner). The other younger son returns and there is instant conflict with his brother. "Slave"-workers are working for their lands and the young son stands together with the workers, as his elder brother against them...

...That's a small "peek" of the film. VERY GOOD film, very good Greek actors.
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