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2 Jan. 1967
Take a Dare
A game show contestant comes to the island and can win $10,000 if he can survive one week without outside assistance, so he refuses to let the castaways use his transmitter because he would have to forfeit the prize.
9 Jan. 1967
The Professor recreates the Minnow voyage to disprove a Maritime Board charge that The Skipper was responsible for the wreck of the Minnow, but their efforts prove that the person to blame for the wreck is actually Gilligan.
16 Jan. 1967
The Hunter
A big-game hunter arrives on the island. Upon learning there is nothing on the island to hunt, he chooses instead to hunt one of the castaways--and he chooses Gilligan.
23 Jan. 1967
Lovey's Secret Admirer
Mr. Howell becomes outraged and jealous when he discovers that a secret admirer is sending letters to Mrs. Howell. But everyone is even more shocked when they discover that he's the one who's sending them.
30 Jan. 1967
Our Vines Have Tender Apes
An "ape man" wreaks havoc on the island and frightens the castaways. But little do they know that he's actually a Hollywood actor preparing for a role.
6 Feb. 1967
Gilligan's Personal Magnetism
Gilligan's body conducts electricity after he is struck by lightning with a metal bowling ball in his hand. But when The Professor tries to remove the bowling ball from Gilligan's hand, a second lightning strike makes him invisible.
20 Feb. 1967
The castaways try to contact two astronauts in a space capsule orbiting over the island, but they fail. However, they may get a second chance when an unmanned capsule they are trying to make contact with lands on the island.
27 Feb. 1967
High Man on the Totem Pole
The castaways find a headhunter tribe's totem pole on the island. The head on the top of it bears an uncanny resemblance to Gilligan--which comes in handy when the headhunters return to the island.
6 Mar. 1967
The Second Ginger Grant
After Mary Ann watches Ginger perform on the island she hits her head giving her amnesia thus believing that she is Ginger Grant.
13 Mar. 1967
The Secret of Gilligan's Island
The castaways find parts of an ancient Hieroglyphic stone tablet that may tell them the way to get off the island.
20 Mar. 1967
Slave Girl
Gilligan rescues a native woman from drowning, which according her custom makes her his slave. But soon a fellow tribesman comes to the island and challenges Gilligan for her in a fight to the death.
27 Mar. 1967
It's a Bird, It's a Plane
A missing military jet pack washes up on the island, and The Professor tries to figure out a way to use it for their rescue.
3 Apr. 1967
The Pigeon
The castaways attach a message to a homing pigeon that has flown off course and landed on the island, but the man who receives their message thinks it's part of a practical joke.
10 Apr. 1967
Bang! Bang! Bang!
A lost crate containing a top-secret clay that can be converted to explosives washes up on the island. Not knowing what it is, they make several items with it--including Gilligan's new tooth fillings.
17 Apr. 1967
Gilligan, the Goddess
A king from a nearby island comes to the island in search of a "White Goddess" to sacrifice to a volcano, but the castaways offer Gilligan to him instead to protect the women.

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