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Season 3

17 Sep. 1966
Agent Bud
A plane crashes in the ocean with two men trapped inside and Flipper is the only one who knows where they are. Fortunately the plane is sealed tight so no water is inside, but how much air do they have left?
24 Sep. 1966
Disaster in the Everglades: Part 1
While checking on a poaching complaint, Porter is injured and captured by an alligator poacher and taken to his camp. When he's late for a camping trip with his sons, they worry and contact the coast guard.
1 Oct. 1966
Disaster in the Everglades: Part 2
While the boys wait on word from the Coast Guard on the whereabouts for their father and Flipper continues to search the ocean for the missing father, Porter tries to find a way to escape and get home.
8 Oct. 1966
Lost Dolphin
Bud disobeys Sandy and goes out to watch an explosion which effects Flipper and gives him amnesia.
15 Oct. 1966
The Warning
The animals are acting strangely and even Flipper is heading out to sea. The boys tell their father, but he blows them off. Still, they believe something bad is just about to happen. Will they figure out WHAT in time?
22 Oct. 1966
Cupid Flipper
Sandy has met a girl he really likes, but she doesn't seem to want to spend time with him. Instead, she wants to spend time with Porter.
29 Oct. 1966
An Errand for Flipper
Sandy sends Flipper on an important mission to deliver something to Porter he needs to repair the plane so he can make it to an important meeting in time. Flipper has to make a few stops along the way.
5 Nov. 1966
Whale Ahoy
Bud has an essay to write about whale-hunting. While thinking about it he goes to sleep in his skiff and has a strange dream. Before his eyes, Captain Peabody is about to harpoon the animal but the whale flips the skiff over.
12 Nov. 1966
A friend of the Ricks' wants to earn some fast money to send his brother to school. He offers to help do some blasting by lying to the foreman, after the professional they hired is critically injured.
19 Nov. 1966
Executive Bud
Bud has formed his own business and hired other kids to do the work while he "supervises," only taking 1/3 of the cut for himself. But he's a hard taskmaster and gives no breaks.
26 Nov. 1966
Flipper and the Puppy
An injured man out at sea has to jump ship when his boat catches on fire. He's able to get his dog off, but he floats away and when Porter and Sandy find him, the dog is no where to be found. But, Flipper is on the job.
3 Dec. 1966
Flipper's Island
Porter is trying to get an island named after them and leaves the boys alone on the island to map it out for two days. But what Porter doesn't know is that they are not alone. Danger lurks very near.
10 Dec. 1966
Alligator Duel
After showing off, Flipper is stolen by some men trying to make a movies involving attacks of alligators. They want Flipper to be the star.
7 Jan. 1967
Flipper and the Fugitive: Part 1
In the aftermath of a hurricane, Flipper discovers a man unconscious in his boat and tows the boat to a beach. Porter rescues the obvious bank robber and takes him back to his home, unaware of who the stranger really is.
14 Jan. 1967
Flipper and the Fugitive: Part 2
While the Ricks are being held hostage in their home, Flipper desperately tries to get someone to help them.
21 Jan. 1967
The Most Expensive Sardine in the World
A lobster is wearing an expensive diamond, but Flipper is accused of swallowing it. He's in danger of being cut open to retrieve the expensive bracelet by a court order.
28 Jan. 1967
Flipper and the Seal
When part of Porter's specimen comes up missing, he blames the new kid on the beach. Meanwhile, Bud is trying to develop a roll of film.
4 Feb. 1967
Dolphins Don't Sleep
Instead of shooting the saw fish with his tranquilizer dart, the hunter shoots Flipper. But dolphins cannot sleep underwater. They boys must get him the antidote before he dies.
11 Feb. 1967
Aunt Martha
Porter's Aunt Martha has come to visit for the first time since Porter's wife died. She instantly decides to take over, and her first order of business is sending Flipper out to sea because she believes all wild animals can be dangerous.
18 Feb. 1967
Dolphin for Ransom
When Porter orders a teenager to be in court early Monday morning for poaching lobsters, he revenges Porter by stealing Flipper and holding him for Ransom.
25 Feb. 1967
A Dolphin in Time
Scott Emson is trying to study sharks, but Flipper doesn't seem to understand he wants the sharks - not saved!
4 Mar. 1967
Decision for Bud
A scientist goes to Bud to ask his permission to take Flipper for a special study. He and Bud make a deal, but then Flipper is called upon to help find a missing diver.
11 Mar. 1967
The Firing Line: Part 1
Porter leaves Sandy and Bud in charge while he goes to take care of some business for the day. He even tells them that they can open his mail when it comes. They do as instructed, only to find a check that says "termination pay" on it. Bud and Sandy are distressed about having to leave Coral Key, so they set out to find their father a job. You wouldn't think they could get into any trouble but...
18 Mar. 1967
The Firing Line: Part 2
Sandy and Bud took a short cut on the way to their errand and end up in the middle of an active shooting range. While they are stuck there being shot at after their motor is struck, Porter Ricks desperately looks for his boys, then tries to save them from being killed.
25 Mar. 1967
Devil Ray
A large sting ray has shown up in Coral key park and everyone is afraid of it. Porter is told he must get rid of it - one way or another.
1 Apr. 1967
Cap'n Flint
There's trouble brewing when Capn' Flent, the talking parrot, get's loose on his raft and floats right into the part of the ocean an explosion is about to happen.
8 Apr. 1967
Flipper's New Friends: Part 1
A new family moves into the park, and Flipper befriends them. But the children's curiosity gets them stranded on an island and nobody knows where they are.
15 Apr. 1967
Flipper's New Friends: Part 2
Flipper and the dog try to get help to two lost children stranded on a deserted island.

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