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26 Sep. 1964
Two on a Raft
Gilligan and the Skipper construct a raft and set out to sea to find help. Back on the island, the remaining castaways are worried about possible headhunters.
3 Oct. 1964
Home Sweet Hut
The castaways fight over their living arrangements as a violent storm approaches the island.
10 Oct. 1964
Voodoo Something to Me
After somebody breaks into the supply hut, everyone suspects that a killer may be on the island--except for the Skipper, who thinks that it may be part of a voodoo curse.
17 Oct. 1964
Good Night Sweet Skipper
The Skipper figures out how to turn the radio into a transmitter in his sleep during a dream, so the other castaways try to get him back to sleep to fix it before a pilot scheduled to fly over the island arrives.
24 Oct. 1964
Wrongway Feldman
The castaways discover that famed but long-lost pilot Wrongway Feldman and his plane are on the island. They try to convince him to fly to civilization and rescue them, but he is reluctant to leave the island.
31 Oct. 1964
President Gilligan
The Skipper and Mr. Howell compete for leadership on the island by being named "President." When the castaways cast their votes, the result is surprising.
7 Nov. 1964
The Sound of Quacking
The hungry castaways find a wild duck on the island, but they don't know whether to use it as food or attach a message to him and hope for rescue.
21 Nov. 1964
Goodbye Island
Gilligan's attempt to turn sap into maple syrup yields a substance that is stronger than glue. The castaways patch up the Minnow and prepare to go back out to sea.
28 Nov. 1964
The Big Gold Strike
While Mary Ann, Ginger and the Skipper find the S.S. Minnow's inflatable liferaft in the lagoon, Gilligan and Mr. Howell discover gold in an underground mine on the island.
5 Dec. 1964
Waiting for Watubi
The Skipper is convinced he is doomed after he accidentally disturbs the resting place of a vengeful Tiki god, and the only thing that can break the curse is a visit from The Great Watubi.
12 Dec. 1964
Angel on the Island
Mr. Howell agrees to produce a play on the island to cheer up Ginger, but only makes things worse when he fires Ginger from the lead role and replaces her with Mrs. Howell.
19 Dec. 1964
Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk
Gilligan's Christmas wish appears to be coming true when a radio broadcast tells them their rescue is imminent. While they wait, they recall the first days on the island when Gilligan lost the radio and transmitter.
26 Dec. 1964
Three Million Dollars More or Less
Everybody wants a piece of Gilligan and his newfound riches after he wins a three million dollar bet with Mr. Howell.

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