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The Deal
Oliver Bell comes to town and decides Indian Creek may be a great place to build a hunting lodge. chub knows the man and understands Bell's past may put the whole project at risk.
Hidden Gold
A chance discovery of gold in the valley, leads to a land rush brought on by unscrupulous real estate agents. It is up to the kids to uncover the truth about the gold find, and help find justice for all.
The Strike
Things become tense when a oil drilling team arrives in the area and starts restricting access to various part of the river. After a series of confrontations the situation becomes explosive.
Ghost at Hoot Owl Lake
After a light plane crashes in Hoot Owl lake. Despite the pilot being saved people begin reporting a ghost in a canoe out on the lake. As investigations continue into both incidents the mystery seems to just deepen.
Let There Be Rain
Everyone is on high alert as the summer drags on and the fire index continues to climb. Then out of nowhere a circus clown wanders into town claiming to be a rain maker.
A strange girl, Emesinah, wanders into the town tired and frightened. She tells a story of a spirit, the Windego having taken her father and wanting to take her as well. The rangers have to sort the situation out before the child scares herself to death.
Kitten in the Garden
Mr Flannagan returns from a trip and asks Kathy and the other children to care for a small kitten he has bought for his daughter's birthday. The kids take the instructions to heart and refuse to let anyone in the town to know what the gift is.
A Stranger to Himself
The kids find a strange man floating in a canoe on the river. He seems to be ill and slightly aggressive. As he is questioned he seems to be suffering from amnesia and has no idea who he is.
Wild Boy
Batty McGuire is a boy on the outer with the other children at the camp. His destructive behavior leads to damage around the fort and Chub being injured. Most of the kids want exact revenge, but Chub wonders if there is more to the issue.
Surprise Party
Chub while painting Mrs Apple's store encounters a runaway from reform school. The boy is clearly on the run and dangerous and Chub needs to use all his skills to stop the kid from doing something stupid.
Kathy and the Leprachaun
Kathy grieving at the recent loss of her horse due to a broken leg encounters a Leprechaun in the forest. No one believes her story until a local Irish family realize who she was really speaking too, and act accordingly.
The Haunted Island
Two of the boys decide to camp on Haunted Island. A series of strange events on the island lead to the boys to try and uncover the mystery about the place. What they discover stuns everyone.
Timmy disappears while on a camping trip. The only possible witness is a known poacher who really wants to avoid any involvement with the police.

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